Stupid Kid

By TheLostMaximoff

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Slingers was a great series and I loved it. R/R if you loved it too.

I come back to that place sometimes. Call it nostalgia or just a sense of loyalty to forgotten days. Whatever the reason, and I don't much dwell on the reason, I come back to this rooftop. I come back to this place that holds so many memories.

I suppose I've led a pretty cliché life. Well, you'd have to discount the fact that I bounce around in tights or the fact that I'm not quite human. But I guess that's the cliché about being a kid. After all, when we're teenagers don't we all think that no one understands us? Whatever the little quirks, I'd say I had a pretty cliché life all things considering. Johnny Gallo, the quipster supreme. The kid doesn't take life too seriously. He's immature like that but you would be too if you had some secrets to hide and some pain to mask. It's easier to talk your way around things, to avoid them and hope that they go away. But some things stick with you no matter how many jokes you use to cover them up.

I stare at the billboard. Eddie wanted this place for a headquarters. Truth was that it was the only place were me or him felt comfortable while we wore the duds. I stare up at the glossy finish of the board. How many times have I stared at images of them, the people who defend this city and this world? How many times have I imagined myself on that billboard, adored by millions of people? I sigh a little and realize that was just a dream. It's funny how much you can want something. You say you'd give anything to have it, anything in the whole world. But how much would you really give up? Your shot at a normal life, the person you love, everything you stand for? When you look at it like that then the thing you want doesn't look so appealing. The problem is that you never look at it like that till you already got what you wanted. Hindsight's such a freakin' pain sometimes.

"There's stronger out there than me," I tell myself as I stare up at the billboard. There are stronger people than me. Truth is, I'm still just a stupid kid who thinks this is all a game. Even though I've seen some friends die, I still think it's all a game and I'll never get hurt. Just flick some discs, bounce around, crack some jokes, and it's all good. Don't think about the fact that Eddie's dead. Don't think about how you're secretly a mutant but you're too afraid to tell anyone. Don't think, period. After all, I'm an irresponsible kid, right? Not thinking is what we're so damn good at these days.

I sigh and look down to the corner of the board. The glossy, professional paint is stained by streaks of black. The streaks form words, a proclamation so bold that only we could've made it. The Slingers were here. It's true we weren't the world's greatest superheroes. We never got the chance to tangle with some cosmic entity or travel to some loopy, apocalyptic alternate universe. Hell, we never got to save the world once. But we were still there right alongside the big kids. We still made our mistakes and took our falls. I like to think maybe some of us woulda gotten really good at the hero thing. But that was more than we were willing to sacrifice. So after our romp through Hell, we hung up the tights and called it a night. But we had to leave our mark. What else could we do, you know? So we left a little reminder here in the shadow of all the A-listers. Stupid kids can be heroes too, you know? And even though we never saved the world or even made our own lives any better we did something. And I guess when you're a stupid kid, doing something good with your life is better than doing nothing at all.