Title: Two Deaths And A Funeral

Author: StephanieDark

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. I'm not making any money from this.

Nina steps off the elevator, she has been on vacation. she

looked cool and composed, she is wearing a chic dress, and

sunglasses. Maya spots her and walks over to her.

"Nina are you back from vacation already!"

Nina pulls her sunglasses down enough, to show her eyes.

"NO, today is payday and I'm here to pick up my check."

Just then, Kevin the mailman comes in and starts passing them out. He hands one to Maya.

Walks past Nina.

Nina stands with hands on hip.

"Hey where's mine?"

Kevin looks at her, smiles sheepishly.

"Sorry Nina I don't have it."

He continues on.

Maya looks at her.

"That was strange." Maya said truly puzzled.

Nina was fuming.

"Well don't worry. I will find out what happened.

I am going to demand what is rightfully mine!"

Maya cheers her on

"Good for you, you go Nina!"

Nina storms out.

twenty minutes later

Nina comes back, her hair is a mess, sunglasses dangling in right hand.

She is in pure shock. she sits down at the table next to Finch's station.

Didn't notice Maya sitting there.

Maya looks across from her.

"Nina did you find out about your check?"

Nina doesn't answer at first and then.


"Did they give it to you?" was Maya's next question

"No." Nina answered back.

Maya couldn't believe what she just heard.


"I said no." came Nina's reply.

" Why, What happened?" Maya's curiosity growing.

" They said, They said I was dead."

Nina stood up and fainted.

End OF Teaser