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Chapter 1 – No One, Nobody


Everyone had their secrets. I had mine. He had his. We had ours. We may not have had hearts... we may not have been considered human. But to have a secret, doesn't that mean you've got something?

We cannot love. Is that right? Or is it wrong? It's not that we are not allowed to love; it's that we aren't supposed to have the ability to love. Very simple. Or was it? I've had questions like these going through my mind for a long time now. Maybe if I had some kind of clue as to why things like us are allowed to exist without 'existing,' I might find some peace in being called a Nobody.

I may never find that solace now.


Roxas had been waking up with a stiff pain in his left shoulder for a few days now. He cringed as he sat up in bed, just as quickly falling back onto the pillow. The hurt echoed in his shoulder blade for a few moments before he deemed it safe to attempt a roll out of bed rather than something that might require the use of that particular arm.

The blonde was enviable. He'd had someone jealous of him ever since he first appeared at the Organization's little fort, and maybe even before then. Maybe even when he'd been whoever he was before; certainly, though, no one else had such brilliantly blue eyes, right?

Such lovely eyes... I could hate him for those eyes. I think I will.

You hate everyone, Lar; it makes no difference for you.

You're one to talk, Xiggy.

He briefly glanced at his reflection in the mirror beside his bed. Despite the Castle That Never Was's military and even ethereal appearance, it had its normal side.

"Axel, you come back with my toothbrush, it's not for—AGH, no!"

Fairly normal side.

A red-haired male burst into Roxas's room, disregarding any intrusion of privacy and hid himself behind the blonde's bed, chuckling madly to himself. Roxas felt a twinge of annoyance as this all occurred and went to shut his door before having it shoved open further by an angry-looking man with choppily short, dirty blonde hair.

"Axel!" the older blonde yelled, apologizing to Roxas in a somewhat quieter fashion before proceeding to practically strip search the boy's room. "Ax, you better not be doing what I think you're doing with my toothbrush, it's a fuggin' toothbrush, don't run it through that rat's nest of a hairstyle of yours!"

"Demyx, he's—" Roxas nearly told where the other Nobody was located, but it was quickly revealed as Demyx's unintended insult finally hit its target.

"Woah, hey, what?" Axel's bright red spikes poked up as he peered out peevishly at Demyx from his hiding spot. "You're one to talk, Dem, your hairstyle bites! Got it memorized?" He furrowed his brows as Demyx quickly turned to where Axel's voice came from.


"Eep, damn!" A scurrying sound was heard as, Roxas guessed, Axel attempted to hide under his bed. He soon saw Demyx dive in under the bed from the side he'd been closest too, which had been opposite of Axel's side. Roxas sighed and went back to the mirror on the wall, returning to his earlier, bored activity of ruffling and mussing his hair the way he liked for it to look.

A couple more curses flowed out from under the bed as, he suspected, one of the two hit himself on one of the bedposts or something. Laughter soon followed, before being turned into a rather strangled sound and then silence.

The silence wasn't as silent as Roxas wanted it to be, however, as he felt he could hear the stares coming at him from under his own bed. He quickly glared at the four eyes watching him and they hid with loud rustling and snickering. This had to end.

"If you're going to argue and spy on people and generally be a couple of lunatics, why don't you do it in someone else's room?" Roxas angrily questioned the two.

"Well, Larxene started hurting us, and then you showed up." Axel slid out from under the bed and stayed in his position, lying on his stomach on the smooth flooring. Demyx scooted out as well, a rather red and hairy toothbrush in hand, and sat up. Roxas vaguely wondered why the hell Axel was brushing his hair with that in the first place, even as a joke, and simply brushed it off as him being an idiot.

"So what, I'm the most defenseless thing, now?" Roxas asked, offended by the notion.

Demyx laughed. "No! You're just—"


Roxas was caught off guard and his face certainly showed it, blue eyes widening considerably. Axel grinned up at the boy, his head resting on his folded arms in front of himself.

"Just shut up and leave already," Roxas growled, returning his attention (or at least looking like he'd returned his attention to it) to his reflection. Demyx obeyed, chuckling in amusement to himself, making the younger blonde sincerely hope that the red hair in Demyx's toothbrush left it somehow beyond repair.

Axel, however, merely rolled over, shut his eyes and lay his head on his hands, as if to make himself even more at home in the boy's room.

"You're an idiot and I hope you know that," Roxas muttered, giving up on even looking like he was interested at all in the mirror or how he appeared that day.

"You're too kind, Rox," Axel replied, light-heartedly. It was impossible to get this guy to be serious, wasn't it? "I mean, I always snap at people who give me compliments. It's just the kinda guy I've always aimed to be."

"That wasn't a compliment, it was an insult," Roxas argued, glaring down at the redhead from where he stood right above where Axel's head was. Roxas held back the urge to crush Axel's head with his foot, or at least try to crush him. Axel smirked up at him with piercingly green eyes, reopened to see just how close the blonde decided to come.

"It was the most honest thing I've said today, besides when I told Demyx his hair sucked," he replied, still grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "Maybe all week, too."

"You're a pathological liar," Roxas replied, knowingly.

"Oh pshh, Larxene's a know-it-all, that's not true!" Axel sat up and then stood, towering quickly over the younger Nobody. He stared down at Roxas now, crossing his arms defensively.

Axel was long and lean compared to Roxas's smaller, still more boyish frame, and compared to some of the other members of the Organization, Roxas certainly would qualify as "cute." However, he'd gladly not think he could be described in such a word, preferring at the very least... endearing? Yes, even that would be better than cute.

Of course he could have been called worse words. Adorable. Sweet. Pretty?

Attractive? Uh oh.

Roxas could almost feel himself being grateful for the word 'cute.'

"Roxas," Axel's particular tone of voice cut into his musings, rousing the blonde from thought. "Roxas!"

"Yeah, what?"

"Yes?" Axel asked, making Roxas assume he was asking permission for something again that he'd missed when he was thinking. He shook his head, wondering why he couldn't remember a thing Axel had said.

"... yeah, whatever. I'm going." Roxas turned away and went to leave the room, only to be held back by the older Organization member. "What is it now?" he asked exasperatedly, not even turning his head to look at the redhead.

"So you'll be there?"

"What?" Roxas turned now, glaring at Axel with brightly lit eyes. "Be where?"

Axel scowled in bemusement. "I asked if you'd come see this thing with me later today and you agreed. I just... wanted to make sure...," his voice trailed off, as he let go of Roxas's arm and stared at him curiously. "Were you even listening?" Axel asked, amused.

"Yes!" Roxas said. "Well... sort of. I mean... what are we going to see?"

The redhead grinned, bringing up a hand and using it to ruffle the boy's hair messily. "You'll find out. Just go to the center of Dark City and then follow me from there."

Roxas opened his mouth to ask further, but before he could say anything, Axel hurried out of the room and out of sight. The blonde gazed, alone, at the open door to his room and sighed.

"... now I have to go," he murmured, annoyed. Secrets were so annoying.


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