Hinata's Choice: Love or Family!

Don't Cry

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Tenten served Hanabi some snacks while Hinata excused herself under the pretence of going to the washroom and went looking for Sakura.


Sakura had led the other tenants away from the lounge room to brief them about Hinata's predicament.

"They can't do that!" Ino gasped before Sakura clamped her mouth shut.

"Be quiet, Ino!" Sakura hissed as she gave Hinata a concerned look.

The girl in question had just joined them, looking as meek as ever. They could tell the news she had received from her sister had upset her from the way she was fidgeting with her hands, a habit she always displayed whenever she was troubled.

"We might be over-exaggerating the situation a bit. Maybe it would only be temporarily?" Temari offered as she spared a glance towards Hinata to try and console her.

"I wish Kurenai was here," Hinata spoke dejectedly. She was sure her current guardian would know what to do. She didn't want to leave. She liked living in the inn with the rest of the girls. She loved the freedom of being herself and free of any obligations and high expectations that would come with once again residing in the Hyuuga Compound. she especially loved being able to freely gaze and spend some time with the resident inn manager. Hinata couldn't help but blush when images of a topless Naruto as he repaired the inn flashed in her mind.

"We won't let that happen, Hinata-chan," Ino tried to reassure her once she had freed herself from Sakura's grasp.

"Why would they suddenly ask for your return though?" Temari wondered out loud. She wasn't really close to any of the girls but she had grown used to them, maybe going as far as accepting them as friends and comrades now so it was hard for her to learn that one of her friends is now moving away where they could have limited contact.

Hinata just continued to fidget; her nervousness was bringing out her old habits once again.

"We need to stall Hanabi and try and find out why they want you back," Sakura suggested.

"It appears we don't really have to, since she's making herself quite at home," Temari informed them as she took a peek from behind the wall where she had a good view of Hanabi sipping her tea contently while conversing with Tenten and Anko.

Hanabi watched her two hosts with veiled eyes as she studied them. The elder jounin was everything a lady shouldn't be judging from the way she was sprawled on the couch lazily next to her. The special jounin may have look relaxed but her aura said otherwise. She could literally feel the danger rolling off her in waves.

She found Anko's behaviour humorous since her retainers and best trainers had always told her that subtlety and poise were the best tools to catch your opponents off guard, but it seemed doing the opposite would prove to be effective too.

"What are you staring at?" Anko smirked at catching the young Hyuuga heir off guard. Anko knew she was being studied, and it always amused her when people underestimated her abilities.

Hanabi grinned. She was a little intrigued by the rough edges of this particular jounin. "What ever do you mean?"

Anko merely laughed. "You should work on your mask more often little princess. I think I just saw a crack in it."

Hanabi didn't know how to take the elder jounin's reply but before Hanabi could respond Tenten intervened.

"So what brings you to the inn?" Tenten asked in her most charming way, curious as to what had made Hinata and Sakura freeze in shock earlier.

"Why does everyone here questions my presence? Is it really that suspicious that I would choose to visit my dear older sister?"

"Well," Tenten sheepishly replied, she didn't really want to say that it was down right suspicious to have Hanabi personally visit the inn because she had never done so before. She also heard from her team mate, Neji, that Hinata and Hanabi had a more complex sister relationship than most sibling would have, so she really didn't know what to say that wouldn't result in insulting Hanabi.

"Speaking of your dear sister, where is she anyways? That's a long time to be going to the bathroom," Anko asked, much to Tenten's relief.

Just as Anko had finished her question, Hinata entered the lounge room followed by her fellow tenants.

"Is everything alright, Hinata?" Tenten asked in concern as she looked towards Hinata who didn't look too well.

Hinata merely gave her a small smile, one that said that she was fine and would explain everything to her later before returning her attention to Hanabi.

"Why exactly am I being summoned back to the compound?" Hinata asked point blank. There was no point in prolonging the conversation. The faster she knew why she was being summoned, the sooner she and the rest of the tenants could figure out a way to help her stay.

"I thought that would be clear after that little invasion you recently had," Hanabi explained as though it was the most obvious answer in the world. "Would you like me to elaborate?"

Hinata could only nod in response, ignoring her sister's haughty demeanour.

"Due to the recent perverted attempt at breaking into this inn, father has decided that it would be best for you to return to the compound to ensure that there will be no more embarrassing scenarios that could be linked to our clan."

"But those guys where caught and punished! Hinata wasn't even at the inn at the time!" Ino protested.

"Yeah! Ino-pig is right!" Sakura seconded while earning a glare from her best friend/rival.

"Nonetheless, Hinata-neechan is a Hyuuga and still resides within this establishment. As such, it reflects badly on our clan as a whole to have one of our members live in a place that perverts are trying to infiltrate on a daily basis," Hanabi explained in the same monotone. "Such embarrassing situations cannot be linked with our name."

"Your family is willing to take Hinata away from her sanctuary against her will just because it doesn't suite your family's standards? Isn't that a little arrogant?" Temari reasoned.

"I expected that you would understand this situation more than the others, Temari-san, due to your own similar circumstance with your family. After all, you are the sister of the Kazekage," Hanabi replied back. "I expect that your own family would not like for you to be associated with anything that could bring your family name to shame."

"Yes, that is true, but my family has more faith and trust in me than that," Temari retorted.

"My family does trust Hinata-neechan, it's the rest of the people she socializes and surrounds herself with that makes the clan… dubious." Hanabi explained, choosing her words carefully.

Having been taught at an early age how to use diplomacy as a way of negotiation, she knew to choose her words carefully when being questioned. As the current heir of the Hyuuga clan, it was her responsibility to ensure that she doesn't sully her clan's reputation. It would also help her in trying to persuade her older sister to return home.

The rest of the tenants remained quiet, unable to voice their own thoughts and retort back out loud. Most of the girls were insulted by Hanabi's explanation, particularly Ino and Sakura. Temari and Tenten tried to understand Hinata and Hanabi's position while Anko just silently observed everyone else's subtle reactions.

Thankfully, or unfortunately, depending how you see it, the arrival of a certain blonde dynamite broke the uncomfortable silence, turning everything to utter chaos.


A few hours before,

Naruto sat beside Youko on the couch while Kin had no choice but to sit across from her adoptive mother and her guest.

Kin silently listened to Youko and Naruto as they reminisced about some of the things Naruto had involved himself during his childhood as well as the adventures he had during his training trip with one of the infamous sannin, Jiraiya.

Kin felt slightly left out, but was happy all the same, especially when she saw the bright spark in Youko's eyes as she smiled proudly at the blonde while she listened to his accomplishments. Kin also couldn't help but blush at some of the things Naruto had managed to get himself into while he was supposedly training with Jiraiya. Surely a member of the Sannin couldn't be that perverted, could he?

It wasn't until Youko began to have a coughing fit that the cheerful atmosphere began to vanish as Kin rushed to Youko's side. Naruto for his part began to rub Youko's back in an effort to help comfort the older woman.

"Are you ok?" Naruto asked worriedly as he turned his attention towards Kin not waiting for Youko's reply. "Could you please get her some water?"

Youko tried to reply back, not wanting to worry Naruto, but all the coughing she did made it hard for her to speak.

Watching Youko began to struggle for breath, Kin immediately rushed to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. When she got back to the lounge room, she couldn't help but feel awed at what she saw as she once again found herself beside her adoptive mother.

Naruto had his arms wrapped around Youko, rubbing her back and murmuring soothing words to her. When Naruto saw Kin's approach, his blue eyes seem to sigh in relief as he took the glass of water from Kin's hands and carefully assisted Youko in drinking it.

Kin bit her lower lip as concern washed over her. "I think we should put her back to bed," she suggested.

Youko, once she recovered her breath and her coughing fit gradually eased, shook her head in refusal. "N-no n-need, I-I'm alright now," she said as she tried to reassure Kin and Naruto.

Naruto frowned.

He was deeply concerned about the older woman. Deciding to ignore Youko's words for the moment, he took Kin's suggestion and without a moment's notice gathered the elderly woman in his arms.

"Where to?" he asked Kin, determined to put Youko to bed where she would be more comfortable.

Kin led Naruto to Youko's bedchambers. She watched Naruto gently laid the older woman in the bed and tucked her in.

"Seriously, Naruto, I'm fine now," Youko pleaded but stopped when she saw the sincere concern in his azure eyes.

Naruto just gave her one of his foxy grins. "I know, but it never hurts to make sure, ne? Get some rest baa-chan and I'll come visit you again soon ok?"

Watching the two interact made Kin's heart constrict for some unknown reason. No matter how many times she told herself that the blonde before her was no good, she felt inexplicably drawn to him, especially as she watched him take care of her adoptive mother. His gentle and caring personality endeared her. Even his rudeness and loud attitude was overshadowed by his underlying kind nature. Sure, the blonde was rough around the edges, but it seems there's more to him than just a pretty face and a loud personality.

Kin snapped out of her thoughts when she realized Naruto was now standing beside her.

"I think we need to talk, Kin-chan,"

Kin felt her heart skip a beat when she heard her name roll off his lips. She then realized that Naruto was waiting for her answer and simply nodded, not trusting her voice to work properly due to the sensation of butterflies flying wildly in her stomach.

With one last look at Youko to make sure that she was ok, she closed Youko's door and led Naruto back to the lounge room.


"What do you need to talk about?" Kin asked, stopping in the middle of the room. However, Naruto wasn't quick enough in noticing this and abruptly collided with her right when she was turning around to face him.

Kin was caught by surprise as she collided against his muscular form and was about to fall backwards when she felt his arms wrap around her, balancing her against his larger frame to stop her fall.

Kin felt her face grow hot from the sudden contact. He was so close now, close enough in fact that she could smell his musky scent as his muscular arms wrapped comfortably around her. She swore she could even hear his erratic breathing…or was that her?

"Are you alright?" Naruto asked in concern. He didn't mean to bump into her, he didn't expect her to stop so abruptly, but he was glad he saved her from a nasty fall. He did wonder why her eyes seemed to be a bit glazed over as he looked at her though.

"Huh?" was the most intelligent thing that Kin could say at the moment as she became lost in his gorgeous eyes.

Naruto wondered if Kin had come down with the same thing Youko had and gathered Kin into his arms.

"Huh? Hey wait a min…!" was all Kin could say when she felt him begin to carry her as he walked towards the couch. She had no choice but to hold on to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as he held her in his arms as though she was a small child.

He laid her down gently on the couch. "Did you twist anything?" Naruto asked in concern as his eyes began to roam her body, checking for any possible injuries that he may have caused, causing the girl beneath him to flush under his scrutiny.

"I-I'm fine really," Kin tried to reassure Naruto, trying to ignore how self-conscious she suddenly felt about how short her short shorts were and how thin her white tank top was under his inspection.

"Are you sure? You're really red. You might be burning up! Would you like me to call a doctor for both you and baa-chan?" Naruto asked in concern.

"N-NO! Really, I'm fine!" Kin replied back as she sat up almost immediately, trying to fight down the urge to fluster around him. She was starting to feel irritated at him for making her feel the way she did.

Naruto, sensing her displeasure decided to let the matter go for now. Instead he began to voice his growing concern towards his friend. "So what's wrong with baa-chan?"

Kin bit her lower lip once more, unsure if she could tell Naruto about her growing concern over Youko's health. She couldn't decide whether or not to tell him since she wasn't sure if Youko was as gravely ill as she thought she was.

"Kin-chan?" Naruto's concerned voice once again prodded her for an answer.

Kin merely shook her head and tried to give Naruto her best reassuring smile. "She's fine, she was just recently sick and all the excitement of your visit probably just tired her out."

"Are you sure?" Naruto once again asked.

Kin only gave him a tired sigh. "Yeah, I'm sure."

For a moment an uncomfortable silence surrounded them. Kin couldn't help but sneak glances at the gorgeous blonde wondering what to say to him to lighten up what seems to be a deafening silence. But before she could speak another word, Naruto beat her to the punch.

"Well I guess I took too much of your time already. I better head back home; the girls are probably wondering where I am right now." Naruto sighed, realizing he was probably making Kin uncomfortable and that he was probably imposing the girl to be in his presence, as a good host should do, instead of looking after Youko.

A mild sense of irritation washed over Kin, especially when she heard the word "girls". She had forgotten that the blonde before her was a real player. He probably couldn't wait to get away from her and bask in the glow of his affectionate harem of girls.

"Uhm, Kin-chan, are you ok?" Naruto couldn't help but ask as he noticed how Kin began to frown or how her hands began to clench into tight fists.

"I'M FINE!" Kin almost yelled at him.

Naruto, not wanting to be in the receiving end of Kin's displeasure, decided it was time for him to take his leave. He was slightly nervous when Kin also stood up and walked him to the door.

"Well thanks for your hospitality and I hope…." was all Naruto could say before the door slammed on his face. "…I can visit again soon?" Naruto drifted off, rubbing his now sore nose.

Kin on the other hand leaned against the door, huffing madly. "The nerve of that guy! How dare him think of other girls in my presence!"

"ARGH!" Kin cried out in frustration. "And Why Do I Even Care!" she cried out to no one in particular.

With no other destination left in mind, Naruto decided to stop by the inn and have a nice nap before trying to seek out the guys to go out and have some fun or some training.

So imagine his surprise when he got to the inn and felt the thick tension in the air.

Back to the current time,

"HEY LADIES! I'M HOME!" Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at his witty remark as he made his way towards the lounge room only to be met by the shocked and disbelieving faces of the residents of the inn.

All the girls looked at him in shock before turning their attention to their guest who was just as shocked and flabbergasted as everyone else was. Well, almost everyone that is.

"Naru-chan! you're home!" Anko cried out in glee before glomping on to him.

"ACK!" Naruto couldn't help but fall ungracefully to the floor as Anko tackled him, nuzzling him as she did so.

Everyone of the residents' attention was on the odd couple, at least until they felt a very ominous aura leaking off their young guest.

"M-MALE!" was all Hanabi could say as a dark aura surrounded her. This was scandalous! She looked at each and every one of the residents and saw they all had a guilty look in their eyes. To make it worse, it was the one male that her clan and the entire village seem to dislike.

"We can explain!" Sakura immediately piped up.

"There's a valid and reasonable explanation for this," Tenten also tried to help and calm the down the situation.

"Uhm, ano, could someone get Anko-san away from me!" Naruto cried out in a slightly panicked voice.

"Don't play hard to get, kit! You know you want it! Take her now! Take everyone for that matter!" Kyuubi said encouragingly.

"Shut up! I don't really need your opinion right now!" Naruto screamed in his mind as Ino and Hinata tried to pry the affectionate jounin away from the struggling Naruto.

Hanabi tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for an explanation. Her irritation growing by each second as more thoughts kept entering her mind. She glared at the rest of the girls which Temari and Anko had quickly noticed, especially the intensity of the glare directed at the older jounin.

Temari couldn't help but smirk. She swore she saw a hint of jealousy in Hanabi's pale lavender eyes. Could it be that the little princess has a crush on Naruto? There was only one way to find out.

While Sakura and Hinata struggled to give an explanation about Naruto's presence and Ino and Tenten vainly trying to keep Anko away from Naruto, Temari cleared her throat and dropped the biggest bombshell anyone could have ever heard from the sand jounin.





Sakura's eyes were bugged out as well as Ino and Tenten, Hinata was on the verge of fainting, Anko was smirking and Hanabi looked like she was choking as she struggled to make the sand jounin repeat what she had just said. Naruto beat her to it though.

"Come again, Temari-chan?" Naruto asked flabbergasted.

"Way to go, kit. I knew you had it in you, but why didn't you tell me? I thought we were close! It just goes to show you that you never really know someone even if you shared the same body!" Kyuubi began to grumble about not being informed about his container's recent fling.

"What the hell are you talking about!?" Naruto screamed, not realizing he voiced his thoughts out loud.

Temari began to produce crocodile tears before she wiped them away for dramatic effect. "Are you renouncing our engagement, Naru-chan? How could you after all the times we shared together!"

Naruto immediately felt so guilty at the sight of Temari's fake tears that he didn't notice the rest of the resident's reactions as he took a step closer to Temari in an effort to try and comfort her.





"Naru-chan, you dog you!"

"It's not what you all think!" Naruto tried to explain...that is until Temari hugged him, causing him to fluster, which was only made worse when she whispered huskily in his ear, "Just play along Naruto…"

Naruto was already catching on that something was probably up and he wanted to know what was going on first before he played along with Temari's plan. He replied by also whispering subtly in Temari's ear. "What the hell is going on?!"

Temari involuntarily shivered as she listened to Naruto's obviously stressed, yet commanding whisper, sending small shivers of thrill around her body as though there were small electric currents running along her skin. It didn't help that she also kind of liked the way his body was pressed against her own so comfortably. She was about to reply to him when she felt his grip tightened around her to get her attention, eliciting a gasp from her.

"Temari?" his husky voice invaded her senses.

"It's for Hinata-chan, that's all you need to know. Just play along, alright?" Temari automatically replied, to which made Naruto release her.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Sakura and the rest of the residents with the exception of Anko, Hinata and Hanabi all cried out in unison. Anko smirked knowingly as she watched the whole scene unravel before her; Hinata looked like she was on the verge of fainting and crying at the same time while Hanabi's reaction proved to be rather interesting. From the way she was twitching, it looked like she was about to strangle someone.

"It's true. Naruto is my betrothed that is why he is staying in the inn with us," Temari said, trying to subtly explain Naruto's presence.

"But…" Ino was about to comment that Naruto was the new manager of the inn and not Temari's fiancé when both Tenten and Sakura clamped their hands on her mouth.

"If he's your fiancé, why does everyone seem so shocked about your engagement?" Hanabi pointed out. It was clear that none of this was making any sense and that someone was obviously lying.

"I'm afraid it's my fault. I wanted to be the one to reveal it to the rest of the girls of our growing romance," Naruto said as he sighed dramatically, wrapping one arm around Temari's waist, making Temari lean against him so they looked like the perfect couple.

"That doesn't explain your presence in the inn at all!" Hanabi pointed out. "It's clear he's been staying here if you all don't seem shocked by his presence!" Hanabi stomped her left foot for emphasis as she said this.

Temari looked a little put off by Hanabi's assessment. It was starting to look like her little outrageous plan didn't quite work as well as she thought it would when Naruto answered Hanabi.

"I'm the inn's handy man, so sometimes I stay in the inn from time to time during the more serious repairs," Naruto answered.

All the residents seemed to be relieved by Naruto's answer. There was nothing more Hanabi could do to try and question Naruto's presence in the inn, but Hanabi was not someone who gave up quite so easily. The younger Hyuuga still felt that there was something strange going on and she intended to find out what it was.

"Well, if you are both as engaged as you say you are, then I demand that you two kiss!" Hanabi ordered, smiling faintly when she heard the audible gasps the other girls emitted after hearing her demand. It seemed that she had caught them.

"HANABI! THEY CAN'T!" Hinata cried out desperately.

"I-I… W-we…" Temari began to stutter.

"IT'S IMPROPER!" Sakura also cried out.

"They can't?" Hanabi replied back ominously. It seemed she had succeeded. All she had to do was report back to her clan about her sister living in an inn with an unattached male and Hinata would have no choice but to move back to the Hyuuga manor.

"We'll do it!" Naruto answered defiantly as he grabbed Temari by her shoulders. While he wasn't clear on what was really going on, if it was important for Temari to put up with this charade for the sake of Hinata then so be it.

"Naruto…?!" the rest of the girls once again cried out in unison.

"Naruto-kun…" Hinata began to hyperventilate as she watched the two blondes gradually come together to kiss.

"Naruto…" Temari whispered breathlessly.

"Trust me. If this is indeed for Hinata-chan, then please trust me…" Naruto whispered to her as he drew her closer.

Naruto took a deep breath. "Here I go…"

Temari's heart began to pound loudly in her ears, unaware that the rest of the other girls as well as Naruto were experiencing the very same thing. She felt her lips and mouth run dry as she stared at those deep blue sapphire eyes and felt the warmth of his breath. He was so close!

She involuntarily closed her eyes. This was it.

Hinata had tears in her eyes as she was torn between looking away or trying to stop the love of her life from kissing another woman. Hanabi just held her breath. A part of Hanabi wanted to retract her words to stop them but a bigger part of her wanted to know if they were indeed involved.

Ino and Tenten unconsciously held each other as their pulse and breath began to quicken from watching the two blondes. Both were wishing that somehow the inevitable would not happen, but in their minds they reasoned it was purely for Hinata's sake.

Anko on the other hand sat on the couch and was now happily munching on some of the treats on the table as she watched the two. She had no qualms about watching Naruto kissing another female as long as she got a turn.

"Finally! This is it!" Kyuubi screamed in triumph as Naruto closed his eyes and drew Temari intimately closer. In Naruto's mind, Kyuubi held victory fans.

Naruto saw stars.

He saw fireworks.

Unfortunately it wasn't from his lips brushing against Temari's sweet red ones.

It was from Sakura's fist.

"KYA!" Sakura cried out followed closely by Naruto crashing through the next room, snapping Temari's eyes open and eliciting a relieved sigh from the rest of the girls as they saw Sakura's arm was extended into a fist.

Sakura for her part couldn't handle the sight of Naruto about to kiss another girl. The building tension from watching Temari and Naruto drawing closer to each other and inevitably sharing a kiss caused her to feel more and more hostile until, without realizing what she was doing, she had stepped closer to Naruto and released all her pent up frustration in one solid punch.

"That was totally uncalled for!" Temari replied back to the equally flustered Sakura.


Hinata didn't waste anytime in following the knocked out Naruto in the other room to see if he was all right.

Sakura was still shaking from her recent release of aggression and didn't bother to even reply back. She felt guilty for what she did and even felt slightly strange at why she even punched Naruto in the first place.

"He was being a pervert!" She tried to reassure herself to help justify her actions. "Yeah! He wasn't supposed to kiss Temari!" Inner Sakura agreed, "Those lips are reserved only for us!" The next thing the tenants witnessed was Sakura beginning to slam her head against the nearest wall to try to drown out Inner Sakura's latest comment.

"I think forehead girl finally lost it," Ino murmured to Tenten.

"Must be from all the tension from watching Naruto," Tenten whispered back.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Sakura whirled her head and turned her attention towards the two whispering kunoichi.

"NOTHING!" both Ino and Tenten cried out reflexively.

In the mean time, Temari as well Hanabi decided to check up on Naruto's condition only to see that Hinata had Naruto's head on her lap as she ran her fingers through his blonde spiky hair.

"Well isn't this sweet?" Hanabi sarcastically remarked. She couldn't help but smirk when she saw her older sister fluster from her little comment.

"I-I… H-he…" Hinata began to stutter, realizing she had been caught.

"He's knocked out cold," Temari commented as she kneeled beside Hinata and began to check the unconscious blonde for any visible injuries.

Hanabi also approached them and subtly studied Naruto's handsome features. She felt her face warm slightly as she admired him and tried to repress the urge to also run her hands through his hair.

It was then that Anko also walked through the room and addressed Hanabi with an impish smile on her face.

"Well I think that just proved everything, ne?" Anko couldn't help but comment, amused at the scenario that was unfolding. This beat filling out paperwork anytime.

Hanabi turned her attention towards the smirking special jounin. "That proved nothing! They didn't kiss!" Hanabi pointed out, much to Hinata's dismay. Hinata hoped that her sister would not insist for a second round. She was afraid her heart couldn't take the tension of watching her beloved kiss another woman.

Temari raised an eyebrow. Anko was up to something. And as though her point needed proving, Anko's smirk grew into an impish grin.

"Well, we could always make them take a bath together."

On cue, the rest of the residents, namely Sakura, Ino and Tenten, appeared in the room. "WHAT!?"

Anko continued, not bothered by the other girls' appearances. "Well if they are betrothed, then sharing a bath shouldn't be a problem, ne?"

Everyone turned their attention towards Anko before diverting their attention to the now recovering Naruto.

Naruto slowly got up from Hinata's lap and noticed everyone's attention on him. Slowly he began to rub his aching jaw. "What happened?"

Temari looked away shyly as well as Hinata while Sakura glared at him. Ino and Tenten appeared flustered while Anko had a huge grin on her beautiful, yet sinister face.

"What did I miss?" He asked as he diverted his attention to Hanabi.

"Nothing much, Naruto-san. Only that you are taking a bath," Hanabi answered in a monotone voice.

"A bath?" Naruto asked confused as to why all the girls seemed to be blushing. He soon found out why.


A few minutes later at the onsen,

Naruto found himself with his hands tied and blindfolded in the onsen with Temari courtesy of Sakura and Ino. Their backs were facing each other.

"Ne, Temari-chan, mind explaining to me now what the whole deal is?" Naruto asked.

Temari sighed dejectedly. "Hanabi showed up today to inform Hinata that her clan wanted her to move back to the manor."

Naruto began to squirm from his binds. "They can't do that!"

"It gets worse," Temari continued to explain. "Because you suddenly showed up, Hanabi actually has a valid argument of making Hinata leave the inn."

"What does me showing up has anything to do with Hinata going?" Naruto asked, genuinely confused.

Temari sighed once again. "Hello? You're an unattached male living in an inn full of unattached females! It's a scandalous situation, especially for a group as prestigious as the Hyuuga clan."

Naruto began to feel depressed. "So you're saying it's my fault that Hinata-chan's leaving us?"

Temari bit her lip a she stood up to try and face him. It tore her heart apart when she saw him hunched over with his face contorted in guilt. "I'm not saying it's your fault. It's just…complicated." She tired to reassure him by wrapping her arms around him. "That's the reason why I came up with the whole fake engagement to try and buy us some time and try and convince Hanabi that Hinata is happier staying with us."

"So all of this is a lie?" another feminine voice interrupted them, surprising both Temari and Naruto.

"Hanabi!" Temari gasped in horror.

"Yes, it's me! How dare you make a fool out of me!" Hanabi began to raise her voice. She was also wearing a towel. She wanted to check if they indeed were a couple as they said they were.

At first she felt a little uncomfortable about spying on them in the onsen for it seemed rather perverted and certainly not dignified, but she needed to know. She blushed as more naughty thoughts entered her mind as she imagined catching what couples usually did alone when not supervised and was shocked to discover their intimate conversation.

She felt morally outraged at being lied to but felt slightly relieved to find out that the two blondes where not a couple or betrothed.

Naruto immediately stood up and ripped the rope that bound his hands together apart before taking off his blindfold. "We can explain Hanabi!"

"There is no need to explain!" Hanabi shouted back, slightly turning pink when her sight got distracted by how well toned Naruto's body was or how it seemed to shine as the water ran down his muscular chest towards his abs where it met that tiny white towel that just made her imagination run wild.

Naruto wouldn't hear of it though. He walked briskly towards Hanabi, determined not to let Hanabi leave and take Hinata with her. "Please, Hanabi, I apologize for lying to you but please don't make Hinata leave!"

His pleading blue eyes seemed to have a great affect on Hanabi as she felt herself melting from his gaze.

"Very well," Hanabi found herself answering.

"Really?" Naruto couldn't help but smiling animatedly.

Hanabi felt her heart soar from seeing his eyes shine so brightly. "Yes, but I have a condition."

"What is it? I'll do anything," Naruto answered determinedly.

For a moment, Hanabi hesitated. A few ideas ran along her mind of things Naruto could certainly do for her, making her fluster slightly. Sh shook her head to clear those ideas but found one particular memory flashed briefly in her mind. Something that had always made her curious about.

"In three days we will have a dual match. I want you to challenge my cousin, Neji, to a battle as I will face my own dear sweet sister," Hanabi replied back.

Naruto looked at her puzzled.

"If you both succeed, I will persuade the clan to let Hinata-neechan stay. If you both should loose then Hinata-neechan will return to the manor," Hanabi continued.

"But why should we have a battle?" Naruto asked, already knowing that he would win such a match.

"Simple really, I just wanted to see you in action and to be sure once and for all that your win in the chuunin exams was not based on luck alone."

Before Naruto could justify his triumph over Neji, Hanabi continued.

"I also wanted to test my strength against my sister. We had all grown and have gotten much stronger over the years. This match should be interesting to say the least," Hanabi explained. "So, do you accept?"

Naruto looked straight into her eyes. He saw the intensity and determination in her eyes that she was serious about this match. His eyes briefly wandered from Hanabi's to the person hiding behind the shoji door.

He had noticed her even though she tried to be inconspicuous and subtle about her presence. He knew she had probably heard Hanabi's condition and wasn't really sure of what to do but Naruto had already made a decision.

"Of course."

Hanabi gave him a triumphant smile while Temari joined Naruto's side eager to offer any support she could give.

From behind the shoji door, Hinata was too stunned to move. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest as guilt and joy battled for dominance. She felt guilty that Naruto had been forced into the situation, something that he really didn't have to get involved in but she was touched by his concern for her.

His desperate plea to Hanabi of not wanting her to leave deeply touched and moved her.

"Naruto-kun..." she whispered his name trying to voice out her gratitude, wanting to let him now how much he had made her happy as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks but even though she wanted to express her appreciation to him, she was still not confident enough to let him know how she feels.

A sigh escaped her lips as she stepped away from behind the door and began to walk away. Naruto was willing to duel with her cousin for her sake, so she in turn will not disappoint him. She will train and make sure she will not let him or the other residents down.


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