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(A.N Idea from the episode 'New Earth'.)

Rat in the Darkness
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Illness is all I know, darkness is all I see, pain is all I feel, hopelessness the only thing I know. I do not know why I am damned to this existence… if, indeed, I truly exist at all. Life within this cell of pain is not truly life, is it?

How I know that anything exists beyond my current state, I am not sure, but I know that it does. I have heard voices before, voices speaking of 'wellness', though I have no clue as to what that means, just as I have no clue as to why I am doomed to be entrapped here. Just as I have no clue why I must eternally be alone. Just as I am not sure wether these voices that speak of 'illness' and 'wellness' even truly exist…

Then that pain breaks my thoughts once more, just as it breaks my body. The pain, the horror… I hear myself screaming, though I know no others will. There are no others, are there? Something tells me that there are; perhaps the 'others' are the voices I hear and the shadows I see outisde. If indeed there is such a thing as 'outside', though once again something tells me there is. There must be an outside, perhaps it is that thing I vaguely remember… perhaps it is that thing I can almost recall… but just as I do, the pain comes again.

I know what I am; 'they' call me a lab rat, the ones I hear sometimes. A rat used for nothing more than experiments. The voices say I suffer for the 'greater good', but for the greater good of what? There is nothing else that I know of, only this darkness. I am a rat in the dark and suffering for something I know nothing of…

Again the pain comes, again and again, and I am left knowing that I am worthless, nothing more than a rat trapped in the darkness, eternally in pain.