Hi! Baka Shojo here with a new fic titled Tarot. Pairings are obviously Dark and Daisuke. I don't know how quickly I'll update this one though. I'm pretty sure it's not daily or close to daily (like Amnesia, before). If you're here, you probably know that Amnesia is on hold. I don't know any songs good enough to write about.

Extended Summary: Daisuke Niwa, a Tarot card reader with secret abilities, was always an outcast in his school, but a famous fortune reader to Japan. Dark Mousy, a painter, lost inspiration in all his arts and came to question the great fortuneteller if he'll get any inspiration soon. Dark thought that it was useless and never expected to land in another world with Daisuke Niwa.

Disclaimer: My initials are E.T. (Truly, but don't make fun of me, please. T.T), not Y.S. And I never made up the idea of Tarot cards.

Warnings: Strange concepts that the author made up, Tarot, shounen-ai, adventure, etc.

Daisuke sighed as the other students avoided him like the plague. It was lunchtime and he should at least deserve some respect, right? But the other teenagers don't seem to agree since the crowd separated, creating a rift. If this were the first time that happened, Daisuke would've thought that they're treating him like royalty. But that wasn't the case and he knew it. They don't even have a reason to act like this. Okay, maybe they do, but it's not a valid reason. Being accurate at fortune telling, Tarot cards to be exact does not make any reason for others to run away from him like he was some kind of monster. Maybe he was, though, since he had that uncanny ability to jinx people as well.

Daisuke picked up his lunch tray and headed towards the roof. His only sanctuary in the school, away from stupid, ignorant people. What's for lunch, anyway? Eww. Old cabbage and nearly rotten sandwich. Gross. Heading towards the closest trash bin, Daisuke threw the disgusting school lunch away and walked over to a door labeled ROOF. He pushed it open and walked up the stairs. The breeze blew his hair softly like someone was running their fingers through his red locks. Daisuke grinned slightly before taking a deck of Tarot cards out of his pocket. Sitting down on the wall, Daisuke shuffled the cards.

Daisuke stopped and placed the first three cards facedown on the floor in front of him horizontally. He put the rest of the deck aside and turned over the cards. It wasn't an actual method of Tarot reading, but Daisuke didn't care. He had a strange power that no matter what method he used, the prediction would come true. The first card was Summerland. It meant change was about to happen soon and he had no choice in the matter. Daisuke's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and slight fear. Something inevitable would surely happen and Daisuke had no control. Bad news. Ignoring that thought, he flipped over the next card: Handfasting. Handfasting meant partnership, mating, union, and similar meanings. Mating. Daisuke blushed. Let's hope it didn't mean anything sexual. Wait; does that mean Daisuke will be forced into some kind of union? Summerland and Handfasting. That's a weird combination.

The last and final card was unveiled. The Initiation. That meant challenges that bring bigger perspectives and opportunities. So, put all three together and Daisuke gets… Forced into a friendship and that will bring trials and chances. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Daisuke didn't know and he didn't think about it, because que sera, sera. Whatever happens happens. The future is already decided by fate and destiny. So cliché, but it's true. Daisuke put his cards back in order and left for class.

Dark Mousy sighed as he placed down the paintbrush. The painting on the canvas was horrible. It had no feeling and the colors are so drab. Lately, Dark's inspiration was lacking and he was always bored. Nothing piqued his interest anymore and he can't paint. It was a terrible ordeal for someone who paints for a living. Without an inspiration, Dark could go poor because none of his paintings made any money.

Dark growled in frustration before picking up the canvas and throwing it at the wall, effectively breaking it. Dark didn't really mind since his basement is full of art supplies. He stood up and wanted to pull his hair out till something to draw comes to mind. Argh! This is so boring! Dark walked off the newspapers that protected the floor and into the hallway, where he picked his jacket and keys. He wore his jacket and headed out of his house. There wasn't much to do, so Dark just decided to walk around town.

Shopping centers were full of people and the streets were covered with cars. This place was too noisy and it annoyed Dark. The center of Azumano was always busy and Dark was currently trying to find inspiration in a serene, comfy place, not a stinking, dirty street. He turned the other direction and began to walk. Slowly but surely, the scenery around Dark began to change and Dark breathed in relief. Scanning the streets for something to do, Dark saw a restaurant, an arcade, a fortune telling place, and other small shops. He wasn't hungry and he didn't want to break down bills to pay stupid games, so he walked towards the fortune telling area for a quick fun. He looked at the windows and saw the curtains open, giving a view inside the shop.

Dark saw a teenager with red eyes and hair sitting down behind a table. The redhead looked younger than him by a few years and he was sifting through Tarot cards, if Dark was right. That's interesting. A fourteen, fifteen year old boy taking care of a store. Dark pushed open the door and heard a soft 'Welcome!' He saw the redhead raise his head and look at Dark. Dark saw a nametag that read Niwa, Daisuke. He took a seat and gave a questioning glance at 'Daisuke'.

"Hello, sir. How may I help you?" Daisuke asked the violet-eyed male in front of him. Dark rolled his eyes at the polite tone.

"You can read my fortune of course." Dark replied snobbishly. Daisuke mentally snorted at the fool and flipped him off under the table.

"Would you like the simple way or the complicated way?" Daisuke questioned. Dark gave him a look.

"Simple, obviously. I don't want to waste my time." Dark said. Daisuke rolled his eyes at the comment and gave the deck to Dark.

"Shuffle it, but don't look at the cards. When you're done, give the cards to me." Daisuke said dully. He looked at his nails and waited ever so patiently for Dark to finish. Dark almost huffed at Daisuke's audacity of looking bored but refrained himself. He slowly complied and handed the shuffled deck towards Daisuke.

Daisuke stayed silent as he took the first three cards, doing the unofficial Tarot card method. He placed them facedown onto the center of the table and the rest of the deck to the side. The first card was the Altar, then the Sun. Last but not least were the Words of the Magus. Daisuke stared at the cards before looking at Dark.

"The Altar is a card talks about the meeting point of the Divine and us. Sort of like a temple, where Kami sometimes gives us warnings and tips about our lives. The Sun means growth cycles, renewal, and vitality. It can also mean new beginnings and motivation. Words of the Magus simply states completion, achievement, and mastery of something. All together it means that something important to your fate will happen and maybe new beginnings will occur. At the end, you can find what you strive and crave for." Daisuke explained as he looked at the cards again. Dark followed his eyes and stared at the pictures of the drawings. Nothing extraordinary, but Daisuke was still staring.

"That'll be $3.00, sir." Daisuke said. He gently placed the cards in order again while Dark got out his wallet and gave Daisuke a five-dollar bill.

"Keep the change." Dark said as he walked away. Daisuke rolled his eyes again and sarcastically thought, 'Wow. Two-dollars extra. So much money.'

Daisuke placed the cards onto the table and shut the curtains as he watched Dark turn around the corner of the block. Daisuke walked back towards the table and randomly picked out a card. Summerland. Change and no choice. Smiling delicately, Daisuke began to chant.

"Gods, hear my plea.
Bring me to the world of thee.
Magical powers of the wand.
Help me create a bond.
Start a journey.
Let me make my destiny."

A white light shrouded the room and Daisuke could see no more.

'Damn. I forgot my wallet. He'll probably say that he doesn't have it and keep all my money.' Dark thought as he ran back to the fortune telling area. The curtains were down and Dark cursed at redheads that are greedy. Dark burst through the door, unprepared for it to quickly open (he thought it was locked). He fell onto the floor and saw his wallet on the edge of the table while Daisuke's back was towards him.He heard a tender voice chanting but he ignored it. Dark slowly crawled towards the table, hoping that Daisuke wouldn't notice him. Dark snaked his hand onto the table and grasped the black wallet and quickly pulled it down. He grinned and was about to slip away but a bright light filled the entire room.

'This is just like those stupid manga that girls like to read… Damn.' Dark thought.

In a world not so far away from Azumano, birds chirruped at the beautiful, sunny day. The sky was blue and the clouds were hardly seen. Suddenly a rip in the pretty sky was seen and the black void spit out two things. They came out as fast as lightning and sank quickly onto the earth like a meteor. A quiet brunette arose from his chair on his porch and ran to the clearing where the things landed.

"Was that Daisuke? And who was it that he brought?" The brunette said to the wind.

A/N: And that's the prologue. How do you like it? The Tarot cards and meanings are based on the book that I bought. It's the Well Worn Path if anyone is curious.

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