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Alan: Oh brilliant plan Biff.

Biff: Of course it is, now lets get some shuteye. We're gonna finally see the end o' Luke Duke, and it'll be done in the morning'.

Balladeer: I really don't like these fellers. The night went by without a hitch and now its mornin' an' ol' Jesse and Daisy are at the hospital visitin' Bo. Looks like its more arguin' though.

Bo: Now Uncle Jesse, I told ya already. Those two fellas are still out there and they're up ta no good. I'd feel much better if I could be in the same room with Luke. They've let us nearly die in quicksand, had us walking through the gator infested swamps fer hours, and stabbed us which made both of us nearly bleed ta death. There's no knowing what they'll do next, but they are sure as heck fixin' ta git us again and this time fer good, and I don't wanna die any time soon. 'Sides, it's safer in numbers.

Balladeer: Bo's got a point.

Jesse: Well now, I'd love ta see you boys in the same room, but it ain't up ta me fer movin' ya right now. I'll ask the doctor when I leave. I called Enos. He's out front guardin' the front door. Nobody who ain't got a purpose for bein' here'll be able ta get in.

Bo: Alright, that's good enough for me. When does the doc say we can go home?

Daisy: I think he said maybe tonight if not, then in the mornin'.

Bo: Well that's good ta hear, I'm getting' tired of hospital food already.

Balladeer: Now Jesse and Daisy visited Luke as well and the conversation went nearly the same until they had to go back home and take care of the chores.

Daisy heads out just ahead of Jesse. On the way out his pick up, Jesse bumps into two fellas, one with a poorly bandaged up leg, and one with a swollen jaw who are coming in.

Jesse: Oh I'm sorry.

Alan: Oh it's no problem sir, in fact 'ts my fault.

Uncle Jesse and Daisy get into the pickup and leave as Alan and Biff go up to the doors of the hospital where they bump into Enos.

Enos: Well now, who are you and why are you here?

Biff: Can't you see we are in need of some help from the doctors here? We had some troubles out in the forest. My cousin here got his foot caught in a bear trap, and I had a run in with the bear. We both need ta see a doctor deputy, it would be mighty kind if ya'd let us pass.

Enos: Well it looks like y'all can go through, that hurt leg doesn't look good. I'll make sure you see a doctor right away, the main desk is just inside the door and to the right.

Alan: Thank you officer.

Balladeer: Now I don't like them looks on their faces.

With smirks on their faces they enter the front door and meet with a doctor and are led upstairs to room number 204 where they are looked over, bandaged and settled down for a rest.

Balladeer: That hallway look familiar to y'all? Yep. That room is right between the Duke boy's rooms. Don't go away just yet.

Biff and Alan are talking in their room right after the doctor leaves them.

Biff: Did ya see as we walked by, that blonde cousin o' Luke's is in the room next ta us, and Luke is in the other. This is perfect for our plan.

Alan: We just need ta wait until they both are sleepin'.

Biff: I don't think that'd be long, I saw Blondie yawning.

Alan: Well that's good, the doc did say he wanted me ta rest for a bit right after he bandaged my leg. He did a much better job than you did Biff. Oh and you should rest some too with that busted head o' yours.

Biff: Shut up Alan.

The two baddies rest for about twenty minutes and then Biff sneaks out of his room and peeks into Luke's door. Luke is asleep. Alan peeks into Bo's room and sees Bo snoring while sound asleep. They look at each other and nod and then enter their respective rooms. They enter and close the blinds on the windows and silently close the doors. Both Alan and Biff pull out their knives as they quietly creep to Bo and Luke's sides. They also pull out walkie talkies and switch them on. Both of them creep up close and then press the knives to the two Duke's throats which startle them awake.

Biff: Keep quiet Luke, don't yell or your cousin gets it. Alan's got him like I've got you.

Luke: What do you want, and why are you doing this to Bo and me?

Bo: Over the walkie talkie Luke, I can hear you, what's goin' on? Ah ouch!

Alan: Hush up Blondie.

Luke: Don't hurt Bo, Alan.

Biff: You ain't in a position ta tell him what ta do. Now Luke what I want is revenge. You hurt Alan and me back in 'Nam. You betrayed us.

Luke: I did no such thing.

Biff: Oh yes you did.

Flashback (A voiceover flashback with Biff telling the story)

Luke is bought back to the little prison cell stuffed with American soldiers looking battered and beaten from being in the torture room. Alan and Biff are taken by the enemy soldiers to the chamber and screams are heard.

"They tortured us and hurt us. They told us that it was you who told them to take us right after you. They turned up the pain because you told them too. You never broke under their watch. They intensified their torture to the point where we were near unconscious because of you not feelin' the pain."

We see the Vietcong torturing both Alan and Biff.

Luke: Our troops came in and got us all out of there while you were still in the torture room. They saved you.

Screams of agony are heard, and the imprisoned soldiers shudder. Suddenly gunfire breaks out and American troops come to the rescue and bust them out of the tiny prison. They go into the torture chamber and pull out two very small and defeated looking men… Alan and Biff.

End Flashback

Biff: The point is, it's all your fault Luke. We came back so that you'd suffer as much as we did. Now you have, and now it's time to finish this.

Luke: But Biff. I didn't do that. I didn't' tell 'm ta take ya, I didn't tell 'em ta hurt ya. Y'all were my friends, I was glad that you didn't have ta be in there as long as I had ta. Our people got you out pretty quick compared ta how long I was in there for. It wasn't my fault.

Biff: Stop lyin' and start dyin'.

Biff slowly puts pressure of the knife onto Luke's neck. It is beginning to draw blood. Luke winces and grunts in pain.

Bo: Through the walkie talkie "No! don't do that!"

At the momentary distraction from Bo's yell, Luke reaches up and grabs Biff's hand and sharply twists it and the knife away from his neck. He then punches out with a strong left jab and hits Biff in his already swollen jaw, again.

Biff: Ahh my wrist. OUCH! Alan, kill Blondie! He grabs his face in pain and hunkers down into a ball and blacks out.

Luke: No! Bo! Luke jumps out of bed and runs over to Bo's room where he sees a very suprising sight. Alan is unconscious on the floor with a big bump on his head and the knife on the other side of the room.

Luke: Bo you're okay! He runs up and embraces his younger cousin

Bo: Course I am. You didn't think I'd let him get me that easy cousin. Ya cant' get rid o' me that easy. Oh, you're bleedin Luke.

Luke: Well so I am. He places a hand over the wound on his neck Lets get out of here and call Enos in.

Bo: He'll be able to cuff 'em and stuff 'em like Rosco likes ta say.

Luke: He laughs Yeah Bo.

Balladeer: So the crooks were caught, and Bo and Luke were let out of the hospital later that day. A week later Biff and Alan were sentenced to quite a few years in the state pen fer attempted murder. Boss Hogg's plan for getting' the treasure and framin' the boys was ruined, and Bo an' Luke went back ta racin' around in the General tearin' up the roads again. All went back to normal in Hazzard until one day Daisy remembered somethin'.

The Dukes are all in the front yard of the Duke farm the boys are tinkering with the engine of the General Lee. Daisy walks over and taps Luke on the shoulder.

Daisy: Hey, uh Luke I just remembered 'bout the ol' compass. Here it is.

She reaches out to give it to Luke but accidentally drops it. A little drawer opens from the back of the compass and a small piece of paper slides out.

Daisy: Oh sorry Luke, I didn't mean ta drop it honey.

Luke reaches down and picks up the compass and the small piece of paper

Bo: Look there's something in there. What does it say Luke?

Luke: "The greatest treasure in Hazzard County is the treasure of those who are around you, those that love you. This treasure is the most precious thing above all. Don't underestimate the power of love and family. To the family who sees this note, I hope this makes your day. Look in the back of the caverns near the old, Old County Road and the corner of the Duke farm. You'll find something special in there."

Balladeer: Now ain't that true? Just makes ya all warm and fuzzy inside. Well Bo and Luke went to that cave which was on the edge of their property. They knew 'bout it and played in there as kids but never ventured ta the very back of the dark tunnel in back. When they came out of that there cave a few minutes later, they had a small sack of gold nuggets, and another little note in their hands.

Bo: "I love ya kids, Jerimiah Duke." Wow Luke, our great great granddaddy Duke left this for us. Lets go share the happy news with Uncle Jesse, I'm sure he'd love ta see this.

Luke: Alright cousin, we will. Bo…

Bo: Yeah?

Luke: we just found that second part of the great Treasure of Hazzard.

Bo: Yeah we did, it just took us a trip ta heck and back again ta do it.

Luke: He laughs. Yes it did.

Luke places his arm around Bo's shoulder and they walk towards the farmhouse with big smiles on their faces.

Balladeer: Aww, doncha just love happy endings?

The End.


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