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This day couldn't get worse, seriously! It couldn't!

That was what Naruto thought anyway, he was late to school when his alarm clock didn't go off, he hadn't eaten breakfast and forgot to pack any kind of lunch, some of Sasuke's friends, and said person as well, had made gym hell for him. It wasn't that the always perfect Uchiha had done anything to make his day worse, it was the fact that the other male existed that made Naruto's existence horrid. He happened to be one of those perfect people, perfect grade, perfect attendance, perfect clothes, perfect hair, hell, even perfect skin! He knew all the right people, was unanimously the most popular male in school and the teachers practically bent over backwards for him!

Naruto was willing to bet that Sasuke could spit on the principle and everyone would instantly wonder what the older man had done. Yes, he was just that perfect, and as Naruto had the ball stolen every time in gym while playing basketball, he also had to add that the other was perfect in sports as well.

His team had lost gloriously, but then considering that one team was made up of Uchiha and his friends whilst Naruto's team consisted of Shikamaru, a boy that Naruto was certain could manifest bags of chips from thin air, and a few other of the school's 'outcasts'.

So Sasuke was perfect, and the teachers were in shock when Naruto actually turned in his homework rather than an excuse. In the blonde's head, Sasuke was his rival, the one he had to be better than, though as one of his few friends, Shikamaru, reminded him constantly.

"He is in a completely different league than us, you're not even passing all your classes and how can you be rivals if he doesn't even know you exist?"

"Oh, he knows I exist!"

The other would always roll his eyes at his over dramatic friend before replying.

"Yes, like I know Big Foot exists but you don't see him coming to my house after school. Get over it, Naruto, this is reality."

It was a conversation that they had often enough to make what few others that spent time around them occasionally roll their eyes.

Another thing that baffled Naruto was how could Sasuke be so popular! He hardly said more than a few words to anyone, scowled constantly and looked continually pissed at the world. He had a theory about scientists finding out that the entire inside of Uchiha's body was filled with ice.

That day, as was said, just kept going wrong, so by the time school was nearing it's end, all he could think about was going home and passing out. Too bad his day just kept getting worse.

"Naruto, may I speak with you after school?"

He looked up, into the face of one of the few teachers who was actually nice to him.

"Sure, Kakashi-sensei!"

He couldn't help but wonder what his teacher wanted, maybe he was planning to tell him what a great job he did on his last paper!

Wait, did he even do that last paper?

Oh, well, it wasn't a worry, after all, there was only one more class and school would be done. He was hoping that the storm clouds that had been threatening all day would hold out a bit longer, he hadn't brought a heavy jacket and didn't even own an umbrella.

The bell rang, almost jarring the thought of the conference right out of Naruto's brain, that was until he passed Kakashi's room and was stopped.

He couldn't help the blush as he rubbed the back of his head, his usual grin in place.

"Don't tell me, in the span of one class, you forgot about our meeting."

It wasn't a question and the blonde did have enough brains to figure that out.

"So what did you want to see me about? My last paper that good?"

The last question earned him a raised brow.

"What paper? You haven't turned anything in for at least two weeks now."

"Oh, yeah. You noticed, huh?"

"Naruto," Kakashi sat on his desk, motioning for his student to sit in the nearest desk before he continued. "this isn't funny, it's very serious. I was speaking with a few of your other teachers, the only class you are passing at this point is gym. Were you planning to make being a high school student your career?"

He lost his grin, he knew this wasn't funny, but things weren't always so easy and rather than muddle through or worse yet, ask for help and feel stupid, he tended to ignore the problem altogether.

"I know, I just, well…"

"You're having trouble understanding, right?"

"Yeah, some of this stuff is hard!"

"I figured as much, that was why I took the liberty of getting a tutor for you."

Blue eyes were huge and instantly locked on his teacher, a hopeful grin on his face.

"Is she cute! Is it Sakura? Please tell me you got Sakura!"

He couldn't help but blink, thankful that he knew Naruto well enough not to have gotten him a female tutor. That was the point that the door opened and a scowling, dark haired student came in.

"Ah, Sasuke, thank you for coming."

Naruto instantly pushed back in his seat, crossing his arms and scowling at the other boy who hadn't so much as even glanced at him.

"What is he doing here? Some extra credit project, no doubt, Mr. Perfect."

By the end he was grumbling, though the grin on his teacher's face told him something very evil was afoot.

"You honestly expect me to be able to tutor him? Couldn't it at least have been someone with a few functioning brain cells?"

His voice was as cold as Naruto always imagine, and the insult did not go unnoticed, either.


"Well, Sasuke, I wouldn't insult you by giving you an easy case, after all, I know how much you enjoy a challenge."

Dark eyes finally shifted momentarily to the blonde before moving back to Kakashi.

"A challenge, not the impossible."

Kakashi sat back on his desk, rubbing his chin as if thoughtful.

"You know, you're probably right, this is too much for you so I will just have to offer it to Neji, I'm certain he could handle it."

Pale fists clenched and Naruto looked down when he heard a pencil snap, it seemed Sasuke had been holding one.

"Fine, I'll tutor him."

The older man's grin couldn't look more triumphant.

"I knew you could! Now, there is the test tomorrow in math, you two could start on that tonight, I'm certain Naruto passing it would be a pleasant surprise."

"What!" Said blonde was already out of his chair, ignoring the fact that the other boy was already clenching his jaw tightly. "I can't study tonight!"

"Why not?"

Now Naruto was stuck, it wasn't that he couldn't, it was that he didn't want to, especially with Sasuke and especially on such short notice.

"Because… because he'll probably try to kill me! Yeah, that's it! He plans to kill me and dump my body in the river!"


Kakashi seemed unbothered, but blue eyes were now glaring into black ones that seemed to have no intent on backing down.

"Now, now, Naruto, Sasuke won't kill you and I'm certain your body will be perfectly fine in his hands." That was the point that Kakashi's grin grew, Naruto blushed and Sasuke turned away, scowling at the wall as if it had insulted him. "Now, I have a date to prepare for, so off you both go, have fun."

Both boys glared at each before the dark haired one spun on his heel, leading the way out of the classroom.

"Where is your locker?"


Naruto didn't even try to disguise how unpleasant he viewed the entire situation to be.

"Considering you need tutoring in all of your classes, I'm going to go with the notion that you don't have the entire book memorized for math."

"Oh, yeah."

Great, now Mr. Perfect is snorting at him, already trying to prove how much more superior he was.

Anger is and has always been a great motivator, this time it had Naruto walking faster that Sasuke, and leading the way to his locker.

After two attempts to open said locker, the dark haired boy lost patience, shouldering the blonde out of his way as he faced what Naruto liked to call 'the metal box of doom', of course Sasuke didn't know this fact.

"What is the combination?"

"Why! You think I'm going to just give you my locker combination!"

"Well I'm not spending the night in this school while you try to open it."

Begrudgingly, and complaining about having to have it changed now, Naruto gave up the combination, only to be shocked when Sasuke got it to open the first time, of course the look of shock transferred to the pale face when what appeared to be a mountain of papers and garbage came tumbling out and on him.

He couldn't help it as he doubled over laughing, seeing an expression other than a scowl on the Uchiha's face was priceless! Of course the fact that said person was now scowling down at him wasn't going to deter his mirth.

The fact that Sasuke walked to the nearest trash can and dragged it over, did stop his laughter.

"Hey! What do you think your doing!"

"Cleaning up this pig sty."

"That's my stuff! And those papers are homework!"

The pale boy stood, a disgusted look on his face as he held up a bag containing a molded sandwich before very pointedly dropping it into the trash. Next he grabbed the piece of paper laying on top, glancing over it.

"This is dated the first week of school and it's not even graded."

"Is that for English? I was wondering where it went!"

Dark locks shook before their owner bent back to the task at hand, and with a resigned sigh, Naruto began helping since Mr. Perfect obviously wasn't going to let this go. He would just bet that the inside of the Uchiha's locker made surgery rooms look filthy. It would figure.

By the time they finished, not only could Naruto find all his books, but everything fit without him having to wrestle the door shut. He might have been happy, except for the superior smirk being sent his way, dark eyes seeming to scream how much better their owner was than he.

"Are we done now? I hate cleaning!"

"Just grab your books, idiot, and don't forget the math text."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Sasuke turned and started to walk off, leaving Naruto to scramble and hastily grab books before slamming his locker closed.

Reaching the main entrance for the school, Naruto gave a loud groan while Sasuke's scowl only darkened as they noted that the storm had finally hit and water was coming down in sheets.

"Great! See, your cleaning made us have to walk in the rain!"

"You might walk but I'll drive."

Blue eyes blinked, of course he would have a car, and come to think of it, didn't most the girls coo over how hot his car was?

"Alright, lead on then, ice boy."

He didn't bother to retort or even glance at the blonde, just brace himself and step out into the awful weather, digging his keys from his pocket as they headed towards his car. It was apparent which vehicle belonged to the Uchiha, after all, it was sleek, obviously fast, completely black, all the windows tinted and even in the rain it seemed to stand there as if better than the world.

Hitting the button to remotely unlock the doors, Sasuke was sliding in, tossing his bag behind his seat as he watched Naruto climb into the passenger seat.

"Man, this seat is hard! How do people stand it!"

"Because no one else has sat there to complain about it, idiot."

Blue eyes blinked, wait, Uchiha was the most popular boy in school and yet he never had anyone else ride in his car!

"Seriously? No one?"

"I won't repeat myself just because you're too thick to understand the first time."

The rest of the ride was in silence, Naruto continuously snuck glares at Sasuke, while Sasuke scowled at the road ahead of them.

By the time they made it to the Uchiha's house, the storm had broken, clouds quickly moving on and breaking up. Of course finally seeing that, much like Naruto had suspected, Sasuke lived in the better part of town, where people had yards and houses were worth more than he cared to imagine, did not improve his mood. This house in particular was done in dark blues with cream trim work, impressive, a bit overbearing and the blonde had to admit, fit Sasuke perfectly.

"Let's go."

Naruto didn't need directions, he was just momentarily stunned, after all, no one else he knew had an actual garage, much less one big enough for two cars and attached to the house.

They walked into the kitchen, Naruto giving a low whistle at all the shiny black and chrome in the room.

"Wow! What do your parents do for a living? This place is nice!"

Dark eyes landed on him instantly, seeming to search for something before he finally answered.

"They were investment bankers."

Naruto didn't think the Uchiha's voice could get any colder before that last statement, though the blonde still didn't know when not to push his luck.

"So they retired? Off traveling the world?"

"No, they're dead. If your done prying, let's hurry and get this over with, idiot."

"Oh, I didn't know."

"Obviously. Set your books on the dining room table."

Sasuke had already opened his fridge, digging around a bit as Naruto walked to the adjoined dining room, setting out the books he would need on the heavily polished wood table. He was certain this table had to weight more than he. Was there anything cheap in this house!

His thoughts were completely derailed when two bottle of orange soda were set on the table.

"Orange! Yes! You even have them in bottles, now that's living!"

Naruto was grinning as he grabbed one, taking a large drink, and hence missed Sasuke looking at him as if he completely lost his mind.

"What section is the test on?"


Confused blue eyes blinked at him, causing a tired sigh to escape.

"Your math test, idiot."

"Oh. Would it kill you to be at least a little nice!"

His question wasn't answered, at least not vocally. Sasuke took a seat, opening the book with a bored expression.

Naruto, actually learned, and hence it was marked up as one of the worst nights of his life, aside from the fact that he ate dinner there and so didn't have to worry about it later.

Sasuke on the other hand, did not look pleased when he was dropping Naruto off at home.

The neighborhood looked like something out of a nightmare. The buildings looked as if they should have already been condemned, he wouldn't be surprised if some already had. More than a few men and women stood outside, their clothing minimal despite the nip to the air.

"You live here?"

He couldn't help but squirm in his seat, certain that the dark haired boy would act even more superior now.

"Yeah, that building."

The other said nothing, pulling in front of said building and completely ignoring the woman who approached his window. Gathering his books, Naruto quickly climbed from the car, avoiding the dark eyes.

It didn't help though when the woman standing on the other side of the car recognized him.

"Naruto! I thought you said you wouldn't work the streets!" She gave another look into the car, at the Uchiha who was now looking at Naruto with mild curiosity. "But if you're going to start, that is the way to go! I wish my first john was so good looking."

"We didn't do anything like that!" Naruto was yelling, his unease radiating. "He is my tutor for school."

Said woman licked her lips slowly as the blonde closed his door, allowing the dark youth to drive off.

"If I were you I would get my nails in that one and hold on then. You can practically smell the money."

"Sasuke! Ewww! No way, he's the Ice Prince! You'll get hypothermia from standing too close."

He hurried past the smirking prostitute, climbing the stairs to his one room apartment.

It wasn't much, three locks on the door, one room that served as bedroom and living room, no kitchen, instead Naruto had a hot plate, one pan and an electric kettle, the bathroom was little more than a closet, especially considering that if you were sitting on the toilet your feet would be in the shower, and his closet consisted of a bar hung across one wall.

Yes, it was tiny and horrid, but it was his.

Making his way inside, he relocked the door, dropped his bag and literally fell onto his mattress. He could swear that too much information had been packed into his brain and it would explode at any given moment, that mental image securely in mind, sleep claimed Naruto.

The next morning, blue eyes opened, their owner cursing that he had forgotten to reset his alarm, again.

He quickly threw fresh clothes on, not bothering with brushing his hair since it became messier when he tried to do at the same time as brushing his teeth, grabbed his bag and was out the door.

Doing an almost full sprint the entire way, Naruto managed to make it with half of his math class left. Of course the teacher looked disdainfully down her nose at him.

"Naruto, I'm surprised you came today, you do realize there is a test?"

"Y-yeah sensei! I made it in time!"

She held out a piece of paper with a snort, obviously feeling that this would be a waste of both their time.

By the end of class, Naruto had not only chewed his way through a pencil, finding out that the lead tastes awful, but he also managed to complete over half of the test, turning it in with a grin.

"Random guesses won't pass this test, young man."

"I didn't guess!" He bit his lip, obviously thinking. "Alright, I guessed on question sixteen but that's it!"

"We shall see."

Her dismissal was cold and he grumbled about the odds of her and Sasuke being related.

The remainder of his classes were uneventful, though the history teacher made a rather big deal of him turning in homework, even going so far as to make a class announcement and having the other students clap. While most students would be embarrassed, Naruto stood at the front, taking several bows.

Lunch time came and he was busily looking for anyone he knew that would allow him to mooch some of their food. He briefly debated trying Sasuke before his pride got the better of him, and luck was on his side in the form of Shikamaru.

"Where were you yesterday?"

"Oh please say you brought me food!"

A sandwich and bag of chips were tossed onto the hyper blonde's lap.

"So answer the question."

"I had to go to Mr. Perfect's house."

"You're kidding!"

Naruto shook his head, half the sandwich already stuffed in his mouth.

"No, Kakashi made me!"

"What, like he held a gun to your head?"

"No." Shikamaru was given an extremely sour look, reminding him of a baby handed a fresh lemon. "He made him my tutor."

"You have a tutor?"

"Well I do now."

Naruto watched as his friend looked to the sky, thoughtfully watching the clouds.

"He knows you exist now. What was his house like?"

"Perfect, of course!"

The rest of lunch consisted of the two eating and talking about Naruto's new tutor, or more exactly, Shikamaru asking questions as Naruto bemoaned his horrid luck and a fate worse than death.

Gym went in typical fashion, Sasuke's team demolishing Naruto's.

"Be waiting at my car after school."

He was trying desperately to keep the basket ball from the dark haired boy.

"Well it might take me awhile to get there."

It wouldn't, but he wasn't about to let Mr. Perfect boss him around.

"Fine, I leave when I get to my car, you can walk to my house or fail school, it's your choice."

Naruto turned around to yell his retort, and add in a scathing remark, only to have Sasuke steal the ball and make a… perfect shot.

The coach blew his whistle, sending everyone in to get cleaned up and changed, including a grumbling blonde who was sending death glares at a certain person's back the entire time.

Kakashi didn't help his mood any when he asked how the tutoring went, a smug grin on his face. Naruto tried once again to get Kakashi to change his mind and allow him a female tutor, only the man was too set that his first choice was perfect.

"You should give him a chance, you might have something in common."

"Me! Have anything in common with the Ice Prince! There is no way of that happening Kakashi-sensei, the guy gives me frostbite just being in the same room."

"And yet you passed your math test today."

That had two blue eyes getting almost big enough to pop from his head before he gave a loud whoop and jumped into the air.

"And Sasuke remains your tutor, now take your seat."

Naruto pouted through the rest of school, still complaining to Shikamaru as he slammed his locker closed.

"You cleaned out your locker, I thought you were against that, like breaking some religious principle or something."

"It wasn't by choice! Mr. Perfect decided we had to and started throwing all my stuff away! Oh! But I did find out what was making that smell."

"I don't even want to know. So are you coming over today?"

"I can't." Naruto looked as if he had been sentenced to death, at least by the way he was dragging his feet and the morose look on his fate. "I have to go to the Ice Prince's house again."

"How often do you have to go?"

"I don't know, Kakashi wants me passing all my classes."

"Uchiha does realize he will be working a miracle then, right?"

"HEY!" Naruto made a half hearted swing at his friend, though actually trying to dodge would take effort that Shikamaru did not feel like expending. "I thought you were on my side!"

"I find taking sides is too much work. You better get going though," he pointed towards the student parking lot where Sasuke was standing, Sakura right beside him and trying desperately to get his attention as she talked. "Your prince is obviously waiting."

The blonde glared at the emphasis that his friend had put on the word 'prince' but since Sakura was there, he shrugged it off, saying goodbye and heading over with a grin.

"Hello Sakura!"

He was given a glance before she rolled her eyes and turned back Sasuke.

"So, I was thinking that you could give me a ride home today."

"No." Sasuke hadn't even looked at Sakura when he answered her, keeping his eyes instead on Naruto who was presently glowering at him. "You ready to go, idiot?"

"Yeah, yeah Sasuke-bastard, I'm ready."

Sakura did a wonderful imitation of a landed fish.

"Wait! You said no to me and you're willing to let him ride in your car!"

Sasuke merely grunted in response as he climbed into the driver's seat, impatiently waiting for Naruto to get in and buckle up, allowing them to leave.

This time, without the storm overhead to block the sun, the blonde noticed the pool in the backyard, his mouth dropping open at the site of the flowing waterfall pouring into the side.

"You have a pool! We have to go swimming."


"But it will be dark!"

Dark eyes settled onto the whining blonde.

"It's heated, idiot. Now get set up."

Naruto gave a mock salute before dropping his bag with a little more force than needed onto the dining room table, earning him a glare that he merely snickered at.

He still ended up not getting to swim, a fact he complained about the entire way back to his apartment.

"I knew if you made me wait we wouldn't get to swim."

"You're an idiot."

"You don't have to act like that ice-cycle is always up your butt."

"We got your homework finished, I fed you dinner and what makes you think I would even let you in my pool?"

"Cause you're the only person I know who has a pool!"

"Why should that matter to me?"

"You are so cold."

Blue eyes scowled as he grumbled out the last part before grabbing his bag, their drive was thankfully over since Sasuke had stopped in front of Naruto's building, causing several of the scantily dressed women to take notice yet again.

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