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Theme Song:

I was so happy when you smiled
your smile breaks through the clouds of gray

Far from the sunny days that lie in sleep
Waiting with patience for the spring
when the flowers will bloom in nude again
knowing there's more beyond the pain of today

Although the scars of yesterday remain
you can keep on living as much as your heart believes

You can't be born again
all though you can change
Let's stay together always


Chihiro's POV:

The school bells were one of the greatest sounds to my ears and at the same time something that sounded so brilliant in my ears sounded horrific in others. Today they rang twice and not once like they normally do, but twice in celebration for the new semester.

My toes gently pressed against the spot where the sidewalk and the courtyard meet and I watched as the children my age walked into the school. Some of them talked about schoolwork they didn't do why others talked about what they were going to do in gym today.

That was music to my ears. When everyone filed in the school and the doors shut I took in the breath of the school halls making sure I didn't step into the school not even an inch. I wonder what school is like, is it big on the inside like it is on the outside? Do the kids appreciate the bells as much as I do?

Do the books they read bring them to great vast adventures? Do they like solving out math problems or coloring a picture for their parent? I wonder if school would one day have a place for me.

Hurriedly I left the school to get back to the Sohma Estate. Yes that's right, I'm a Sohma. My full name is Chihiro Sohma and I too am part of the wretched zodiac curse, but by all standards not exactly 'in' it.

I think some of you might know my younger cousin, Rain Sohma, who died a few months ago. I'm a year older then Rain that would make me, 14. My hair was like a light brown that Rain use to say she wish she had and not that silver that reminds her of Ayame. My hair reached a little past my shoulders and my eyes a vast color of mucky hazel.

I am not a loved one in Akito's eyes, but yet one he calls 'A trouble maker.' What animal was I? What purpose did I serve in the zodiac? I'd rather not say. Every time I tell people what zodiac animal I am I shiver. How in disgust was it to be the fox, and there again goes the shiver in my back.


I walked into the Sohma Estate holding the bag of groceries in my hands. For such an angry Estate we were often very quiet. Everyone was at school and maybe that's why that afternoon I could hear the birds chirping up in the cherry blossoms in the tree.

"Hatori? Hatori are you around?" I couldn't seem to find Hatori as I stood outside his house, I called out again, "Hatori?" My voice rang loudly and seemed to echo, where was he? Nevertheless I put the groceries he asked me to get on his porch and started to head back to my house.

Hatori must have gone out to see Shigure or go to Ayame's store. My feet gently touched the stone cobbler pathway up to my house and my head stayed straight ahead. I wonder if it would be all right to go to the bookstore today.

Bookstore? School? Must sound like most boring places in the world, but from what I could muster up from it, sounded great. I wasn't allowed to talk or be near schools, bookstores, libraries, or anything that in someway would bring me knowledge. I was forever to stay a stupid fox.

It's kind of hard to explain, but you see in the zodiac the wolf, the cat, and the fox were three animals never to be allowed in the zodiac. Which also meant we were Akito's favorite toys to use. I had luckily hadn't been as important as the cat or the wolf, but Akito surely treated me as if I was just as "important".

The fox by nature is a devious, clever, tricky, and self-centered character. Akito's work was to make me everything besides that. I was everything, but self-centered and the moment I started thinking of myself it was the worst thing in the world, according to Akito.

I can't remember exactly how the fox was brought into the zodiac I could only hear by stories and Hatori really never let me hear more then a bit of it before saying it was enough for me to hear. All I had known is the fox in the tricky way tricked the wolf, tricked God (Akito), and most of all was the ultimate reason why the thought of the curse started as the wolf caused it.

Somehow it puzzled me how Rain and I could be "friends" or even enemies with the book of the curse and such.

Yes the wolf created it by going on with the little fox plans, but the fox was the troublemaker. I think in my own way that because the fox got around God; Akito would never let that happen so he did everything to be the exact opposite of the fox.

Just by nature the fox was smart animal and Akito in turn wanted me to be dumb. You see my mother ran away when I was just a newborn and after one year in kindergarten my father killed himself because he was angered by the fact he couldn't hug his own daughter. In my fathers will he left me too Akito who greatly and "pleasuring" took the job.

The first order of business was that Akito stopped sending me too school he took my text books, my computer, and banded me from stepping into a bookstore or school. I, that's right, can't read. I just started being able to read when Akito took me out and since I wasn't allowed to talk about reading it never really came up.

When Hatori or Shigure's sent me to get groceries they told me what it was and never wrote it down in fear of "hurting my feelings". Once in awhile Akito ordered them to write it down. However when I was younger the attention of Akito was hardly ever on me.

I got away with much more stuff when I was younger; I sometimes by "accident" slipped into the bookstore or walked into the school courtyard. When I did want something when I was younger I would point to it and ask a lady or a man who found it adorable I couldn't read. Now it was just sad and the shame of pointing to things was not really acceptable anymore.

Akito, ever since Rain died, had his attention more and more on me so I couldn't get away with much anymore and I knew in the back of my head. He was coming for me next.


I again could see the children pour out of the school as the day ended. Most of them wore uniforms, which in turn made me look down at my clothing.

I was wearing blue shorts, a short sleeve gray shirt with the number 3 on it in black letters, on my feet were black and white shoes and my hair was in down with a clip or two trying to hold it back.

When I was done watching the little kids run out of their school I headed towards the high school where I knew that I shouldn't be, but I went anyway.

The high school kids were much more interesting their conversations could be heard from miles away and their footsteps too. Their bell rang three times and they got out of school a little later.

Sometimes if you listened carefully you could hear them talking about who liked who and what their schoolwork assignments were. When I was sure I had to start heading back a voice stopped me.


I looked up to meet with Haru Sohma's eyes. His eyes of deep gray, and his hair of silver and black. He wore the uniform with disgust or so he tells me, his tie around his neck and didn't have it tied. He looked at me. "What are you doing here?"

I was loss of words. I knew I could get in trouble and yet I made it my daily routine to come to the school and listen to the afternoon bells. Before Momiji, Yuki, Kyo, or Haru could come out I usually ran home, but today I was completely thrown off.

"I—I just wanted to see the school!" I said really fast as if he would turn me into the Sohma adults.

Haru smiled, he was one of the kinder Sohmas. "Okay, okay relax," then he scratched his head looking the other way as if it was an embarrassment talk to me, "You know, you shouldn't be here."

Stupid as I was I ignored his comment, "Can I see your desk again Haru?" A simple piece of wood, but yet Haru took me their sometimes. He tried to make me quiet by putting his hand up, "Chihiro I don't thi--"

"I'll be really quick I promise, I just got to see it again. Please?"

Why did I always feel the need to get everyone in trouble? Why is it I couldn't stay quiet or keep myself still and obedient? These questions, these words confused me, and I've heard them so many times.

Do not go in the school. Do not read textbooks. Do not do this and that. Why did we allow Akito to control us so much? But maybe its we all fear him. Rain feared him and eventually he killed her.

I hadn't known about Rain's death until a few days after I was so use to her going away to Akito's that I wouldn't ask about her. But the adults didn't tell me right away either and when I finally asked Haru he told me.

Somehow I don't understand how Rain and I could be remotely close to friends if the zodiac book (from what I understand) says that we are to be vast enemies. Its not like we talked all the time and I knew over the months she was at Shigure's I didn't talk to her and that's something I regret.

Now even after I've heard all the things Akito did to Rain I still disobeyed everyone's warnings. Maybe its my fox instincts, maybe its just a thrill, and maybe I'm just mourning of Rain's death so much that I would do anything to forget about it.

"Chihiro, hey?" Haru shook my shoulders trying to snap me back to reality.

"Huh? So is it a yes, Haru? Can I see your desk?"

"Well, if it means a lot to you. Just a few minutes, okay?"


I ran off into the school knowing where his classroom was and hearing his footsteps chase after me. When Rain and I were younger we use to dream about going to school with one another, what our first lunches would be, what we would do on our first day of school.

And yet here we are. Rain went to school without me; I was taken away from the school. I was not running up the stairs with her after school when we noticed we lost something, like we imagined. I could only hear my footsteps running up the steps and it was not because of something I lost it was because of something I never had.


Ending Theme Song:

Fun supper,
Now, let's gather around.
Look to today's tears
To bring tomorrow's strength.
La la la la la la la la!
Wonderful feeling,
Love and life.
La la la la la la la la!
Love and life.
To the day that I gave my all,
Goodbye and thank you.
I end it with a smile.
That is my small prayer.
Spring, the flower blooms
At the time the green sprouts
Whatever kind of tear it is,
It's flowing on the wind.
La la la la la la la la!
Wonderful feeling,
Love and life.


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