Later that week

Elliot is in his studio, when the phone rings. He sighs and answers it.

"Hello? Yes this is he. Oh no, you're kidding! Ok thank you for calling."

After hanging up, he goes out to the bull pen.

His expression is a mix of shock and disbelief.

He sits down at the table next to Finch's station.

Nina is there with her head on the table, and she had been drinking heavily.

Maya is nursing her with coffee, she looks up

"What's wrong Elliot?" Maya asked

"The coroner called me, and he said Donnie Was dead." Elliot said numbly.

Jack comes out of his office. He observes the scene.

"Dennis, what the hell is going on around here?"

I go into my office, for half hour. I come back out and I got a room full zombies."

Finch fills him in.

"Well, Nina has drunk herself into oblivion. Elliot just found out his brother passed away."

Oh and the advertisers called and they said you need to meet with them before Friday."

Jack ignored the last part. He walked over to Elliot.

"Elliot, I'm so sorry. Why don't you take the rest of today off? Jack said soothingly.

"Thanks Jack, I appreciate it." Elliot said bleakly.

Jack looks at Nina and adds

"Take Nina home first."

Elliot helps Nina to the elevator. Finch turns to jack.

"Umm Jack, I'm feeling kind of sad myself."

Jack sighs.

"Just go Dennis."

Finch takes off.

He turns to the rest of the employees in the bull pen and shouts.

"Everybody can all go home!"

Before long, the bull pen is empty.

Jack turns to Maya, who is looking at him, she can't believe her father just did that.

He smiles and says

"That worked out rather well.

Mrs. Dimauro's house

Elliot rushes in, can't find his mother anywhere.

"MA, Where are you? Ma!

Mrs. Dimauro rushes in

"Elliot what's wrong?" Mrs. Dimauro asks.

"Didn't the coroner call you?"

His mother is confused.

"About what?"

"Donnie, Donnie passed away." Elliot informed her.

Mrs. Dimauro Laughs. Elliot is in shock.

"What's, What's so funny?"

"You must be joking. He called not more than five seconds ago." Mrs. Dimauro said.

Elliot's shock and grief is turning into anger.

"Did he!"

He kisses his mother goodbye and leaves. He was going to fix him.

He went to the local paper and put in a false obituary.

When his mother met him at the diner, he let her in on his secret.

At First, Mrs. Dimauro wasn't for it.

"Elliot This isn't right." She said while stirring her coffee.

"Come on ma, You've protected him long enough.

It's time. He took responsibility for his own actions." Elliot sighs.

Finally his mother agreed.