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Chapter 2

Juliette was attracted to Tristan like a magnet. He was charismatic and open, honest and refreshing. There was something about Scott that had always intrigued her, and his broody levels of the year had consistently drew her attention, but the seeming lack of baggage in this new blonde was shockingly pleasing. Obviously, she knew he had to have some baggage, but he seemed to be more adjusted to it than most of the others. Just by looking at him, one wouldn't expect a guy like that to be in a place like Horizon. Juliette instantly wanted to find out more about him.

Her relationship with Scott was short and sweet. He was too closed off with his emotions to really connect with her, and she couldn't handle the fact that he needed time to let people into his many secretive folds. They had a good time together, and he was as nice of a boyfriend as she could have asked for. Their break up could be called amicable, but Juliette still found herself missing him sometimes. It wasn't as if the two didn't talk any more, they retained a bond and their friendship grew as a result of that, but she had to admit, he was an amazing kisser.

She told herself to snap out of it. Her eyes were following Scott as the group walked, and it seemed impossible for her to stop wondering if she had made a mistake when she didn't really fight for the relationship to work. A good rebound was what she really needed at the moment, and Tristan appeared to be interested…

Shelby's mind was already plainly focussed on bagging Draco. She was looking at him with a very bright interest shining in her eyes, and Juliette was reminded of a cat about to pounce.

Meanwhile, Draco himself remained largely silent, taking in the details that the Cliffhangers pointed out. His eyes were sharpened to the locations, committing the areas to his memory. Draco did not get lost easily, and he hated not knowing where to go or what to do. One could say he thrived on order and structure, yet the male was one of the most fluctuated and unpredictable individuals you could meet. He walked beside Scott, and was just a step in front of Shelby, not oblivious to her attentions but not acknowledging it either.

Tristan was in a wonderful mood that was unprecedented with newbies. He made jokes and made idle conversation, brightly glancing at his surroundings but more interested in the people he was with than in acquainting himself with the actual building. He was finding Juliette mildly amusing to talk to, and the whole being sent away thing didn't bother him. He had got his anger out at his parents when they sent him to military school, and any venting or indignant emotions others expected him to be feeling, he had already got out the frustrations. Besides, from the touchy feely attitude of Peter and the nice welcome wagon of the Cliff-hangers, Tristan doubted he would be too unhappy here.

Since the two new blondes had arrived in the mid afternoon and their tour had taken a good chunk of time, dinner arrived relatively soon and Scott led the group back to the dining hall.

Both Tristan and Draco eyed the food with scepticism. "Just to be clear, this isn't drugged or anything, right?" Tristan said, glancing up at Scott.

"It tastes kind of bland, but no, it's not poisoned or sedative," Scott quirked up his lip as he responded, amusement filtering into his voice.

Draco sighed inwardly. For the first time in his life, he realized and regretted taking something for granted. The seemingly endless supply of food at the feasts at Hogwarts and the ability to call up anything he wanted to eat or drink at a spilt second's notice at his Manor felt like a pleasant dream when faced with the generic food placed in front of him. He exchanged another look with Tristan as they both took slow bites.

"It tastes better than it looks," Shelby said, smirking at their hesitant expressions, "So. You guys going to tell us what the story is behind you?"

"I broke into my friend's safe, which was apparently the breaking point in all my so called delinquent activities, and I purposely got kicked out of military school because I figured anything had to be better," Tristan answered easily. He glanced around at the table, landed mockingly on Auggie, and added, "And I'd ask what your deal is, but apparently that would be prying. You don't look fucked up, though."

"How can a person look fucked up?" Draco raised his eyebrow. "Are only people who look screwed on the outside, screwed on the inside? Because you're here too; do you think you look fucked up?"

"He speaks," Shelby grinned.

Draco stared at her unblinkingly for a moment, but that didn't intimidate her to look away. "Would you prefer the strong and silent type?"

"I think I'd prefer whatever type you'd characterize yourself to be."

Scott rolled his eyes. "If you would wipe your drool off the floor, maybe we could finish eating in peace."

"What do you do around here anyways? Since it's summer and all?" Tristan asked.

"This is the first summer any of us have had to stay here," Juliette shrugged, "They'll probably drag us out to hike, camp, enhance our inner spirit while strengthening our physical beings, all of that stuff."

"Jesus. This is a bloody summer camp." Draco said with annoyance.

"At least you two will probably get to leave after two months. We're likely gonna be here til we graduate," Auggie said.

"Good to see you're telling the new students all the wonderful points to this school," Sophie commented sarcastically as she walked up to the table. "I'm Sophie Becker. I help Peter run the place."

"I heard you and Peter are the only counsellors here for the summer, and you sent the others home. That true?" Shelby innocently questioned.

"Roger's nearby, don't you worry, but yes. It is pretty much just us."

"You really think two of you can handle seven of us?" Shelby laughed.

"Like I said, Roger's nearby, and reinforcements are only a phone call away," Sophie smiled thinly. "We were hoping you guys would calm down for the summer, but we've had plenty of experience with you guys. And with that experience, believe me when I tell you that we're more than a match."

"Oh, but you don't have a handle on us, do you?" Tristan gestured to himself and Draco. "And, lucky you, I'm not sure your experience with the others will be enough to have you ready to deal with us two."

"You're just two kids."

"Just keep telling yourself that."

"Is that a threat?"

Juliette cleared her throat in an attempt to break through the tense silence that followed. "So, Sophie, what do you guys have planned for us this afternoon?"

"More orientation type activities for the newbies, actually." She replied. "By the way, Daisy should be rejoining you guys shortly. Her meeting with her dad didn't go as well as we had hoped, and she'll be staying here for the summer as well."

"You are so fucked," Draco smirked under his breath.

"I know you were warned about language, Draco," Sophie said in a would-be sweet tone. "You get the privilege of cleaning the floors of the dining area and kitchen after dinner tonight. Enjoy your lunch."

As she walked out of earshot, Draco glared at her and muttered a distinctive 'Bitch' in her direction.

"It's not so bad, I have to clean there too tonight," Shelby brought up.


"Me and mushrooms met up again unsuccessfully," She answered.

Auggie smirked. "Missing E-Z, now, aren't you?"

"Despite the fact that you knew you were far more likely to find poisonous 'shrooms than workable ones, and despite how obvious it was that you'd get caught, you still tried? That's pathetic!" Juliette said.

"Says the girl who somehow believed that no one would notice your blood covering your clothes in the laundry. That takes a whole new level of stupidity," Shelby fired back.

"Those are both escape routes both of you have chosen in the past. They're different in execution, but not in purpose. You guys are more similar than you'd care to admit." Sophie was still hovering around.

"Oh, just go away, will you?" Shelby muttered under her breath. Sophie didn't hear her, but Draco did, and he grinned darkly.

"Do you spend your entire day spying on us? Is that your job?" Draco raised his eyebrows.

"Considering there's pretty much just two or three of us counsellors here watching you guys, yes my job right now does mainly consist of supervising you at all times." Sophie answered pleasantly. "And if you continue to be as rude to be as you have been, you really won't get a chance to enjoy how nice Horizon can be."

"Leave him alone. He is a newbie, after all," Scott spoke up.

Sophie didn't respond, but she did eye them all before she began pacing around again. It was clear that she didn't intend to give the group too much privacy.

"They're getting so paranoid. The counsellor-student ratio is getting under their skin, that's obvious," Juliette blanched.

"Do you have lock down? Do they lock your doors at night? Video cameras?" Tristan said.

"Ugh. Of course not," Juliette grimaced.

"Then their paranoia won't help them much," Tristan said, his shoulders relaxing as he leaned back against his chair lazily. Juliette grinned and indicated with her finger that he had a bit of sauce on the corner of his lip. He returned the grin and deliberately flicked his tongue slowly over the edges of his lips in a way that was almost erotic.

"What do you have in mind?" Scott ignored the flirting, choosing not to call the two on it.

"I was the master of the prank in my old high school," Tristan responded. "And I tend to get bored easily. I don't like getting bored. You guys going to be up for making Mr. and Mrs. Out doorsy's lives that much more difficult?"

Draco smirked and ran his finger around his empty cup, nodding slightly in assent. "I've done some things in my past school that would make your skin crawl. If I'm going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, America then I'd better be able to have some fun while I'm at it." In other words, bring it on.

"Scott? You going to tattle?" Tristan questioned. "Or join us?"

"I'll do anything short of getting thrown in prison. I've been fucking bored as shit here."

"There's only half a dozen of us. It'll be real easy for them to see who does anything. It's stupid. We're not even in classes, come on." Auggie voiced his opinion, almost rolling his eyes in distaste.

"That's the point. They have us trapped in this school like animals, even though you guys, at least, should have been allowed to go home for the summer." Tristan said.

"It's not that we weren't allowed," Juliette said, somewhat quietly. "It's that some of us weren't wanted home, and some didn't want to go home. And not all of us had a home to go to, either. Auggie's right, anyways. They'll find out. I don't want to get thrown out. None of are here because we want to be, but none of us want to go home, do you?" She looked around the table at the older Cliff-hangers, who all either looked away or stubbornly didn't respond. Tristan looked around at them all and the expression on his face clearly revealed he was wondering what the hell was wrong with these people, wondering how royally screwed they must truly be to actually choose this isolated in the woods thing to their home. But then, he did feel a little tug of pity at the words about some of their homes not wanting them back… that was harsh.

"There's no fun if they don't find out. Come on. If none of us rat each other out, they can't know. We can stick together, and wreak havoc in the building. It'll be fine, Princess." Shelby reasoned back, trying to switch the mood back.

"They're going to regret cooping us all in here by the end of the season," Draco said lowly, a dark smirk spreading across his features.

"Do you want to go back to where you came from? If they kicked you out, right now, and made you go home, would that a good thing?" Juliette argued, refusing to let things go.

"I want to be back in England by the end of summer." He said. Did he? Would enough be settled in two months? If he went back, would there still be a manhunt going on for him?

"Doing stupid stuff like what you're talking about could make you go home a lot sooner than that," she said.

"Oh, come on, Juliette. I'm not talking about setting fire to the damn school. Just some clever moves that will piss them off; mess with their heads a bit and give them a nice little tic at the mention of us. Nothing serious. Don't worry." Tristan soothed.

"What could it hurt?" Scott smiled at the girl.

"A one way trip back to the hell hole we're free from here." Auggie muttered. He looked significantly at Scott and Shelby, his eyes reminding them of the past both of them didn't want to go back to.

"It's just going to be a bit of fun," Shelby bristled.

Draco tilted his head and ran his fingers through his recently de-gelled hair. If things went as wild as Juliette and Auggie were fighting against, he could get back sent to a place that wanted him dead. But if they were as harmless as the others were trying to reassure them all of, he would face a death of indignant boredom. Draco was not going to involve himself in anything mediocre. Malfoys didn't do anything half assed and he was not about to lend his mind and muscle to something ridiculous and simple, alliance or not. He wondered if there could be a balance. Anything he found less than mediocre would likely be enough to get him kicked out of a muggle school. Horizon wasn't Hogwarts, Peter wasn't Dumbledore, and there was no Snape, no Lucius Malfoy to smooth things over and put in a commanding good word. If he crossed the line here, his surname would do nothing to save him from being expelled. Still, despite the danger he was in last year and despite the fact that he knew he had to stay enrolled in Horizon for his own personal well being, Draco wasn't one to turn down something like this.

Scott, meanwhile, was wondering why he bothered to agree to this. If he got booted, his home wouldn't welcome him back and he wouldn't really welcome his home either. The rebellious streak in him that had snorted, sniffed, and injected more things then he could list, the part of him that he had largely tried to suppress was coming back with a bang and this time he knew that it would stretch further than sneaking out after hours to make out with a girl.

Juliette uneasily stared back at her food. She knew that her words wouldn't be enough sway, but now that they were so set on doing something, she couldn't just sit out. They thought she was some Princess who would never do anything against the rules, and though that role was a true one, she didn't want to be left out. Especially since Shelby was looking at all three blonde boys in that conspiratorial secretive way that just spelt out that Shelby was determined to be a ring leader with the blondes in this. And Juliette couldn't just let Shelby win, could she?

The conversation dispersed to easier subjects when Sophie made her way around the table again. Auggie sighed. He knew he would get roped to their little let's make life more interesting plan, he just didn't know how much of a role they would expect him to play. He had caved into peer pressure in his past and he didn't exactly want to do it again, but then a part of him told him nothing they could do could anger Peter and Sophie enough to throw them out. The counsellors cared about the kids… things would turn out.

Or they would all kill each other, either way.