A Burning Desire - Part two

Chapter One: Fallout

It had been a week since the funeral, and Warren Peace and Will stronghold had yet to return to school. If they had, they would have heard all of the whispered secret about them. After Will's pulic display of affection at the funeral, the school had been buzzing, wondering if it could be true. If Warren and Will were really together. Monday morning rolled along, and Will got up to go to school. He showered and had breakfast as usual, all the time dreading being back at school and the mountain of work he had to catch up on. After the funeral Mr and Mrs Stronghold deceided it would be a good idea for Will to remain at home with Warren until he felt better. Last night Warren had insisted he was feeling fine, and that he didn't need Will to spend the whole day with him anymore. Will had been a little hurt by that, but he understood how Warren was feeling.

He reached the door, and was startled by a loud thumping behind him. He turned to see Warren running down the stairs, his hair flying in all directions. As he reached the bottom step he smiled his cheeky grin and kissed Will on the forehead.

"Hey baby." he said as he grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder. Will looked at him in bewilderment

"Whats goin on?" Will asked.

"Uh... we're going to school Will. That was the ln remember?"

"Right." he said, and held onto Warrens hand "I just thought you might need some more time to..."

"What?" Warren interupted "to rattle around here alone, thinking about her? No way Stronghold, I'm not just gonna feel sorry for myself"

"Good. I'm glad your gonna be back at school with me."

Warren smailed at Will and kissed him, on the lips this time. He pressed his lips against Will's, his tounge gently pushing Will's lips open. He slid his tounge inside Will's mouth slightly and let out a slight groan. They parted, and Warren smiled again.

"Lets get goin then." he said, and stepped outside.


When they arrived at school, Warren could feel all eyes on him. Will stood close, looking a little frightened. Warren scowled at the girls staring at him and turned to Will.

"So, I think they know."

"How?" Will asked. his face screwed up in confusion. Then he remembered. "Layla!"

Will's face went pale and Warrens heart sank. He knew that Will was panicking, that he didn't want others to know about them. Warren felt tears welling up min his eyes, but he blinked them away.

"Is it a problem that they know?"

"Yeah, what about my reputation? My parents, what about them?" Will said, his voice getting louder and more frightened. People began to stop ans stare.

"Your mom fucking knows, everyone fucking knows you dick." Warren pushed Will, while inside his heart was breaking. He turned and began to walk away

"Where are you going?"Will asked

"Somewhere I won embarress you." Warren said over his shoulder. he turned around and looked Will in the eye 'I thought you were differnt Stronghold. But you're just like the rest of them, fucking fake. You really hurt me just now."

Warren turned back and continued to walk towards the school. Will stood watching after him. eventually, the chatter around Will picked up again, and he walked to the steps of the school and sat down. Several students walked past him, some muttering disgusting comments about him and Warren. Will put his head in his hands.

"What am I gonna do?" he asked himself outloud.

"Come into my office for a chat." Said a voice. Will looked up into the eyes of Principal Powers.


AN: Yeah, so i started again, but i know where this is going. Im following the Joss Whedon theory where its better when the main characters are unhappy