Why do We Have to Save Kinsey?

Category - team fic/ Crossover with Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter's Series and her Tall Dark and Dangerous Series.

Rating: R for language

Pairings: Team Fic

Summary: Terrorists are out there and threatening to kill Senator Kinsey. (God! We wish.)

Disclaimer: I don't wanna own them. I want to live in their reality so I can play with them.

Author's Note: Sometime ago, I was watching Stargate of course and I realized that these people were the best of the best. Everybody. Right down to the SF's guarding the halls and the gate room. Why not pair them up with Suzanne Brockmann's Navy SEAL's? And then, in the best of her tradition, put them smack dab in the middle of a situation that nobody likes? Let's make them protect a man they all want to beat senseless! Nods to Redbyrd's and dietcokechic's fics throughout.

Ch 1 Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here

Sam Starrett swore foully. How the fuck did we get to be the lucky ones here? Talk about a suckfest from start to finish. Alpha Squad was sitting on one side of the room. Troubleshooter Squad was sitting on the opposite. It wasn't that there was any animosity or competition between these two teams. These two teams simply didn't know each other well.

Sure, they'd all worked with each other from time to time. Especially since 9/11. They'd dealt with terrorist threats in Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Syria, North Korea, Nicaragua, Chechnya, and about every other shit hole corner of the world. Usually it was something like, "Hey Harvard. Later Harvard."

They were sitting in a briefing being conducted by more brass than their usual ones. But then, the terror threat was somewhat more serious than their usual one. There were threats coming from multiple sources all focusing on one target - Senator Kinsey. The irony was that Kinsey was on the short list for the number two slot on the Presidential ticket. That's right ladies and gentlemen. The smarmy, weaselly senator from back east was up for the vice-president. God save the USA. Now because of that, they had to pay extra attention to these threats against his life. However, there wasn't a man there who could stand to be in his presence for more than five minutes. They'd all met him at one time or other before. Joy for us!

Wes Skelly sat across the room with similarly pungent thought going through his head. 'There is no way!' The beauty of this suckfest was that one credible threat came from an incredible direction. He might not know everybody in the room but the world of special operations and special forces was a small one. He knew the reputations of most of the players. There was always talk. When you're out in the world, watch your six around so-and-so. Or that guy will always bust his ass to cover yours. This threat on Kinsey's life was allegedly coming from one of the good guys. Jack O'Neill. Granted, he was Air Force, but Alpha Squad met him back during the Gulf War. He looked like shit then. He was a "guest" of Club Med for four months. He managed to escape as far as Kabala'. He still fought like a lion even if he was almost skin and bones. O'Neill would not, would not ever, leave a man behind. He was a brilliant tactician. There was no way he would go over to the dark side of the war on terror.

Anyway there was a threat from some Al-Qaida type terrorist. It was the typical, "be on your guard western infidels. I will kill Kinsey. I am following all of your movements." OOOHHH and now the chain rattling will begin. Well that threat came with actual intel. The senator was seen on several occasions in Colorado Springs entering the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Next thing you know, Kinsey's sycophants started squawking how Colonel Jack O'Neill had threatened Kinsey's life on a number of occasions.

Admiral Robinson decided that due to Alpha Squad's familiarity with Colonel Jack O'Neill would be a perfect opening for the questioning. Troubleshooters were there because they were more used to working with the FBI.

Now Sam, well Lt. Paoletti, in conjunction with Max Bhagat's antiterrorist team has to go and interview, conduct surveillance, etc., etc., on a genuine American hero. There was some other kind of weird shit going on over there in Colorado. What the fuck weird can happen in Colorado? So they were also teaming up with Team Ten.

Tom Paoletti was talking with Joe Catalanotto choosing who this combined team should consist of. Bobby was thinking that they were going to need a comspesh, a tactician, who else? Didn't matter. This was a gem of an opportunity to work with Team Sixteen.

Jack O'Neill was so not having a good day. The Tok'ra had lost one of their operatives, Malek, on the other side of the galaxy. It's just that the guy was right smack dab in the middle of Beach Baal's territory. Which was the absolute last place Jack wanted to ever go again. And of course, SG-1 had to go and rescue their asses. Only the Tok'ra boned them again. They failed again to provide all of the possible intel that would have made the trip go smoother. The al-kesh was an old one. And there were about twice as many Jaffa as even the Tok'ra expected. God! the non-snaked type, he was tired. His knees were screaming. He was looking forward to a week off "fishing" at his cabin in Minnesota.

All he had to do is figure out how to avoid Doc's big honkin' needles. Another high point in his banner of a day. The dances that he and the Doc stepped through might as well have been choreographed by the Bolshoi Ballet; it was so precise. He went in for the post mission checkup. She shined bright lights in his eyes. He complained. She took an MRI. He got sarcastic. Out came the needles. He grumbled. She scowled. Everything was fine. It was when the dance didn't go as choreographed that Jack worried.

And damned if that wasn't the case that day. They rescued Malek - sort of - as planned. When they got to the planet to gate home, they ran into a squad of Jaffa patrolling the area around the gate. So they had to use main force to get through. Jacob and Malek covered their sixes from the al-kesh. The team ran for the gate hot.

Daniel rushed over to the DHD and quickly dialed while the others laid down cover fire. Sam was the first struck with staff fire. Daniel sent the GDO code and picked Sam up. Jack and Teal'c continued to cover their sixes. Just as they made their way up the dias to the 'gate, Teal'c took a blow to the shoulder. Jack took him up under his good shoulder and helped him through the 'gate. "Close the iris! We need a medical team down here!" The blast doors rose to show the scorch marks marring the gate room wall opposite the 'gate.

Well today the dance with Doc was not as elegant. Teal'c took a staff blast to the shoulder. Fortunately, it was a glancing blow. Otherwise, it could have been lots worse. Jack was almost sorry that T no longer had Junior. T would take a lot longer than he used to in order to heal. Carter had been shot as well. She wasn't as lucky as that. The Jaffa got Carter just low on her left side. Doc Frasier was worried about her. Apparently, in addition to the burn that comes with staff blasts, Sam had been electrocuted by a zat blast too. Doc was having to keep an eye on all of her major systems. It was like they were short circuited or something.

Janet, on the one hand, wanted to throw the two healthy members of SG-1 out of her infirmary. On the other hand, there were a lot of things happening right now, and having Jack and Daniel watch after Teal'c and Sam would free her up. SG-8 had also come in early from their mission. Now if she could only convince Jack to stop bugging her every two minutes about Sam and Teal'c, she would be happy. Well, not happy, there was SG-8 but at least not as frazzled.

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