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The late summer sun hung high over Nerima, warming the air and the soft wind. The wooded area just outside of town was devoid of the loud sounds and hustle of the city. All that could be heard was the ruffling of the trees in the wind and the chirps of birds pecking around on the ground, looking for their next meal.

A robin looked up suddenly, alerted to the sound of someone approaching. The birds quickly flew away as the shadow of the person fell over them. It was a skinny boy who looked no older than sixteen. He had short, uneven black hair that came around his ears and he was wearing a Chinese martial artist outfit that had a hint of the Chinese Amazon's fabric; good for fighting. A black button-up top, white pants, a red sash around his waist and two silver earrings in his right ear made up his attire.

He paused at the top of the grassy hill and looked over the city before him. "I'm finally here." He sighed. "Soon I will fulfill my task and re-establish the Amazon's honor that we lost to Ranma Saotome!" He said with a determined smile on his face. With that, he took off running down the hill towards Nerima.

Right then a very old and familiar Amazon reached the hilltop, in pursuit of her fellow traveler. "Hold on! You should wait for your elders!" Cologne yelled after him when she saw him running on ahead again. She winced at the stitch in her side. "Doesn't that boy ever get tired? Ah, screw it! I'm heading home. He's on his own from this point anyway." Cologne said as she sat down to rest for a moment.


"So, Akemi got mad at Kiyoko because I went to get ice cream with her last week. Then she got all huffy with me because she thought she was my exclusive girlfriend or something. She even threatened to break our date on Sunday! Then Kiyoko got mad because I had made a date with her earlier that day and I was saving the romantic part of the day for someone else. It was such a big mess that I ended up having to move Akemi to dinner Sunday night so I could have dinner with Kiyoko on Monday!" Jatsuma explained to Daichi as they walked home after school. It was a very warm day so they had changed into clothes more appropriate for the weather before leaving school, but Daichi still seemed steamed.

Daichi glared at Jatsuma in annoyance. "So what? You want sympathy for having to juggle two girls?"

"Well…it WAS a very awkward situation!"

"You are so selfish. Don't you ever think about how the girls would feel?"

"What? They love me! They were perfectly happy to move around our dates to accommodate everyone!"

Daichi sighed. "My argument would work better if the girls you dated weren't so shallow!"

Jatsuma smiled. "Nice try though."

"Jatsuma!" Someone called from behind them. They turned and saw Mascara running towards them waving to them with one hand and carrying a box of food with the other; apparently she was out on a delivery.

"Hi Mascara!" Jatsuma waved back. "Looks like it's time to get my Saturday night date." He whispered to Daichi, who rolled his eyes.

Mascara stopped next to them, her cheeks were a slight shade of pink from running and she had a big smile on her face. "Hello Jatsuma! I have not seen you in a few days. How are you?"

"Now that you're here, I'm perfectly cheerful!" Jatsuma said. Mascara giggled. "So…What cha doing tonight?"

"Oh, nothing much. Why?" She asked, feinting ignorance. She was blushing and twisting a piece of her green hair around her finger in a very girly fashion.

"Well I just thought if I'm not doing anything, and you're not doing anything, then maybe I could take the most beautiful girl in Nerima out to dinner." He said as he leaned an arm nonchalantly against the street wall. "I was thinking seafood, perhaps Black Beard's Buffet?"

"How romantic." Daichi uttered sarcastically. "That place has the worst food."

"What? It does not!" Jatsuma protested. "I like Black Beard's Buffet! Anyway," He turned back to Mascara. "What time should I pick you up?"

Mascara was about to respond, but at that precise moment several heavily sharpened ninja stars flew threw the air towards Jatsuma. He didn't even see them coming until it was too late. The stars snagged his clothes and pinned him straight to the street wall, all in a process of three seconds.

"AHH! WHAT THE-?" Jatsuma tried to move but found that he was stuck in place. Whoever had thrown these was incredibly skillful.

"Jatsuma!" Mascara cried in distress.

"What just happened?" Daichi shouted as he looked around wildly for the person who had thrown the stars. That was when all three of them saw the boy jump out of a tree in the yard on the other side of the street. He leapt through the air and landed near Mascara where he stood up with a definite air of confidence.

Jatsuma glared at him. "What the hell was that? I don't even know you!" He yelled as he tugged against his restraints. "Just who do you think you are?"

"Razor!" Mascara exclaimed in surprise.

"You know him?" Daichi inquired.

"What are you doing here?" She asked Razor. "I haven't seen you in nearly a year!"

Razor looked around at Mascara. "I'm doing the same thing as you Mascara, upholding the ancient laws and traditions of our Amazon tribe."

"Jatsuma, Daichi, this is my friend, Razor, from back in China! He's the son of Curler! Curler's going to be our next chief after Cologne!" Mascara happily introduced the boy, who didn't look at all interested in meeting them.

"Ooh. I'm so impressed." Jatsuma said sarcastically.

"Wow, really? That's fascinating! I thought Amazon chiefs were decided though a martial arts tourna-" Daichi began but was cut off by a sharp glare from Jatsuma.

"Mascara, I know about your problem with two fiancées and since at least ONE of them" Razor glared at Jatsuma, "seems to be overly eager. I thought I should let you know that you are not to do anything until the Council comes to a final decision."

"Of course!" Mascara agreed.

"Hey!" Jatsuma yelled.

"Did you come all the way from China just to tell her that?" Daichi asked.

"Of course not!" Razor scoffed. Then he smiled. "When Cologne arrived at the village and told the Council what had happened to Mascara, they decided it was high time they did something about the travesty that had happened in Nerima. I was selected to restore our honor!"

"That's great!" Mascara exclaimed.

"HEY! I'm talking to you!" Jatsuma yelled angrily as he continued to struggle for freedom. "What the hell is wrong with you? You attack me out of nowhere and then just ignore me?"

"What? I only pinned your clothes." Razor said matter-of-factly. "If you can't get down then it is your own weakness."

Jatsuma's eye twitched and he glared daggers at Razor. He thinks just because his Mom is going to be chief, he's some big shot huh?

"Well it was nice to see you Mascara." Razor said, turning away from Jatsuma. "But I really must be getting on with my task, the sooner the better."

"Oh, don't let us hold you up!" Mascara said politely.

"You might want to get back to where you're staying anyway. Cologne came back here with me and I believe your father sent some things for you with her." Razor told Mascara.

"Father has sent me something?" She said excitedly. "I will go back and see Cologne right away!" She turned and began to jog away. "Goodbye everyone!" She called.

"But Mascara! What about our date?" Jatsuma yelled after her, but she was already gone. He glared at Razor again. "Thanks a lot, man! Now I won't have another date until tomorrow night!"

"Jatsuma…" Daichi sighed in annoyed agitation.

Razor raised an eyebrow. "I'm afraid your petty problems are not my concern." He began to walk off.

"What do you mean, petty? Hold on! Don't walk away when I'm talking to you! Hey!" Jatsuma yelled as Razor bound away, jumping from house to house.

"WHAT A JERK!" Jatsuma shouted in irritation.

"What's the big deal? So you're a little embarrassed, it's not the end of the world." Daichi said.

"It's the principal of the thing! No one makes Jatsuma Saotome look like a fool! Especially in front of a girl!" He hissed.

"Yeah? Well Daichi Saotome is going home now. You can come on when you're ready to stop sulking." Daichi began to walk on up the street.

"Daichi! Where are you going?" Jatsuma called. "Come back and get these things off of me!" He yelled as he tugged franticly at the ninja stars that kept him from moving.

"Alright, alright." Daichi said.


"What was all that about anyway?" Daichi asked as he and Jatsuma rounded into the front walkway. "What did Razor mean by 'restore their honor'?"

"Who knows? Who cares?" Jatsuma said. "As long as we don't have to deal with him, I don't care what he does."

"Yeah, but what if-"

"Do we have to talk about this? I'm trying to forget what just happened so I can call Mascara without feeling like a weakling." Jatsuma stalked in through the front door and down the hall with Daichi following.

"He didn't say you were a weakling. You just aren't particularly talented at getting free of ninja stars." Daichi smirked.

"Whatever! He might as well have said it! It's what he meant!" Jatsuma slid open the door to the dinning room. "Next time I see that guy I'm gonna-" He stopped short because right at that moment he noticed there was someone other that just his father, Ranma, sitting at the table.

Razor had been taking a sip of tea, but he nearly choked on it when he saw Jatsuma and Daichi standing there. "You? What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Th- THAT'S MY LINE!" Jatsuma yelled. "What are YOU doing here?"

"I take it you two have met?" Ranma asked. Daichi sighed. Here we go. He thought.

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