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Chapter 5


Kewne searched endlessly for Koh wondering where on Earth his master was and how he had lost him in the first place. He had become blind; he knew that he must have trodden on a blind trap but was concerned at why Koh didn't try to keep him in sight. Kewne knew that his master would not have left him behind on purpose and desperately continued his search.

Koh laid blood stained on the cold floor; the crimson liquid contrasting greatly with his pure white skin. Life was draining from him yet even unconscious he had the strength to go on. He was the only person to reach the top floor of the tower and live to tell the tale; he defeated Beldo; he was the strongest monster tamer around. He was an incredible human being and it was because of this that he hadn't died instantly.

Kewne fell upon a familiar path and realised that this was the place where he had become blind.

Great. So we've both definitely been here.

He continued to float along looking out for any signs that Koh might have been there. When he reached one room, he found himself ganged up on by two Golems. Kewne directly attack one of them, desperately hoping that the two weren't too hard to beat. He was already plainly exhausted and a two-on-one battle was not the greatest cure for this. One Golem attacked Kewne, a huge pressure put onto Kewne's body; he could cope but the blow from the other Golem was a dramatic one. Kewne let out a cry of pain as the second Golem's critical hit crashed into both of the small dragon's sides.

Kewne pulled himself together and violently attacked the same Golem as before and luckily defeated him. The monster disappeared, leaving Kewne with only one Golem, which made things easier. Nevertheless, the battle was not over. After what was a painful battle for Kewne, he continued his search for Koh, floating in a further physical decline than before. His health was at risk and he hoped that he wouldn't be attacked again as he wasn't sure if he could risk it.

Hopes of no further battle left Kewne's head as he spotted his Master. He was lying on the floor surrounded by his own blood; Kewne could not tell if he was dead or alive but for now the only thing of importance to Kewne was the Maximum making its way over to Koh. Kewne hoped that the monster would go for him instead when he say him. No such luck; Kewne would have to initiate the first move. He went over to the maximum and due to his anger at the state of Koh, caused a powerful hit upon the other monster. In response to this, the Maximum viciously attacked Kewne; although Kewne was an extremely powerful familiar, his health loss was catching up with him. He only half-heartedly moved in for a second attack, missing completely. With no hesitation, the Maximum clobbered Kewne, knocking him slightly backwards. This was it; if Kewne did not attack properly this time, he would be sent into Koh's bag, not helpful considering Koh's state either. Kewne put all of his concentration and force into his next attack, crashing forwards in hope to destroy the monster. His efforts were rewarded; the Maximum disappeared and Kewne made his way to his master.

Kewne had thought that from a distance, Koh's status looked fatal; this was nothing compared to how he looked close up. Without any further thought Kewne immediately used his magic to get his master home. He arrived at the end of the tower's bridge and carried Koh home as fast as he could, his exhaustion completely forgotten. Kewne rapped on the door when he arrived, desperate, begging that they wouldn't be out.

When Wreath heard the rapping on the door, she knew that something was wrong; she knew that something had happened to Koh. She ran quickly to the door and pulled it open hard and sure enough in the arms of his familiar was Koh, covered in his own blood.

'AHHHHH! My son! Oh my god! What happened to my son?' she screamed. 'Someone help please!' she screeched. Nico's Dad ran as fast as he could to Wreath's high-pitched squeals and upon seeing Koh, snatched him from Kewne and ran to the hospital. Wreath ran alongside Kewne, following Nico's Dad and the helpless form of Koh.

When they had arrived at the hospital, Cherrl almost collapsed upon seeing the lifeless body of the man that was the only hope that she had ever had. He had cured her from her illness and she had been so grateful. It was because of him that she had become a nurse at all and now she knew that she had to try her best to repay him. She needed to save his life, like he had for her, for a life in bed was not what Cherrl had wanted and she would not let her hero die.

As Cherrl found a bed for Koh to be lain on, Wreath questioned Kewne about what had happened to her son.

'Please Kewne. Please just tell me what got him in this state.'

'To be completely honest, I cannot be sure. No one can until he awakes. We were in the tower, level 38 to be precise. We were both very tired and due to a brain lapse, I stepped on an active blind trap. I am not sure what happened to Koh but I assume that he didn't realise what had happened and continued walking. After regaining my sight, I searched for Master Koh and when I found him, he was in the state that you se before you.'

'But what could have possibly done it? How could that have happened? He's never had injuries like those!'

'Until Koh wakes we will not know for sure but I assume that an attack when I was not around was too much for Koh to handle when he was so tired. His injuries are very serious; I am almost positively sure that anyone else would have died from them. Not Koh, never Koh. He has the monster tamer's blood; he is a strong human, supernatural even. Only him and perhaps Guy could have survived an attack such as this one. Cherrl must try her hardest to revive him before it is too late.'

Kewne need not have spoken this last sentence, as Cherrl was tearfully yet rapidly searching for everything that she needed to help Koh. Kewne and Wreath watched her in silence, as she ran to different parts of the room collecting her remedies.

'What a day for the doctor to have a day off!' she cried.

'Would you like me to find him?' Wreath asked.

'No. He's in another town for a few days! He had to get upgrades and more training. He won't be back for a while.'


Cherrl sat down beside Koh with all of her equipment and firstly bandaged up the main wounds.

Wreath finally let silent tears fall down her face as she stared at her only son. 'Please be ok. Please be ok my son. I love you.'