Beware the AngstyMourning!Roy.

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Age spots speckled the hand that ran through once-ebony hair, wiping the silvery strands from misty eyes. The flowers he held seemed such an empty gesture, but still he lay them on the grave he was kneeling before. He shut his eyes and could still see the bright, golden eyes, honey mane, and ever-mischievous smirk of the man he had loved, had never stopped loving. Of the man he had never imagined he might outlive.


It was ten years to the day since Edward Elric had died, his life slipping away quietly as Roy held him close. He had held his lover gently in those final hours, wiping away the tears that had flowed from golden eyes, Roy's own heart breaking as he whispered that he loved him, that it was okay to let go.

There had been nothing that the doctors could do to help, able only to keep Ed on enough medication that he might no longer have to feel the pain. After weeks of the sterile, unfeeling white of the hospital, Roy had brought Ed to the home in which they had shared so many years together, in which there should have been years to come. To the bed in which there had been so many loving nights, to fade away while being held by the arms into which he had fit so well.

The entire nation has mourned Edward's passing; the man was a living legend, the stories of the Fullmetal Alchemist treasured folklore in many towns across the country and beyond. Even the emperor of Xing had traveled to pay his last respects to a long-time friend. It had seemed the entire world was weeping as Edward was buried, the light rain concealing the tears of the many in attendance at the National Cemetery. There was no protesting daughter as this man was laid in the ground; all the family left behind stood shoulder to shoulder, the wetness on Roy and Alphonse's face being attributed only to the falling waters. Winry alone had wept openly, clutching at Al's arm as the man that was both her best friend and brother-in-law was received by the earth.

Edward Elric had lived his life hard, fast, never stopping. Perhaps passing through the gate had taken some of his time, perhaps it was the torments of his youth that had stolen the man's presence from Roy's own final days. Thirty-nine years had been spent together, nearly four decades of love and laughter, times of pain and tears always followed by healing and happiness. Without him, Roy felt empty, as though a part of his very soul had been taken. Not that it was gone forever, but that it was waiting for him somewhere just beyond his understanding, just outside of his reach.


Roy rose unsteadily to his feet, leaning heavily upon his cane. His cough was harsh, an old man's hack brought on by too many years of not taking enough care of his body. Drinking and smoking had been pleasurable in his youth, but now his body was paying for past decadence. He smiled thinly, not bitter in his advanced age, but still missing the vigor and vitality of his youth. His once-broad shoulders were thin, and his walk was a mincing gait of one unsure as to if his own brittle bones could still support even his slight weight. He uttered the same words that he always did upon leaving, telling Edward that he still loved him, and that he would return soon.


The sun was setting, its final rays kissing the treetops and the evening sky was awash in brilliant pinks, reds, and gold. Roy sat by the bedroom window, brandy in hand, watching the brilliance dipping behind the forest of evergreens, lost in memory. He had one consolation: that the hand of fate had allowed him to retain these treasured memories. That he would be able to see the smiling face of the one he loved in his mind's eye until that day soon when they would be together again.