Mums the Word

"I passed our cases through the floo but it locked down before I could step through it!" sighed Ron

"It must be the extra wards Dumbledore put up while the castle is practically empty over Christmas, and what with the death eaters seen roaming Hogsmeade who can blame him" said Sirius as he held Draco close against his chest. Draco was trying to discern the Latin words at the end of his fathers letter.

"How are we going to get there Ron?" asked Harry in mild panic.

"Well we've missed the train! And we can't get on the night bus without getting our wings broken!" said Draco still engrossed in his Latin textbook.

"Well………….we fly" smiled Ron as he kissed Harry's cheek.

"But Ron I… Ive..never flown..I ..can barely flap my wings, what if I fall…" Harry put his head in his hands.

"Shh its okay Harry, all that matters is that we will be there to help you, it's a long journey but we can do it" Ron looked at the apprehensive faces before him.

"Harry son, go and take Draco to the entrance, Ron and I will join you shortly" smiled Sirius and waited till they left the room.

Sirius grabbed Ron and slammed him against the hard stone wall.

"Are you insane Ronald! The burrow is 400 miles away, you know as well as I that submissive's wings were not made for such long flights! They will tire and we dare not stop too long to rest!

There are many predators and Natural Enemies to the Veela, Wild Goblins, Centaurs, Imps, Jarpsies, Kappas, Anbians, the list goes on and on!" Growled Sirius, his large lack-blue wings spreading angrily.

"If Draco looses the baby or Harry falls….. you…. know as well as I that he is going into Vorya and is therefore weak and sick….. MERLIN RON!"

Ron pushed Sirius back growling loudly.

"I promise we will get there safely Sirius, if they get tired we can carry them." Ron growled back.

"Very well but I hold you responsible for Harry's wellbeing and if he is hurt……well I won't have to do anything because Draco will surely decapitate you first". There was a moment of silence before the dominant Veelas suddenly laughed out loud all animosity disappearing with that single statement.

They hugged and made their way to the front entrance where Harry and Draco where waiting patiently.

"Are you ready Harry?" asked Ron as he pulled the submissive into his arms.

"As I'll ever be." Sighed Harry.

Ron stared at his little mate, he could see how pale he was and the dark circles under his eyes made him look gaunt and sickly.

It was true that Harry was going into Vorya, and if he didn't conceive soon he would probably starve himself or even commit suicide and Ron knew he would follow him into death.

But for know they would have to get to the burrow safely, then maybe his father would know what to do.

After a few false and shaky starts for Harry, soon enough all four Veela where high in the air soaring horizontally over the forbidden forest, the wind blowing fiercely, as the sun set, turning the sapphire sky to dusk.

After about 7 hours of flight Draco began to tire and latched his arms around Sirius' waist, spreading his silver wings in order to keep buoyant without using any energy.

2 hours later and they had just flown over the bright lights of London when harry began to loose height.

"Harry! Are you okay, if your getting tired you can hold on to me!" shouted Ron over the blustering wind.

"No Ron I'm fine! Its only another hours flight and I can do it, see look Ron its……its nearly dawn." Harry pointed at the red and gold inferno that was gently glowing against the horizon, spotted with small dark silhouetted clouds.

Ron flew beside Harry as he struggled for the next hour panting and sweating profusely, ever flap of his wings seemed to be agony but he continued to resist help.

They were flying dangerously low now and the burrow was in sight as they skimmed the treetops of the nearby forest, Sirius and Draco where invisible above the clouds when something black flashed past harry and hit Ron.

Suddenly out of nowhere hundreds of small black arrows came flying out from beneath the canopy of trees, grazing Ron as he tried to get to Harry.

He had just gripped Harry around the waist when a number of burning stabs in his wings almost crippled him, he'd been hit, he flew the best he could with the pain lancing through his feathered appendages as he carried an unconscious Harry towards the burrow.

" What happened?" shouted Draco from above, still allowing Sirius to drag him through the air.

"G-Goblins" gasped Ron as he and Harry began hurtling towards the Burrow all the while quickly losing height again.


Arthur Weasley watched as the sun ascended over the Burrow, the light illuminating the kitchen in which he and Molly were sitting drinking tea, patiently waiting for their guests to arrive.

"I hope they are okay Arthur, you don't suppose they caught the train or the night bus do you? they should have arrived here last night"

"I'm sure they're fine dear." Arthur stroked his wife's face and gently kissed her.

Arthur was worried, he knew something was wrong but he would never have said anything to molly, this Christmas was going to be traumatic enough for everyone, he was only glad that bill, Charlie, Fred and George were coming home today as well. Ginny luckily enough was at her friend Jemima's house

Molly was about to question Arthur again when without warning; the wooden ceiling of the kitchen extension burst inward in a rain of splinters depositing a mass of feathers on the stone floor.

Molly stood up and shrieked pointing her wand at the bundles of limbs and wings.



Molly gasped in shock as her wand flew into Arthur's hands.

"Arthur what are you doing? They'll kill us!" there where tears in her eyes as she said this, but Arthur merely moved to the pile and gently picked up the small green Veela and placed it on the nearby couch, he then levitated the larger gold winged Veela on to the long kitchen table.

"Arthur lets go before they wake up, you've got to leave them they're dangerous!"

Arthur pulled open the wings of the larger Veela and Molly screamed in shock, Ron lay there gasping and panting in pain and looking at his mother through heavy lids.

His gold wings were stained red and three black arrows were sticking through them

"Ron? RON! HOW? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?",Molly broke into sobs.

"Mum" croaked Ron as he reached out to touch her hand, Molly snapped her hand away, recoiling in horror against the wall and shaking her head as she took in the scene before her.

"How….what….he's Veela…how Arthur?" molly turned red faced to Arthur, who looked down in shame as he slowly unfurled his own enormous golden wings"

"NO! NO..please it can't be…no.. Arthur…it's a lie…it must be confundus…please no no" molly continued her rant as she slid down the wall sobbing all the while.

Arthur held back is own tears and ran to get medicines from the cupboard just as Draco and Sirius landed through the hole I the ceiling.

Draco gasped and immediately ran to Harry using the unconscious Veela against his chest kissing his head and murmuring comforting words.

Sirius went to help molly but she only screamed as he approached her.

Arthur ran back into the room and started pouring vials of potions down Ron throat and onto his wings, he then threw two at Draco.

"What are these for?" asked Draco indignantly

"One is for exhaustion the other is to delay Vorya"

"How did you know?" asked Draco

"His wings are far to dull and there are even some bald patches, he needs to conceive, and soon" Arthur continued his ministrations.

"Sirius, hold him down by his wings" asked Arthur as he turned Ron onto his back.

"Ready?" asked Arthur as he griped one of the arrows in his fist.


Arthur pulled and Ron let out a harrowing scream that elicited a whimper from the already traumatised molly Weasley.

They continued, until each arrow was lying blood stained upon the table.

Arthur and Sirius then began casting healing spells until Ron was finally well enough to sit up.

"Harry" whispered Ron as he dragged himself, with Sirius help to the coach in which the two submissives sat.

Draco moved and Ron quickly pulled harry into his arms kissing him passionately on the mouth.

"It will be okay Harry I know it will" Ron gasped.

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