Azure Dreams

A Little More Than Friends

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Please read and review. This chapter is set a year after Koh's battle with Beldo. He remembers the day well. Nico tries her best to cheer the hero up.

Chapter 1


It was a year ago today. A year ago since it happened. Koh couldn't believe it. He woke up to his sister Weedy excitedly jumping on his bed as usual.

'Come on Koh!' she exclaimed. 'Nico's waiting for you in the living room!'

'Thanks Weedy' Koh said groggily. After his sister had left the room, Koh got himself dressed and walked into the hall and down the stairs. His success from the tower had made him a lot of money; therefore, he was one of the few that had a two-story house. Koh reached the hall of the ground floor and walked through three rooms to get to the living room. He passed a framed photograph of himself, his mother, his sister and his friends after he had reached the top floor. After he met… him. After his sword stuck his heart. After Koh avenged his father. But that wasn't the last time Koh saw him. Beldo, the murderer, who killed Guy, still haunted Koh's dreams, making him unable to have a decent night's sleep.

Koh entered his living room and even seeing his best friend didn't take away his recollections of what happened a year ago.

'Koh', he could tell by her voice that she remembered. Nico had been the only one that Koh told when he knew what he would have to face. He trusted her. However, everyone in Monsbaiya knew what had happened. Half the town was in his house upon his return from the tower and he told them all. Told them how Beldo's image had reflected around the tower when Koh reached the 31st floor for the first time. How his sickening tone echoed, making the monsters around him scatter. Koh told his audience what happened the night his father had died and who was to blame. As hard as it was he told them about the battle. He was relieved to let it out but had to rest afterwards. He was awoken the next morning by Nico, who looked gentle but slightly worried. Both characteristics were unusual for her.

Koh knew that Nico would want to talk about that night, today. He was prepared but still didn't know if he could face it.

'How did you sleep?' Nico asked him tentatively.

'Ok' Koh answered but kept his gaze upon his turquoise carpet. Koh then suggested that him and Nico go for a walk. He couldn't bear to discuss his father or Beldo in front of Wreath, his mother. Nico agreed and accompanied Koh out of the house and into the village. They didn't utter a word until they reached the fountain. They both sat by it. Koh didn't want to look at Nico; he stared into the water without really seeing it. In complete paradox, Nico looked at Koh intently as if her eyes were glued to his face.

'How are you feeling?' Nico looked deeply concerned and found herself close to tears. It wasn't often that Koh saw Nico like this. He looked into her eyes and took a deep breath. He told Nico honestly how he had been feeling the past few days. He even told her the nightmares he had been having. He revealed everything and answered all of her questions, leaving Nico with puffy eyes and very wet cheeks. Koh wrapped his arms around Nico and calmed her down.

'Hey puffy lips', Koh kept hold of Nico. He knew who it was without turning around.

'Hi' Koh answered.

'I was just wondering… Nico are you ok?' Selfi asked.

'F-fine. Th-thank you. S-s-sorry' Nico wiped her eyes and pulled herself upright. Selfi gave a Nico a full enquiry about why she was crying. Nico politely told Selfi that she would be ok and was grateful for her concern. Selfi looked a bit uneasy before speaking again.

'Urm…' she began, 'have you seen Ghosh?'

'No. Sorry. We've just this moment come out'. Selfi thanked them and left after taking a last glance at Nico.

'Do you want to get something to eat?' Koh asked. Nico agreed and allowed Koh to lead her into Monsbaiya's only restaurant. His friend Patty even though she was only fifteen was now a chef there. She had been through so much training from her father lately that Koh hadn't seen her properly in weeks.

When Nico and Koh entered the restaurant, they were both surprised to see Patty taking orders. She smiled at them from another customer's table and indicated for them to sit at the table closest to the kitchen. Koh and Nico made their way over and sat down. Koh was surprised to see that Nico had recovered from her crying almost instantly. Her face was still slightly flushed but there were no other signs that she had cried.

'Why is Patty being a waitress again?' Nico asked Koh.

'I really don't know' Koh replied. Nico and Koh chatted about things trying to keep both their minds from Beldo. It didn't take long for that plan to fail.

'Look, Koh. I'm really sorry to bring it up again but you know you can talk to me about stuff to do with… well… you know.'

'I know Nico. Thanks. I just want to forget about it for now. I'm not sure if I should go to the tower today either.'

'I don't think you should. Just leave it for today and see how you feel tomorrow.' At that moment, Patty came over to them.

'Hi guys' she said. 'How are you?' Koh and Nico both replied.

'Oh good', Patty said but then her face dropped. 'Koh?' she asked cautiously. 'Isn't today… you know' she finished. Koh just nodded.

'Oh. I'm sorry' she said. 'I really am' she touched Koh's hand and insisted that the food would be free for them today.

'Thanks Patty' Nico smiled solemnly. 'How come you're not cooking today?' she was searching for a change of topic.

'I am' replied Patty. 'But we're so short staffed that I have to be a waitress as well. 'So what would you like?' Patty asked them quickly noticing the restaurant filling up.

'I'll have beef curry please Patty' Nico requested. Patty jotted it onto her notepad.

'And you Koh?'

'I'll have deep fried prawns please Patty' Koh answered.

'Of course. How could I forget?' Patty smiled and walked into the kitchen. When Patty was gone, Nico told Koh that she was really sorry but she had to go out with her father after they had eaten.

'Don't worry, it's fine' Koh told her.

'I'm sorry. I feel really evil.'

'Well don't. It's fine. We've spoken about it and there's not much more that you can do.'

'If you're sure' she said. 'By the way by going out, I mean for a few days' she finished, unable to look at her friend.

'Oh ok' Koh hid his disappointment. 'Have a really nice time' Koh smiled.

When the food arrived, they ate at top speed. Both of them were very hungry and had finished within ten minutes. Koh thanked Patty and left with Nico.

'Bye Koh' Nico smiled and Koh gave her a tight hug.

'Thanks for helping me' he said to her.

'That's no problem. But Koh?'

'Yes?' Nico pulled away from his arms and whispered to him.

'I really am sorry.' With that she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek and headed off home. Koh was left standing there. Before, he could only reminisce about Beldo and Guy but with Nico's kiss fresh on his skin, he had other things on his mind.

I didn't enjoy that. Well ok I did but it was only because she's my friend. Nothing else. Nothing what so ever.