-1"Come on, Sasuke! I know that icicle in your butt must be giving you frostbite but hurry up!"

The exuberant blond was practically bouncing in place while guarding two seats in the back row.

Sasuke smirked, no, he was actually bouncing, but as entertaining as the sight was, he couldn't resist going over, thankful they had trays that attached to the seats here, though how he managed to pile all that food on just one tray was a miracle only a snack bar employee could accomplish.

"I'm coming, calm down, idiot."

"But the previews are going to start!"

Despite how important he made it sound, Naruto flopped back into his chair with a sigh, oh yeah, these chairs were so much better than the dollar theater's! And though it hadn't seemed as though he would pay attention to such things, the blond had chosen the chairs that the arms lifted up and out of the way rather than the rocking ones.

With a bit of maneuvering, Sasuke had managed to have the tray take up the seat next to him while his boyfriend occupied his other side, ensuring his safety from any overzealous girls, such as the two that would be coming any second.

"Did you remember the junior mints?"

"Of course."

"And the biggest size of popcorn?"

"Yes." This time the voice was a bit more strained.

"And the jumbo soda?"

"Yes, I remembered everything, idiot, from the soda big enough to swim in to the giant nachos with double cheese, I didn't forget your candies or anything else on your list."

He was graced with a grin that made him lick his suddenly dry lips.

"Thanks, Sasuke, I shouldn't have asked, you have that great memory, how could I forget."

A pale hand moved up, cupping the tanned face.

"You could make it up to me…"

That was when the rest of the group joined them, the girls complaining loudly about something he couldn't be concerned with, instead he was angered that Naruto had pulled away with a blush.

"Did we interrupt something?"

"No, we were wondering when you guys would get here." Sasuke had to wonder how Naruto could sound so happy while saying that, he personally felt like flaying them for interrupting.

"Sasuke-kun," A pink strand of hair was being mercilessly tortured by pale fingers in the girl's obvious nervousness. "If you move that tray then I'll sit beside you."

Black eyes regarded her coolly.

"That's exactly why the tray is there, Sakura."

Naruto bit down on his tongue to keep from saying anything, but decided to have his own fun, after all, if Sasuke wanted to be cold…

"Hey, Mr. Perfect, where's my ice cream? I don't want it to melt."

The Uchiha gave a sigh, but managed to dig out said item, shivering at the name 'Big Stick' that was so proudly emblazoned on the side. Naruto was trying to kill him, he knew he must be!

Said frozen delectable was snatched from his hands.

"Ah! It's already starting to melt!"

The wrapper was removed with speed, being tossed to Sasuke, who stopped breathing after turning around from disposing of it.

The blue eyes were closed in bliss as a pink tongue made long, sure strokes up the frozen length, capturing any juice that had been attempting to escape, that same tongue swirled around the bottom, ridding it of any juice as well before working back up again, finally enclosing the top and giving it a good, solid suck. Blue eyes opened again.

Sasuke found he was suddenly highly uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?"

Naruto blinked as he spoke, the picture of pure innocence, as he glanced between the three boys, Kiba looking torn between laughing and being angry, Neji suddenly remembering to close his mouth and Sasuke almost growling at the other two like an angered cat fighting over his mate.

"Naruto, you certainly seem to enjoy your ice cream."

He gave a small scowl to the Hyuuga, the first to have recovered enough to say something, wondering how the other could think they were friends after what he pulled.

"Yeah, I do when I get some." The Uchiha promptly choked on his spit. "Sasuke? You okay?"

He gave the other a few solid thwacks on the back, until the pale boy waved away Naruto's hand.

"I'm fine, just need a drink."

Sasuke grabbed the soda, gulping down a bit as he tried desperately to ignore the small murrs of pleasure, sounds of sucking and the sight of that tongue working over the large piece of flavored ice.

The lights dimmed at last, allowing the frustrated teen to adjust the uncomfortable bulge in his pants, obsidian eyes glancing over every few seconds and wondering if they would be permanently banned from the theater if he attacked Naruto here and now.

When the stick was given a final cleaning lick and handed over, Naruto had a smirk that told Sasuke he knew exactly what he had done to him, and if he had any doubts, Naruto cleared those up with a whisper.

"Thanks for the Big Stick, Sasuke, it was soooo good."

Said boy shivered, his hands moving forward only to find themselves now holding the nachos as Naruto happily munched on one while watching the screen.


The nachos were gone, the popcorn was gone, Sasuke had already had the soda refilled and now the jumbo box of junior mints was down to it's last few.

In other words, Naruto was bored!

It just seemed to be one of those movies that they used all the good parts in the ads! But the girls appeared to love it and Naruto hadn't minded while he still had food to keep him occupied. Now with this last bite, the food was gone and a hyper teen was stuck in a chair with nothing to do.

The shifting next to him instantly gave Naruto an idea to entertain himself, coupled with the fact that both girls seemed to think they had to glance at the stoic Uchiha every three minutes was getting on his nerves!

When subtle nudging hadn't given Sasuke the clue, blue eyes narrowed before Naruto shoved the pale arm off the arm rest between them, grinning in return to the glare he received as he lifted the obstacle from between them, loving the dawning look of comprehension on the Uchiha's face right before the pale arm wrapped around his shoulders.

Now that he had one thing out of the way, Naruto snuggled into the offered comfort, pretending not to notice the envious looks he was getting. The mischievous part of him was screaming to see how far he could take this. Shikamaru always said he was 'troublesome' and once told him it was something about a cry for attention or something, he had tuned the brunette out like he always did when he started talking about the deeper shit.

One tanned hand laid innocently enough on Sasuke's covered thigh, said boy thinking nothing of it.

That changed when the supposed innocent hand inched it's way higher, causing ebony eyebrows to arch in surprise. Sasuke knew Naruto figured he would be stopped, obviously forgetting who he was dealing with, so instead, amused eyes turned back to the screen he truly hadn't any interest in. Truth be told he spent the entire movie planning out various scenarios to get Naruto in bed, both of them actually losing their virginity. This little surprise worked out just fine for him, in fact, he hoped the blond would go high enough to discover what all his plans had caused.

Naruto pouted at the screen, Sasuke wasn't jumping, hell, he wasn't even twitching or reacting! Couldn't he feel the hand moving across his thigh?!

It was obviously time to up the ante, as the saying went. Shifting a bit, he nuzzled into Sasuke's neck, delighting in the shiver and goose bumps that the pale boy couldn't hide from him, now he was finally getting somewhere

"Mr. Perfect," He panted as an added touch. "I'm bored."

Sasuke smirked as he answered. "You wanted to come here."

Never let it be said that Naruto's brain didn't work quickly, you just had to have the correct subject.

"I still want to… come here."

The Uchiha should have known better, he really should have known not to try taking a drink when Naruto was acting like this. And his price for foregoing his instincts? He was now coughing, rather loudly in fact while an amused Naruto thumped his back.

Once Sasuke had his coughing under control and finished glaring at the snickering Naruto, said boy stood, whispering about using the restroom.

Obsidian eyes stayed transfixed on the covered behind of his boyfriend, currently sauntering away in the dim theater, once he no longer had that turning his mind to goo with perverse and wondrous imagery, Sasuke stood, discreetly following.

The bright lights of the lobby stung his eyes, forcing them closed for a second while he adjusted and cursed the management for thinking they could use no less than a 100 watt bulb in every possible socket, and really, neon indoors?!

Locating the restrooms was an easy enough feat, and it was a deviously smirking raven-haired boy that slipped into one, thanking whatever gods were smiling on him that a humming blond was the only occupant. Of course they weren't smiling enough to have the blond with his pants down and easily accessible, but Sasuke had patience, and the sound of a zipper warned him to get in position.

"Sasuke? Hey! Wha… Mrph!"

Yes! Mission accomplished, seeing as he had shoved Naruto back into the stall, pinning him against a wall while locking the door. All the teasing today had him so painfully hard he could swear his balls were going to fall off and his penis go on strike. Really, he could hear their indignant shouts! So now it was time for pay back as he ground his hips and noticeable erection against Naruto's hips, finally releasing the captured mouth.

"Sasuke, what are you, ah, doing?"

Smoldering dark eyes locked on cerulean.

"You said you wanted to cum here, far be it from me to deny you."

"What?! But I… I mean…"

Those lean hips bucked forward again, tearing another muffled moan from Naruto's lips, his hands automatically slipping around Sasuke's neck to steady himself before catching his boyfriend's lips, both loosing themselves in the heated kiss.

Soon it degraded to grunts, groans and soft cries of pleasure, Naruto's back slamming repeatedly against the room's back wall, his hands clawing at the pale, covered back while one of his legs had somehow managed to wrap around Sasuke's hip, pulling them closer as the pale hand not supporting said leg was torturing a rosy nub to pebble hardness.


"Ah… ah… c-close.. Oh gods…"

Sasuke's supple lips attached to Naruto's neck, sucking and nipping until finding a spot that made the blond jump, biting down to make that lean body arch against his own, no longer giving to his thrusts while a strangled yell echoed off the walls, forcing his own release.

It showed his restraint that Sasuke managed to keep them both standing, panting against each other's skin while catching their breath, both coming down from their high of orgasming.

"Sasuke.. Damn.."

Naruto was still clutching his boyfriend, though he grimaced when he tried to move, feeling the mess now occupying his pants.

The two boys untangled and Sasuke had just opened his mouth to say something when the bathroom door banged open.

"Sasuke?! You guys in here? Come on, we're heading out."

"Coming." Sasuke growled at Kiba's interruption and the other boy had the intelligence to exit quickly at the sound in his friend's voice. "Let's go, idiot, we need a shower or something."

"Yeah." Naruto had already opened his pants, using a wad of toilet paper to try and clean off some of the mess, his cheeks tinted as he tried to ignore the bemused expression on the Uchiha's face.

"Once we get home we can change."

But Naruto couldn't help snickering as Sasuke followed his example.


Outside the building, they found the rest of the group waiting on them, animatedly discussing something by the cars.

Sasuke twined his fingers with Naruto's, giving a gentle squeeze to the much more sedate boy, smirking at the feat he just accomplished.

"Sasuke, Naruto, there you are." Neji's smile was sedate as usual, and the latter of the two's scowl could not be missed, almost vicious enough to make any Uchiha proud. "We were just talking about getting some dinner."

"Have fun." Sasuke voice was it's usual cold, stoic timbre.

"Not going with us?" One of the Hyuuga's perfectly manicured brows lifted.

"No." The Uchiha's reply brooked no room for argument, but that didn't mean the Hyuuga wouldn't try.

Neji opened his mouth to speak, but Naruto decided to butt in this time.

"I still have homework, so we should head home, besides, I still have the breakfast dishes to do."

Sasuke arched his eyebrow at the obvious lie on the dishes, but didn't question it, instead unlocking his car.

"Perhaps another time then."


And both boys were in the sleek, black car, leaving the small, scowling group behind.


Once home, they split off, Naruto saying he was going to get a shower, while Sasuke said he would check the messages, bring in the mail, and pull out something to make for dinner.

A tan hand had just reached for the knob when he thought better of it, instead washing off and grabbing a fresh pair of boxers. Reaching the dining room, Naruto noticed his homework was already laid out and scowled at the smirking Uchiha.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it, I'm working."

Sasuke moved over, sitting beside his blond boyfriend. "Come on, no complaints, we can't have you slacking off now."

"Of course." Naruto made a face. "Wouldn't want your wonderful reputation tarnished."

He received a smirk.


There was an indignant squawk that actually made Sasuke laugh.

The two boys fell into their easy pattern, jokes, homework, cooking and eating, a light banter filling the air.

"Oh my gods! Did you see Neji's face when I attacked your neck?! I swear he was going to mess his pants."

"No, I was a bit busy with trying to keep us from getting banned."

"Huh? Why would we get banned?"

The smirk was positively lecherous.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe because someone kept me hard as a fucking rock all day?"

Naruto's cheek instantly dusted in a blush.

"Y-yeah, about that…"

Sasuke's jaw dropped.

"Do not, I mean it, do not tell me you've changed your mind."

Naruto bit his lip, looking in his lap.

"It's just, well, I mean it's kind of late now, we have school tomorrow…"


If Sasuke were anything less than an Uchiha, he would have been in hysterics, that is until two watery, blue eyes looked up at him.

"I just want my first time perfect, you know? Not like a wham, bam, thank you and pass out kind of thing."

"Perfect?" He pinched the bridge of his nose, looking at Naruto.

"Yeah. The kind of thing where you're not pressed for time, candle light, all that."

Sasuke smirked.

"Are you sure you're not a girl?"

Whiskered cheeks puffed out as Naruto suddenly reminded Sasuke of a cat that had it's mouse stolen.

"You know better!"

"Do I?"

It was just too easy, way too easy.

"You want me to whip it out and slap you with it?!"

"Wait, let me get a magnifying glass first."

Naruto growled, standing up as he grabbed the hem of his boxer.

"Screw you, Ice Prince, magnify this!"

And good to his word, Naruto jerked down his boxers, making for a delighted Sasuke, who wasted no time in grabbing the tan hips and pulling them forward.

"Let me get a better look…"

"Wait! Wha..? AH!"

Naruto's eyes rolled back into his head as a sudden wet heat engulfed his quickly hardening length, nearly making his knees buckle.


The Uchiha finally released the half-hard length with a popping sound, looking up with a mock innocent expression.


"What? I mean, how? I mean…"

Sasuke smirked and stretched, yawning.

"You know, I'm beat, I think I'll take a shower and head to bed."

Just like that, Naruto was left standing in the living room, staring down at his exposed length as everything sunk in.

Sasuke had teased him.

Sasuke had Teased Him!

"Hey! You ass! Get back here!"

The Uchiha was already snickering as he soaped down his body.

"Idiot, took him long enough."