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Summary: The summer before seventh year, Hermione finds out a startling secret about her witchery background. In this fitful dramatic and romantic comedy, Hermione deals with her newly found information, while Draco Malfoy squeezes his selfish and intentionally bad ass into her already interrupted life.

"See Granger; see how it feels to be bad?"

Chapter 1: The Start
Hermione had been having a tough summer.

She had a lobster burn that was peeling the skin of her back off, the humidity in the Bahamas had frizzled her hair to a startling puff, and her parents had completely ignored her existence as soon as they came back from the Bahamas.

"Mum!" Hermione bellowed. She had tripped over one of her plastic flip-flops as she ran through the house looking for her mother. All the windows were open, and a heated breeze was steadily moving through the house. Hermione hated her house. It was too large for just three people, and the furniture was snobby and stuffy, quite unlike her parent's actual appearance. She also hated their interior decorator. Go figure.


"HERMIONE!" came and irritated scream. Lauren Granger was coming down the stairs from the second floor with a very angry expression across her face.

"Mum! Oh my God, why are you screaming?" Hermione asked fearfully. Her mother rolled her eyes.

"YOU were screaming for ME!" she complained, walking pass Hermione and into the kitchen. Hermione sat on the stool under the table of their eat-in and groaned.

"Mum…I'm peeling badly," Hermione admitted. Her mother gave her a grim smile.

"Use magic to fix it," she suggested. Hermione's eye narrowed at her mother's twitching lips.

"Mother, this is POSSIBLY THE THIRD TIME I've said this but I can't cast a single spell until I turn seventeen!" Hermione exclaimed, throwing up her hands in frustration. Her mother busied herself with dishes as Hermione sat forward in her seat, not wanting her back to touch the small back rest of the chair.

"Well, that's only a week from now darling," her mother said, stuffing tidbits of garbage into the sink's disposal. Hermione covered her ears against the noise. Suddenly, a white owl flew threw one of the opened windows, landing in front of Hermione on the table. Hedwig hooted happily at the presence of Hermione.

"Oh Hedwig!" Hermione exclaimed, petting the owl lovingly before detaching the letter. "Are you to wait for a reply?" Hermione asked. She realized that Hedwig hadn't taken off, so she took it as a yes. Her mother had turned to glare at Hedwig.

"I told you not to land on the table anymore!" She yelled at Hedwig, who hooted softly and flew off of her table to perch herself on the back of Hermione's chair. She was about to open up her letter when the door bell rang.

"That must be Luke," her mother said happily, finishing the last dish. She wiped her hands dry and leaned forward to grab her car keys.

"LUKE is HERE?" Hermione shouted. Her mother narrowed her eyes at her daughter.

"Hermione, you have to stop yelling at me…I'm not that Voldemort man or something," her mother said bluntly. Hermione's jaw dropped in disbelief at her mother frankness and choice of words. The door bell rang again.

"Mum! My back is redder than the Weasley's hair!" Hermione whined, standing from her seat. Her mother gracefully shrugged her shoulders. Hermione turned away and went pass the hallway and to the foyer where the front door was located off of it. She heard her mother shouting at her from behind,

"I'm going to pick up your father! Be good honey!"

Swinging the door open, Hermione inwardly cursed herself for not looking at a mirror.

There, behind her door stood Luke Neilson. She'd been his friend since they were in nappies, and up until Hogwarts. He was a simple boy, a simple muggle boy.

"Why, hey Luke!" Hermione said cheerfully. "I haven't seen you in ages!" Hermione stepped back to allow him to walk in. Luke was around six feet and well built. His wild dirty blonde hair gave him an air of a surfer boy and his eyes were a pale green, so unnatural for common muggles. Luke stood in her foyer awkwardly.

"Hey Hermione," he said lightly. He fidgeted and Hermione grew nervous.

"What is it Luke?" Hermione's voice trembled as she tried to keep a calm tone.

"This is going to be hard…but I'm leaving Hermione…my mother; she's sending me away to live with my father."

Hermione's heart froze. Luke's parents were happily divorced, and he lived with his mum while his father had fled away to the US and married an American woman. Immediately she threw her arms around his neck.

"Don't leave! Please!" She cried into his shoulder. He reluctantly wrapped his arms around her.

"I can't Hermione…there's so much I can't tell you, but I have to go. My mum really needs me to do this. I'll be back after I graduate, I swear. I'll come back…I'll come back for you…" He pleaded. Hermione turned away from him, her face shining with tears. She walked slowly into her living room, holding herself around the abdomen. He silently followed her as she sat on the edge of the sofa. She released a shuddering breath and looked up into his eyes.

"I love you, Hermione," he panted, kneeling before her. Hermione's cold and clammy hands sat on her lap, but he had taken them into his own and stroked them softly.

"You love me?" Hermione asked quietly.

"Yes, I do…since I was five, I loved you…" He whispered.

"Well, we've known each other since the fetus," Hermione giggled, "It took you five years to realize you loved me?" Hermione asked. Luke grinned and brought his lips up to Hermione's. They kissed awkwardly at first, but Luke had taken Hermione's wild curls into his hands and was beginning to kiss her passionately.

Hermione was taken by surprise, and immediately her body began to heat under Luke's. She's never kissed anyone before (well, excluding Harry), and she sort of allowed her mouth to sag open as Luke kissed her. After the kiss deepened, she realized that she had to kiss him back, the same way. Her tongue danced in his mouth as he smiled against her lips. She'd never felt so naughty in her life—and it was just a kiss!

Suddenly, a loud explosion erupted from the side of her sofa. Luke and Hermione were blown from off of the couch and slammed against the wall. Hermione accidentally bit her lip as her already damaged back slammed against the wall. Luke had landed beside her, his eyes wide with fear as he surveyed the fireplace.

"BLOODY FUCKING HELL RON!" screamed a girl. "THE SPELL BACKFIRED!" A tall, curvy red haired female crawled from out of the fireplace. Her jeans were covered in soot, as well as her yellow tank top and hair. She coughed up soot as well. She stood and smiled warmly at Hermione.

"HERMIONE! Bloody hell! I've missed you!" the girl shouted.

Luke tried to move his lips, but no words would come out. The girl was frighteningly pretty, almost exotic, but he was filled with fear.

Hermione continued to stare in shock as her life blew up before her.

Next came Ron, he was wearing a Qudditch shirt and his wand was clenched tightly in his hand. "Well Hermione! Just don't sit here…help us clean this rubbish up!" Ron shouted with a small smile. He turned to see Harry struggling to get out of the fireplace.

"I can't see!" Harry shouted. "My glasses are broken!"

"You know I can't fix glasses Harry!" Ron shouted, helping Harry out of the chimney. He had gotten stuck on the way down. He held his cracked glassed to his chest as he stumbled towards Hermione. He fell before her and smiled.

"Why are you looking so shocked Mione? Didn't you get my owl?" Harry asked, leaning forward to kiss Hermione briefly on the lips. Luke continued to stare in shock. Hermione's eyes bugged out of her head as Harry held his hands out to show her his glasses.

"So…I need to know how to fix this. A Simple repairing charm won't do it, and I know you know all the good charms."

Hermione quickly glanced at Luke and then back to Harry, "I haven't turned 17 yet." Harry gave her a quizzical look, and then realization dawned onto his face.

"Oh! Well, you don't have to use your wand…just give me the incantation!" Harry said. Hermione shivered and whispered the incantation.

"What?" Harry asked. Hermione began to shake harder, and jumped to her feet. Magic was crackling from her body now.

"YOU GUYS DESTROYED MY FIREPLACE!" Hermione screamed, not finding a better excuse to yell for.

"Well we can fix that! Merlin, Hermione…" Ron said, turning and pointing his wand at the fireplace. Immediately the bricks flew into place and Hermione's fireplace was perfect once more.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" shouted Luke from the ground, as he stood fearfully to his feet…

"Who is this Hermione?" Ron asked, surveying Luke like an animal at the zoo. His bright blue eyes sparkled with interest.

"He's a friend Ron! What's it to you?"

"Not what's it to me! But what's it to Harry!" Ron shouted in retaliation.

"We're not dating!" shouted both Hermione and Harry.

"I thought you guys were…" Ginny said airily, "I mean, you just kissed and all…"

"It was friendly! And well…we were thinking about it—" Harry started.

"But we decided it would change things!" Hermione finished.

"What's going on Hermione? Luke asked, obviously frustrated from being ignored. "Who the hell are these…these…?"

"THESE WHAT?" shouted Ron.

"Please…Luke…listen! I wanted to tell you, really I did!"

"Tell me what?"

"Remember when I'd go to Boarding School?"

"Yeah, every year since you were eleven…"

"Well…" Hermione started.

"She's a bloody witch, you wanker!" Ginny huffed. She walked calmly over to Luke. She was taller than Hermione, and almost touched the bottom of Luke's chin as she stood incredibly close to him. "You know? Magic, wands, broomsticks, wizards and witches!" she said happily. Luke's face twisted with disgust as he turned to stare at Hermione, and then at Harry and Ron.

"You're one of them Hermione?" Luke asked.


"ARE YOU?" he screamed.

"YES! I AM! I'M A BLOODY WITCH!" She cried. She backed away from him, tears in her eyes.

"YOU FREAK!" He shouted. Hermione started to wildly cry until Harry and Ron pulled their wands out on Luke. He had pressed his body against Hermione's wall in fear.

"YOU ROTTEN PRICK!" Ron bellowed.

"How DARE you make Mione CRY!" Harry shouted. He whipped his wand and sent a spell slamming into Luke's chest.

Luke rocketed upward, almost hitting his head into the ceiling.

"Harry…no!" Hermione cried. Harry released his hold on Luke, who plummeted to the ground. Hermione ran to him, and kneeled near him, but he pushed her hands away. His hair was all over his face, and it seemed like he had bit through his lip.

"Get away from me!" he said as he stood. He gave one horrible glare at Harry and Ron and a disgusted look at Hermione, before he found his way to her front door, slamming it behind him. Hermione stood still for awhile, registering how at one moment, they were kissing and the next, they were sworn enemies.

"Mione, you didn't need him anyways," Harry reassured. She turned her stare to Harry. She'd never wanted to hurt the Boy Who Lived as much as she wanted to now.

"Are you bleeding fucking insane, you half-wit?" her mind was screaming. Instead she ran off to her back porch, wanting to be alone.

"Hermione!" Harry shouted after.


Hermione sat in her backyard, her hands dangling in between her legs as she hunched forward. There was simply nothing she could do. Luke was gone, and had promised her love. But Ron and Harry had proven their dislike by admitting to him that she was a witch. He'll never look at her the same again.

Hermione tried to keep her calm as Ron's heavy walk interrupted her pity-fest. He yawned and sat next to her on the stairs. They sat in silence, and she stared absently across the yard and at the mini frog pond her father and she had built the year before together.

"I'm sorry Hermione," Ron whispered. Hermione smiled weakly and shrugged her shoulders. Ron had fell silent once more, and watched as tears fell slowly down Hermione's cheeks. He hated it when girls cried, especially his mum. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. She was so small, she cradled into his chest perfectly. Ron had always been taller than Hermione, but he realized that as he neared 6'3, she was only 5'5. She was incredibly tiny compared to him. Her once mousy hair had turned auburn over the summer, and her eyes were still wide and a light sugar brown color. Ron ran his long fingers through her hair as she wept into his chest.

"He—He—called me a freak!" She gasped. Ron could feel the heat of her breath as she took long and shallow breaths against his chest. Ron made a tsking sound.

"He's the freak! He's the one that can't use a wand!" Ron said jokingly. Hermione released a half sob, half laugh. Ron slowly moved her from his chest and glanced down at her. Her cheeks were a feverish red, but she was able to smile and laugh while wiping away her tears.

"God Ron, you really know how to make me feel better." Hermione smiled up at him, and he moved and pushed a strand of her hair. Ron placed his hand lovingly under her chin, and was leaning in. Just then, Harry came crashing through the back door.

"YOU BASTARD!" Harry screamed. He reached out to grab Ron, who had turned around in fear of the loud noise. He was yanked to his feet by Harry and punched squarely across the face. Hermione had jumped up and pressed herself against the banister of the stairs. She cringed in fear.

"STOP!" She screamed. They had now taken their fight to her grass. Ron was on top of Harry, and then Harry was on top of Ron. They punched, kicked and bit one another. Hermione was nearly in tears when she gathered the courage to run over to them. She screamed.


Harry had pushed Ron into the grass, his hand covering Ron's face. "You…you're trying to kill my friends!"

"I didn't…I'm not…HARRY! IT'S ME!" Ron hissed under Harry's hand. Hermione could see the fear etched on Ron's face, and the anger on Harry's. Hermione allowed for the tears to flow freely. It was as if everything was in slow motion. She saw, Harry was going to use wand less magic to cast the killing curse.

"Harry! No!" She jumped on his back, and pulled him away from Ron. Hermione flew backwards, and saw that her mother, father and Ginny had come onto the patio.

"WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK ARE YOU DOING HARRY?" Her mother swore crudely. He was on top of Hermione, but his back was pressed to her front, and Ron had scrambled forward to pull Harry off of her. Harry released a shattering cry. He backed away from his two best friends, mud smearing on his jeans.

"Stop it…what is this madness?" Mr. Granger whispered. Harry covered his face with his hands as Ron scurried over to him. They threw their arms around each other. Harry nearly shrieked in agony and fear. Hermione was confused, she had no idea what was happening. Ginny came round to Hermione, helping her up as they surveyed the two boys on the ground, arms wrapped tightly around one another. She jumped when she felt Ginny's lips against her ear.

"It's Voldemort. He's dead and all…" she whispered, "but Harry still has his thoughts." Hermione shivered. She remembered.

The Great War. It happened last year. She could still smell the smoke of burning flesh on the grounds of Hogwarts. The word of Dumbledore's death was as if someone had taken a knife and stabbed her squarely in the stomach. She remembered running through the Forbidden Forest screaming. She had been attacked by Death Eaters, and her body wouldn't stop shaking. She had fallen onto her knees as Voldemort's creatures flew above her. She couldn't breathe, and her eyesight was becoming blurred. Hermione began to cry softly, covering her mouth.

She tried frantically to remember the spells she had learned with Harry, but her mind was filled with fear. She stood slowly back up, trying to steady her grounds. She felt a ripple of magic pass through her body as she concentrated. She had lost Harry and Ron during the battle. She felt the magic in her fingertips as she heard the approach of footsteps.

"Stay where you are Granger…and don't move, or I'll kill you," said a deadly voice. She remembered the voice; she remembered the hateful words, the smirks.

She turned to see Draco Malfoy, his wand raised.

"Malfoy," she said with a nod. Draco's lips twitched.

"Did you hear about your precious Dumbledore?" He spat. "He's dead now…I killed him."

"RUBBISH!" Hermione shouted. "He would never die at the hands of a rotten, spoiled brat like yourself!"

"Shut it Granger! Don't make me hurt you!"

"Isn't that your intention?" Hermione asked, confused. Draco dropped his raised hand and moved towards Hermione. She stood still.

"Potter will die, and you will too, I'm not here to murder you Granger…but only if you're on your best behavior," he said cockily. Hermione shrugged her shoulders. Draco had taken his hands and pushed Hermione hard in the chest now. She stumbled backwards, but didn't fall. In response, she grabbed hold of Draco's robes, and shook him hard despite her weight and height compared to him. Draco was jolted with a stinging feeling, making him fall to his knees in pain before her.

"What are you doing?" he strangled out. Hermione gave him a mirror image of his own smirk. She had remembered the spell Harry taught her.

"I'm killing you…" she whispered, releasing a now unconscious Draco. She stepped over his body and went out once more to find Harry and Ron. She suddenly saw a cloak figure rush pass her, a book clenched tightly in its hands. Hermione saw the large protruding nose coming from the hood of the cloak. It was Snape. Harry came bursting from the forest towards Snape. Harry tried his hardest to throw spells after spells at him.

"You'll never catch me Potter!" Snape shouted from behind. She saw a blast of light, and turned her face against it. She saw Harry on the floor, and Snape gone. She ran to Harry, her heart stopping as she remembered that the light was green. Snape had performed the killing curse. She turned him over, and saw that the scar on his forehead was bleeding viciously. It was cut deeper, but still there. She pressed her palm against it, and then moved it to see that the blood was gone, the wound was healed. She checked his pulse, and realized miraculously, that Harry was still alive.

"We lost…I couldn't kill him…I'm so sorry Hermione…" Harry whispered.

"We did not lose…we've only started the process of winning Harry," she whispered back. Harry smiled back before completely going blank once more. Hermione was afraid. She was completely alone again.

She heard a loud crack from behind, signaling that someone had just landed on the Hogwarts ground. She turned, and in disbelief, saw as Dumbledore stretched out his hand to take hold of Harry. He lifted Harry from the ground, as if he was the size of a rag doll. Her face was of terror as he nodded at her.

"Not dead Miss Granger, but very alive," he said strongly. His eyes were dead, but he still glowed the same.

"Dumbledore…I…" she started, but stopped. Dumbledore understood. She was confused.

"Take hold of my robe, Miss. Granger." Hermione did what she was told, and felt a familiar tug around her navel. She didn't realize that her eyes were shut until she had opened them to find herself in Dumbledore's office. She nearly jumped out of skin as she surveyed a very calm looking Malfoy, sitting in Dumbledore's chair.

"You're finally back, Professor…" Draco confirmed. Hermione's eyes narrowed.

"I thought I left you in the forest!" She cried.

"Well, you did…when did you learn to use wand less magic, eh mudblood?" Draco asked. Hermione turned beet red.

"Now, Now Mr. Malfoy…you have done a great service to this school," Dumbledore said. Hermione's jaw dropped in sheer shock. He was now laying Harry out on his table, the objects on the table hovering from above the table.

"Professor! I thought…I mean, what is…I thought…"

"Spare him the babble Granger; can't you see the man has been from hell and back?" Draco asked.

"Then whose body are we burying tomorrow?" Hermione asked.

Draco laughed, "Voldemort." Hermione gave him a calculated look.

"What are you talking about?" she shouted, "Voldemort isn't dead!"

"Harry's going to kill him, tonight Granger."

"Harry is unconscious and weak! You can't assume that he's ready to kill an immortal wizard!" Hermione debated. She shot daggers at Malfoy, until she felt the soft hand of Dumbledore graze her shoulder.

"Miss Granger, it is true. Mr. Malfoy speaks the truth about Harry. The prophecy says that Harry will kill the dark lord tonight."

Hermione was shaken to the core by Dumbledore's revelation. "I need you to visit the other students in the Room of Requirements, so if you may, Mr. Malfoy, please escort Miss Granger to the room in your safest route. Miss Granger, I think you'd be happy to know that all the Weasley's are there, and awaiting for your safe arrival," Dumbledore said. He gave her a haunted image of his smile, before turning back to Harry to wake him.

"C'mon Granger…I don't bite. I'm a good guy," Draco purred, grabbing Hermione's elbow and leading her out of the Headmasters office.

"Right Malfoy, like I'd ever believe that rubbish…" she said, pulling her elbow away from his grasp and exiting the office first.

Hermione blinked several times, trying to shake the images from her mind. Ginny was now her sole support for standing up. She quickly regained her composure. Harry and Ron were now standing.

"That was close mate," Harry sighed. He was pale and obviously shaken by what had happened. He looked up at Hermione shamefully, and turned his stare elsewhere. They were slowly walking towards the house.

"C'mon Harry dear! Let me set you up in a guest room," Lauren suggested, placing her hand lovingly in the middle of Harry's back. Harry nodded and allowed for her to take him away.

"Let's go Hermione…" Ginny whispered, following her brother and Harry's lead. Hermione also nodded, and followed her lead.

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