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Fake Bonds: Part One


Pairing: AxelSora (implied AxelRoxas and RikuSora)


Sora glares at the black cloaked man with a wary and indignant look, emotions in a whirl of indecision and confusion. The enemy uniform makes him want to summon his key blade and start demanding answers, but somewhere inside him, Sora wants desperately to embrace the man as a trusted friend. It is a wholly unfounded desire that he doesn't understand or want at all, but still, it keeps him from attacking just yet. The red haired man does not look very sure of himself either, his expression swimming with uncertainty as if he can feel Sora's urge to strike. They simply stare at each other for a long moment, unmoving as the same thoughts circle around in their heads over and over.

Then, finally, the man opens his mouth to speak, only to close it right after. He apparently needs to rethink what to say.

Sora would have not supposed that the man was simply trying to remember his real name.

The man stares at his feet as a name floats in the back of Sora's mind somewhere, unbidden as his want of friendship with the owner of that name.

"Look…" Axel says, hardly able to keep his eyes on Sora's face. "You may not know it, but you have something I want, and I intend to have it."

"…Huh?" The statement is so horribly odd and startling that Sora can do nothing but stare blankly in response.

"Damnit, Roxas," Axel mumbles, and Sora somehow knows that wasn't for him to hear. He means to ask what Axel means, but is interrupted before he can even start. "What I'm saying," Axel looks on the verge of exasperation as his gaze shifts every which way again, "is that my best buddy is inside you and I wasn't done… being his buddy." In the midst of comprehending this, Sora manages to note that the color of Axel's face is starting to match the color of his hair. But that does not help him think of a reaction.

Axel stands a little straighter and begins to take slow steps toward Sora, a brief flash of determination that quickly fades back into uncertainty appears on his face. "Would you… Can I just…

"Pretend you're Roxas?"

Somehow, Sora manages to think that sounds like a rational request.

"I don't know how convincing I'll be."

"You don't have to do too much."

Axel stands inches from Sora now, and he rests his hands on his shoulders. Axel's speech and behavior become more relaxed and Sora feels himself comforted away from nervousness as well. "You can pretend I'm whoever you want me to be. That way it'll be a fair trade."

Before Sora can even expect Kairi to come to mind, Riku takes her place. He is confused at first, but easily pushes that away as he imagines that it would be difficult to compare two people with so different a physique. Riku is on his mind just as much as Kairi, anyway…

What surprises him more than Axel's lips pressing firmly against his own is that the idea of Riku doing the same is so unbearably appealing he can hardly stand to pretend. The thought of kissing Riku had never occurred to Sora before, and now he is almost afraid that it had long ago occurred to Riku.

It is not hard to imagine Axel is Riku if Sora closes his eyes, both of them have the same aggressive disposition and Sora finds that he falls easily into his arms. They behave as if they are the best of childhood friends, reunited after a long period of pining for each other's company.

And, in a way, that is exactly what they are.

Axel grips Sora's face, kissing him fervently over and over and Sora clings almost desperately to the fabric on Axel's back, constantly losing his grip and searching frantically for a new hold. He is afraid that losing his grip means falling away from that face and those lips that he cannot care are not Riku's. Axel's kisses are hard, wet and overwhelming and Sora tries to imitate those kisses though he is inexperienced, but all that matters is that Axel does not stop. All Sora can think about is his need to keep kissing Riku.

"Riku…!" Sora gasps between kisses and expects Axel to pull back and reprimand him.

What he does not recall, however, is that Axel has been calling Roxas' name the entire time.