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Fatal Flaw

Story by StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

All heroes must have a fatal flaw. It's a rule. Romeo was reckless, Batman had his trying to defeat the past problem, and Superman had… well, kryptonite. Which is why I hate Superman, he's so unrealistic. He doesn't have a flaw. But by far the most common flaw of a hero is hubris. Overweening pride. It made Odysseus travel 10 more years, Jason lost everything because of it. Heroes need confidence, but when ne slides into overconfident arrogance, then ne starts to become the villains. Ne think ne can do anything, and so ne begin to think that if ne ruled the world, there would be no problems. Ne would eliminate all crime, and rule a utopian society. It would be for the good of mankind, for who else could rule as well as nem? Even I, the most inconspicuous of heroes, know these thoughts. They are easy to slip into, easier to justify. Kim, as any hero, is proud. Her confidence along with Ron's luck have pulled her through a lot of situations she had no right getting out of. But even the best of Heroes sometimes need someone to bring nem back to reality.

Ron couldn't do it, he is, when all's said and done, her sidekick, however much they both deny it. On missions, she's in charge. It has to be someone directly associated to heroing, for ne must know what she thinks. So that leaves me. The ten-year old super genius, who can do the impossible in a minute of less. Who is the invisible force behind Team Possible, making sure they work, unmatched in genius by any. Except maybe Jim and Tim Possible, but they weren't capitalizing on their full potential. Every time they need my, a little kid's (to their thinking) help, it humbles Kim a little. She remembers that she needs other people, especially me. That perhaps her own society wouldn't be a utopian paradise, but a dictatorship. That her ruling wouldn't solve all crimes. It deflates her a bit, but as it deflates, it also keeps her on the side of good.

For after all, the only thing that could control the world and make it paradise would be science and computers, right?

Author's Note- In case you were confused, the pronoun ne, nes, nem is a gender neutral pronoun used when the gender of someting is unsure, rather than neuter. People usually use the plural (they, thei, them) but that is obviously incorrect. So please, is you're actually reading this, use ne from now on. And try to spread it around. Please?