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This chapter is slightly AU from the end of the game.

Fake Bonds: Part Three



Sora slouches against the white walls of the Place that Never Was. Seeing Riku again had reminded him of why he started kissing Axel in the fist place. But somehow, Sora isn't sure he wants to stop. He sits and pulls his knees up to his chest, mulling over his thoughts and feelings, unable to make himself truly sort out anything in his mind.

He looks up at the familiar sound of darkness appearing before him, almost dreading finding out who will come out of it.

Red hair. Sora sighs in relief and stands up, taking a few steps toward the man. Axel walks over to him quickly, immediately taking Sora's face in his hands and kissing him fiercely. Sora is surprised, but not enough to send him into a sputtering blob of confusion as before.

Axel seems… desperate. His kisses are sloppy and hard, his grip on Sora's face is strong and Sora can do nothing but slowly back them to the wall he was sitting against before. When they finally reach it he lets his hands venture to Axel's hair, trying to reassure him that he is still there and Axel doesn't have to be so possessive.

Not that it is a horribly bad thing, of course.

It is a long while before Axel lets up to catch his breath. The look in Axel's eyes are as desperate as his kisses. He attacks Sora's face with light kisses and Sora manages to fit in a question.

"Axel," he breaths, "What's wrong?" It takes a moment for Sora to get his answer as Axel kisses his way down his neck before resting his head on Sora's shoulder.

"It's nothing," he says. Then, sighing loudly, he continues, "Just… you don't need me anymore."

Sora cannot argue with that. But…

"Just because I don't need you… doesn't mean I don't… want you," Sora says slowly. Axel lifts his head to look at Sora. They stare at each other, searching for words until Axel decides there are none.

A slow and steady voice reaches them from across the room.

"So this is what you've really been up to…" Without thinking, Sora pushes Axel away to find Riku looking dejectedly away, anger mingling with disappointment clearly on his face. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Axel watching him. Sora feels like it is all a test.

…He hates taking tests.

"No, wait, Riku, it's not what you think!"

"What are you talking about?" Riku tries to say in his usual, confident tone, but his disappointment is beginning to show through in his voice. "It's not my business what you do with other people." He turns his back and Sora takes several hasty steps toward him.


"Just… don't forget about Kairi too…" He starts to walk away and Sora calls after him.

"Wait Riku, I didn't forget about you!" Sora wishes he could turn to Axel and apologize before he continues. "I was thinking about you the whole time!"

Riku stops. Sora doesn't dare chase after him just yet, not while his heart is still tugging him back to Axel.

"That doesn't make any sense." Riku says and walks off.

Sora stands, fixed to the spot. He ever-present want to look over his shoulder at Axel and chase after Riku battling in his mind, keeping him frozen where he stands with indecision.

"Sora…" Axel called softly, freeing Sora from his trance.

"I lied!" he immediately bursts out, "I haven't been thinking of Riku at all!"

Axel laughs. "What does it matter who you were thinking about? I was the one who started pretending you were Roxas."

"But…" Sora mumbles, looking down at his feet. "Just because it started like that doesn't mean that's how it is now." Axel is slightly taken aback and Sora continues, his voice gaining confidence as he speaks. "You haven't thought of Roxas once since you first said my name."

"What? How would you know?"

Sora tries to laugh, "You're really loud when you get into something." It lacks a joking conviction he wishes it had.

Axel barks a laugh and takes Sora's chin in his fingers.

"Sora," he says, and kisses his cheek.

"Sora," he says again, softer and kisses his other cheek.

"Sora," he says again, softer still and kisses the edge of his mouth.

"Axel," Sora says, just as softly and Axel kisses his lips. It is a soft and short kiss, they are both silent for a moment and Sora keeps his eyes closed.

"Now go after him." Axel's voice sounds loud in his ears and Sora opens his eyes when he speaks.


"Don't worry about me, I'm the one without a heart here." Sora doesn't move. It is too sad, leaving Axel to chase after Riku when he cares for both of them now.

"That's not true," Sora says at last, trying to smile through his grief. "You have a heart in there, it's what I like about you."

Without another glance back, Sora takes off after Riku. Axel stays where he is and watches him leave, speaking to himself though he knows Sora is not yet out of earshot.

"Heh, you can pretend he's me and I'll find someone who looks like Roxas to pretend he's you."

The faint knife of bitterness in Axel's tone flies straight to Sora's heart as he runs.