Drabble: Like Father, Like Son…

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Blame it on me.

Summary: Sam becomes the man he hates the most.

A/N: This is my first in this fandom, please let me know what you think... please?

Dean POV'

I watch over my little brother, after I saved him from the fire.

I watch his face as he mourns after her, after Jessica. He tried to hide the pain.

"Sam," I call over him, and move my hand over his shoulder, but he shoves me off him.

"Sam, grief will not help you…" I try again.

I saw him as he walks away, and I could feel again, the feeling of being abandoned.

"I want to find who kills her…" he said quietly.


"No… get away from me… why did you come in the first place?" I hear him, and decide to say nothing.

He walks over my car, open the baggage, and took some weapons, he hid it in his coat, and walks away.

'Why can't he see, that he becomes like father, the one that he hates the most? Why am I left alone, again?'