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With five minutes before the beginning of the first class of the day, students shuffled into the classroom, chatting and laughing amongst themselves. Jatsuma said goodbye to the giggling girls he had been talking to that morning and took his seat next to the window in the third row back. Iikiba cursed as he was pushed into the room by Makoto. Some of the boys were talking about a baseball game they were going to play that afternoon. Overall it was a normal day.

Jatsuma sighed and leaned his chair back slightly. It had been a week since Razor had run off at the park. He still hadn't told anyone that she was a girl and at this point he didn't think he would. Maybe Razor had gone back to China and he wouldn't have to worry about it.

But Makoto and Akane had been asking what Jatsuma had done to drive Razor away, seeing as 'he' had been so keen to stay and marry Makoto before. Jatsuma just shrugged and said "maybe he gave up." That's what he was hoping anyway.

"Everyone, please settle down." The teacher said in a monotone voice that got very little response. But he continued on as if he hadn't noticed. "We have a new student with us today all the way from exotic China. Isn't that fascinating?"

The class continued talking as if no one had heard him. A moment later the principal stepped into the room. "Settle down please." He waved his hands slightly. The chatter continued. His eyes widened slightly in surprise at the lack of response. "I have an announcement to make children!"

"Mr. Yamamoto, may I?" The vice principal walked in behind him. "QUIET!" He shouted at the top of his voice.

The students turned to look. Then they quickly got to their seats and sat quietly at attention.

"Hmh," Mr. Yamamoto cleared his throat. "Thank you… Vice Principal."

"No problem Sir."

"Is he here?" The monotone voiced teacher asked.

"Yes, he's right outside." Mr. Yamamoto answered before turning to the group of students before him. "You'll have a new student with you from now on, class." He said with a smile. "I've been working with him to enroll in this school the past week and we believe this is the best classroom for him. He's come all the way from China so I hope you will all give him a warm welcome."

Jatsuma's eyes widened and he sat up curiously; having actually heard the announcement this time. It wasn't as though they hadn't had exchange students before… there was no way… it couldn't be Razor.

He glanced over at Iikiba but Iikiba didn't look back, he obviously hadn't made the connection. Jatsuma smirked and scratched the side of his head. "There's no way." He whispered to himself. "What are the odds?"

"Let's have a warm welcome for Razor!" Mr. Yamamoto said as Razor stepped into the room wearing a boy's school uniform. She looked as determined and ill-tempered as ever.

Right at that moment Jatsuma 'pulled a Daichi' and literally fell out of his seat in surprise. "AH!" He shouted right before he hit the floor.

Everyone turned to look at Jatsuma, the girls looked concerned, the boys laughed and Iikiba gaped at Razor. "Razor! You go here now?"

Razor looked around and gasped. "YOU? And you TOO?" She pointed at Jatsuma.

Jatsuma stood up quickly. "What do mean?" He asked angrily. "I've been going to this school for years! Why are YOU here?"

"Hmph." Razor glared at him. "Well, you all seemed to spend so much time in this place. I figured it was the best way to spend time with Makoto."

Jatsuma's eye twitched. "You're still on that? Why don't you give it up?" He yelled in annoyance.

"I can't! I'm not going back to China without her!" She spat as she turned back to the principal. "I can't be in this class! Not with him! I need to be in Makoto Saotome's class!"

Mr. Yamamoto sighed. "I've told you a million times, you can't just choose which classroom you get into. It's based on your age and entrance exam scores."

"I'm surprised you could even pass the entrance exam." Jatsuma muttered.

Razor picked up at book that was laying on the teacher's desk and threw it at Jatsuma, it bounced off his head with a hard thumping sound. The girls gasped loudly and the boys laughed even harder, Iikiba joined them this time. Jatsuma glared at her as he rubbed his head.

"Class, please try to be civil." The teacher said unenthusiastically.

"Yes, Jatsuma! I just happened to pass the entrance exam!" Razor yelled at him angrily.

"Razor passed alright, by a margin of three points." The Vice Principal said with a smile. The students roared with laughter.

"At least try to act like you're not one of the students!" Mr. Yamamoto shouted at the Vice Principal. Razor glared at him as well, her face slightly red from embarrassment.

"Sorry Sir." He busied himself with a clipboard he was holding.

Razor glared at the group of laughing teenagers before her with great distaste. "Just put me in a different classroom! Even if I can't be in Makoto's, anywhere is better than here!"

"Well excuse us Mr. High and Mighty." Jatsuma said. Razor looked like she was about to throw something else but the Principal put his hand on her shoulder.

"Razor, this is the class that you have been assigned to. We base every student the same way and we can't make any exceptions." Mr. Yamamoto said. "Based on your academic history, test scores and um… personality… Trust me. This is the best place for you."

"He means we're the trouble makers." One boy whispered to another.

"But-" Razor tried to protest.

"Have a nice first day!" Mr. Yamamoto quickly made his escape, pushing the Vice Principal along in front of him. The door closed with a bang.

Everyone stood there quietly for a moment. Razor turned to look back at the class again. She suddenly felt like she was back in the Amazon basic martial arts training program and she should be ready for an attack from all sides. She unconsciously moved into a fighting stance. The class just stared.

"Are you really from China?" One girl finally asked.

Razor blinked. "Uh… yeah, I am. I'm an Amazon actually."

The class broke into oohs and ahhs, "That's really cool!" "I'd heard of the Amazons, I always eat at the Cat Café." "I have a friend who has Amazon lineage." "When I went to China on vacation last summer, I think I read something about them."

Jatsuma's eyes widened and he stood up suddenly. "What's wrong with you people? Razor just threw a book at my head!"

"Well we know you're tough enough to take it." One boy said.

"We're just trying to make him feel welcome, Jatsuma. What's your problem?" Another asked.

"WHAT? I don't have a problem!"

Iikiba folded his arms. "Razor came to marry Makoto and take her away. But I don't think Makoto is going to go for that at all. Guess I'm still stuck with her." He groaned.

"Are you talking to yourself?" Jatsuma asked in an annoyed voice.

A girl raised her hand as if this were a lesson. "Razor? I heard Amazons were martial artists. Are you one?"

Despise herself, Razor smiled slightly at their surprisingly warm welcome. "Yeah, I've been trained ever since I was very young. There was basic training, which every Amazon takes, and there are more complex levels and Masters you can learn from. I'm actually considered a very advanced fighter." She said proudly.

"Give me a break." Jatsuma scoffed. "You guys see us do martial arts every day!" He said, indicating Iikiba and himself.

"Yeah, but we haven't seen what Razor can do." The boy said. His friend nodded. There was a general murmur of agreement.

The girl sitting in front of Jatsuma leaned over to her friend in the seat next to her. "Razor's pretty cute isn't he?" She whispered to her friend. The other whispered back. "Yeah, I was going to say-"

"THAT'S IT!" Jatsuma yelled. "I'm not about to lose out to some creep who-"

"Who what?" Razor interrupted threateningly, stepping towards him.

Jatsuma glared at her for a second. "Who I JUST helped out! If he'll recall!"

"Hey! I'm not the one who fell out of his seat and started yelling at a new student for no reason!"

"I was not yelling at you! And I was just surprised to see you here!" Jatsuma shot back.

"Are you two friends?" A girl asked curiously.

"NO!" Razor and Jatsuma yelled at the same time.

"Can't you two give it a rest?" Iikiba asked in an irritated voice. "I'M TIRED OF LISTENING TO YOU BOTH!"

Jatsuma glared at his supposed support. "Iikiba, Razor is here to take away my sister, your girlfriend! Doesn't that bother you?"

"She's not my girlfriend! And he can have her for all I care!" He shouted defiantly.


Makoto gripped her pencil so tightly that it broke in two. Her friend sitting in the next to her happened to notice. "Makoto? You okay?"

"Yeah." Makoto said. "I just have the strangest urge to hit Iikiba in the head next time I see him."


"You're just saying that because you know she won't go with him." Jatsuma baited Iikiba.

"SHUT UP!" Iikiba snapped.

"What makes you so sure of that?" Razor growled at Jatsuma.

Jatsuma rounded on Razor again. "Makoto. Doesn't. Like. You. Can you get that through your thick skull?"

"WHAT WAS THAT?" She gripped a fist threateningly. Jatsuma held up his guard, ready for her attack.

They glared at each other for a moment, and then Razor sighed and dropped her hands. "You know what; I'm not here to fight with you." She walked past him to an empty desk towards the back of the classroom. The students watched her curiously.

"Could have fooled me. Why stay then?" He asked.

Razor sat down in her seat defiantly. "So I can spend some time with Makoto and get an education. SO JUST STAY OUT OF MY WAY!"

"NO PROBLEM!" Jatsuma sat in his own desk angrily, with his arms crossed. I can't believe I thought she might actually be grateful that I'm keeping her stupid secret!

"Alright class, everyone got that?" The teacher asked in his monotone voice as he shut the math book in front of him. Apparently he had been giving a lecture.

Everyone in the room raised their hand.

"Good. Let's move on."

The end of our third story, posed on the day of my graduation. I am officially a high school graduate! I'm wearing the outfit with the funny hat as I type this! (Glee!) :sigh: I'm so happy! When I started this Not Another Generation Fic project part of me thought I would duck out of it around the second or third story. The fact that I've made it this far makes me really proud of myself. I'm in love with these stories now and I hope to start writing other fics as well (along with some original stuff). Tune in very soon for the fourth installment of the Generation Fic series, to be found of my profile page. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and read my stories! I look on with hope and pride as I walk into the future!