"That's right Emily," Sam confirmed easily on the phone, "I was completely wrong about my suspicions about Jason. Liz may have taken off with some guy named Roman Jonas, but he's not Jason." She rolled her eyes at the insistent whine on the other end, holding the earpiece slightly away so the woman wouldn't injure her eardrums.

"I'm looking at a picture of him right now Emily. Roman Jonas has long black hair, green eyes and looks a lot like that guy, Hayden Christensen from Star Wars. His family originates from a little village outside of Venice and evidently he's some kind of business genius."

Or at least that was what the information she fed into the computer said.

Three days passed with her holding on to those tickets. Three days where she wondered why she was so worried about what Jason was doing with Liz Webber. Then this morning when she woke to her little girl climbing into bed with her and Lucky, Sam finally realized she didn't really care what Jason was doing with Liz. It was his life and this was hers. If he found some part of what she had, then she would be happy for him.

She would always be grateful to Jason for showing her what love was, but she was married to Lucky and found a love that left her content. Happy. A marriage and a life that was everything she always wanted, so the last thing she could do for Jason was keep Emily and Sonny out of his life.

She reached down and picked up the last of the print outs and ran them through the shredder. "I have no idea where Jason Morgan is Emily and maybe its better if we just left him be."

Six days turned into six weeks.

Then gradually blended into four months.

Four months of waking in her arms. Four months of feeling her curled next to him, of burying himself in her. Four months of paradise found in her embrace.

Romanrecalled one early morning after making love, as she straddled his waist, her soft hair cascading around her beautiful face, and she asked him why he had come back to Port Charles.

"It can't have just been for the painting, because I'm sure that you could have had that sent over." She leaned over and brushed the side of his face offering him a tempting taste of one ripe breast. His tongue trailed around the taut nipple, before drawing her into his mouth to suckle,feeling her arch beneath his hands.

Her soft moan had raced through his blood, thickened his arousal much to his amusement, since he had thought they had thoroughly pleasured each other only moments before. He would never get enough of her. The sleek caress of her body against his, the need that arced like electricity through him whenever she was near was never quite sated. Knowing he could give himself to her totally and that she had placed herself into his hands with absolute trust filled him with an amazing sense of completeness.

"Roman," she murmured, pushing him gently back onto the pillow. "I'm serious." She sat back with probably the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. "Why did you come back?"

He shrugged, not really knowing the answer to that question. He hadn't thought about it much."I know I wanted your painting to hang in the gallery. I guess after I had my assistant make the arrangements, I realized I wanted to be there when you saw it for the first time. I wanted to see your face."

"You risked everything to see my reaction."

"Yes." And that's when he knew, she had always been apart of him even when he hadn't realized it. "I wanted to see you."

"I'm glad," she blinked slowly then moved so that she could rest her head on his chest. He brushed his fingers through her hair, loving her warm feminine scent that teased his senses. "I'm so very glad Roman."

Nowit was one late afternoon, and they were all outside together. Elizabeth had set up her easel in the rear garden, she was painting the field of wild flowers that ran adjacent to the house. It was a plot he was considering purchasing and she had smirked that morning over coffee and asked when he became such a real estate tycoon. He had shrugged; it was interesting, just like that olive grove he was considering buying.

Roman glanced up from his paperwork over at the watercolor that she was working on, smiling in appreciation of her wonderful talent. The afternoon she rushed in with the large bags of materials, he had just smiled and had one of the servants clean out a room with good sunlight for her. He was happy that she had rediscovered her painting. It had brought out a glow in her that was missing when she first arrived. Or maybe it was just the soft Venetian sunlight that made her look like a sun kissed peach.

Or maybe it was love.

Damn he hoped so, because his heart was burning with it.

Cam had glanced over from the kite he was reeling in and asked, "Not that I'm complaining," which is usually how he started a sentence when he was trying to get something he wanted, "Butdidn't school start last week, Mom?"

Roman raised an eyebrow at Elizabeth, felt his something stop in his chest as he waited expectantly for her answer. They had shared four wonderful months together. Yet it was four months with no commitment on either of their parts and each day that passed now, he woke with the fear that maybe today she would decide it was time to return to Port Charles.

Today would be the day he would discover if his risk had paid off.

Elizabeth glanced up from her painting and shrugged, "Well we'll just have to look into finding something here."

"Aww, Mom," Cam whined, his face creasing into a grimace of disappointment. "Just when I was having fun."

"You brought it up. You suffer the consequences," she reminded him lightly, brushing paint in a jagged swirl and he watched a tree come to life. "I'm sure Roman can handle the details." Then she looked into his eyes and smiled, jumpstarting his heart and sending it racing madly. He knew what she was telling him. He just couldn't believe it.

She was going to stay.

But how long? Just until school was outfor the holidays?The next year? Forever, hissoul whispered longingly.

"I don't know," he started, about to lay his entire world on the line, "I guess I could get the paperwork started, but if you're going to live with me, you're going tohave to marry me."

Cameron stopped short, his eyes wide with shock. He and Elizabeth had made no secret of their relationship from him. He was there for every moment, every change and that was the way it should be. Roman didn't miss the leap of hope in his eyes and was touched thatCam wanted him to be apart of their family.

Elizabeth looked back again, an eyebrow raised and mischief lurking in her eyes, "Well, I guess if I have to marry you." She set the brush down on the edge of the easel and began wiping her fingers. "I mean, since I love you and everything it only makes sense right?"

Roman swallowed past the thick lump in his throat, but couldn't stop the broad grin that spread across his face, "Yeah, it only makes sense for two people who love each other to get married."

Cameron whooped loudly, tossing his kite into the air and began dancing around in a circle laughing happily. Roman heard the little boy chanting repeatedly how they were going to stay here forever and now he had a Dad. He couldn't have stopped the quick rush of tears that blurred his vision even if he wanted to.

Elizabeth crossed the distance between them, seeing the emotion fill his face and felt her heart swell with love. How could she not love him? She had been half way in love with this man most of her adult life.

When he was Jason Morgan, he was her friend. He walked into Jake's that night and talked her down from what could have been the biggest mistake of her life. He listened as she mourned a lost love and was always there when she needed him, with no questions asked. The day she found him shot and bleeding in the snow, she was finally given the opportunity to return the favor.

Something had grown between them during that time and despite the different paths their lives had taken, despite her marriages and giving birth to her son, despite his relationships and self-destructing five years ago, despite their brief time of anger, somehow they had found their way back to each other.

She straddled his lap, comfortable here after months of loving him, making love to him and felt her heart soar. His arms wrapped around her, giving her what he always had, safety, comfort, affection. With this man, she discovered the life she was meant to lead and love that she was meant to have.

His strong hands cupped her face sweetly, making her heart turn over with his tenderness. He always made her melt with his tenderness. Carefully he placed his mouth against hers, just a soft touch, because they both knew that the passion between them could blaze brightly without much of a stir. "I love you," he whispered against her mouth. "I always will."

"I know," she smiled, kissing him again. "I love you too. I always will."

The Sweetest Good-Bye

Audrey Hardy handed the clipboard back to the messenger after signing to accept the package, then thanked him and said, "Have a nice day."

She looked down at the large manila envelope, saw the familiar handwriting and felt a tremor go through her fingers. Closing the door behind her, she walked quickly to the couch to sit and carefully opened the packet and slipped out the heavy silver frame.

Tears blurred her eyes.

A pale pink sheet of paper slipped out as well and she opened it to read.

Hey Grams,

It's me Elizabeth. I know you've probably been worried about me and Cameron these past six months and I'm terribly sorry I haven't been able to do more than call and speak to you briefly.

I want you to know that we're both fine and very loved.

When I decided to leave, I knew I was risking everything and I'll never regret making that choice. It has brought me more happiness than I have ever thought possible. Please tell all of my friends not to worry about me, I'm safe and sound. I wish I could tell them myself, but it's best this way. I hope that you'll come to visit at Christmas because we miss you a lot. Roman will send the jet for you.

I love you Grams and thanks foralways being therefor me.

Be happy for me.

Love Always,

Elizabeth Webber Jonas

Audrey stood and placed the picture on the mantel with all of the other family portraits and traced a finger across her granddaughter's image. How could she doubt Elizabeth was happy? The picture of her in Jason Morgan's arms, dressed in a beautiful white gown and he in an elegant black suit whispered their happiness. The bright smiles of joy on both of their faces as they stood in front of a quaint old church with Cameron leapingoff the stairs,tossing rice into the air told no lie.

Her Elizabeth was loved.