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This is basically just a prologue – my chapter's tend to be longer, but this is just the beginning, so…

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Les Portes Tordues (The Twisted Doors)

By Revolutionnaire Rouge

Chapitre Un – Trinity.

"Ah, Edward Elric, long time, no see."

Edward Elric took a gasping breath and looked up to the figure that had floated above him. Two almost invisible indentations stared down at him, vague impressions of eyes amongst a faceless visage. Ed clenched his fists and attempted to get up off of his knees – there was no way that he would kneel before the entity above. He swayed for a moment, but then locked his knees and looked defiantly down to the alchemic array beneath his feet.

"Blood," the figure mused, Its voice eerily childlike," Very creative, Edward Elric."

He didn't look up. The complex geometric patterns of the array soothed his reeling mind. The rust colored blood from which the array was created reminded Edward of his goal. He glanced to his left, and saw only unfamiliar nothingness.

"Where is my brother?" Edward demanded, choking down the note of panic that had attempted to surface," Where is Alphonse?"

The figure descended and crouched down when it reached the blank surface upon which Edward stood. The rest of Its body resembled Its face – practically transparent and vaguely humanoid, the only distinguishing features mere indentations. Edward took a deep breath, controlling his rising fear. The infinite blankness of his surroundings, the stagnant air and his own apprehension attempted to overwhelm his usually rational thoughts.

"I must say that I am impressed," It continued, ignoring the question posed," Using your own blood and an array modified from the Xerxes pattern in place of the body-mind-soul sacrifice of an actual human transmutation in order to get here. Bravo." It clapped silently," Although I do prefer your usual, wildly desperate self to this composed mask. Of course, I know that you're frantic on the inside, but you're so much more agreeable when you are begging for the lives of your loved ones." The figure shrugged and sat down, still radiating a sheer energy that Edward had felt ever since he had 'arrived'.

"Alphonse Elric is on his side of The Gate. I imagine you remember encountering his body the last time you crossed over. Poor thing, that body has become."

Ed's head snapped up, and he loosed a vicious snarl, anger overriding the heavy, settling sense of dread. He clenched and unclenched his automail fist, a perpetual reminder of how his own idiocy had cost him his arm and leg, and Alphonse his entire body. Ed had discovered that, instead of Al's body being completely eradicated, it had only been taken, and now lay somewhere amongst the nothingness, behind a Gate. How could he ever forget seeing Al's body when he had crossed The Gate to escape Gluttony's stomach; in his mind's eye, he could see his brother's weak smile, large eyes, and his sickly, thin frame.

"Stop playing games!" he growled, glaring into the formless face of the figure. The only readily distinguishable feature on the other figure's face was a thin, lipless mouth, which now pushed itself into a frown," Now, now Edward Elric, watch how you speak. I can take away your life as quickly as I gave it to you."

Slowly from the nothingness, a large, solid stone set of doors rose up from behind the seated figure.

The Gate.

Edward's liquid gold eyes widened, and he took a compulsive but unsteady step forward. It shook a finger at him, stopping him in his tracks," No Sir, Mr. Elric," It said mockingly," You did not come here for the Ultimate Knowledge. That has already been given to you. You may not enter again – unless you would like to give up your other arm."

Despite the figure's lack of what Edward would consider eyes, he could feel It's greedy desire to take back Ed's remaining arm.

"I came to make a deal," Edward said, his voice unwavering. However, everything around him suddenly seemed to dim and blur, and he was unable to tell if it was the figure's doing or his own massive loss of blood. The swirling blood patterns of the array beneath his feet suddenly repulsed him, and Edward remembered that he had only been able to partially heal back in the laboratory before he and Alphonse had activated the array. A trickle of blood crept down his good arm to his fist. A single, perfect drop dropped from his hand and fell past his feet into vast nothingness. It continued to plummet into infinity, growing smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared from Ed's sight.

"I know," the figure replied," And you know that dealing with me does not come without its price. What do you want this time, Edward Elric?"

Edward narrowed his eyes," You already know, don't you?" he spat. The figure giggled, Its uncanny pitch beginning to unnerve him.

"Of course I do. But I want to hear it from the mouth that I gave you."

"I want my brother's body. I want it to be restored to his soul."

"And your automail limbs?" It questioned.

"I don't care about them anymore," Edward said impulsively, again clenching and unclenching his mechanical fist," I just want my brother back."

It giggled again," Ah, that is right. You could not make a Philosopher's Stone. Too many others failed with their botched attempts at gaining infinite power, but you are already aware of that, aren't you Edward Elric. You've seen what happens to those who try to play God."

Each word brought back the biting memories of the past – the past that Edward desperately wished he could forget. The past that would always haunt his mind, awash with red – the color of blood. Of failure. Of the Philosopher's Stone.

"So you want your brother's body back," It mused. Despite himself, Edward nodded.

"You, being the practiced alchemist that you are, know the rules. Equivalent Exchange. The connection of the body, mind, and soul. You cannot get without giving. So tell me, Edward Elric, what will you give me?"

It grinned, white teeth appearing against a black hole of a mouth. The smile reminded Edward too much of the Homunculi Gluttony. For the first time since he had come, Edward glanced to the materials by his feet.

"The components of an average human adult body."

"Really now? Is that all? Surely you have not forgotten the last time you attempted to assemble a body with such components," It sneered.

"I haven't," Edward hissed, looking away from the figure," We made a mistake that time – I made a mistake," he turned his head and glared at It," But this time, there is a soul! We aren't trying to resurrect the dead! There is a soul for the body – it can be done!" He knew that he was beginning to sound desperate, beginning to plead, but he didn't care.

"Do not tell me what can and cannot be done, Edward Elric. I need more."

"What!" Edward cried out, rage flaring up," More? I've given you the body components, and Al's soul still exists! What more do you need?"

"If you had everything Edward Elric," It challenged," Why did you come?"

"I-" Ed faltered for a moment," I didn't want to risk it with Al. I've already screwed up. You won't."

"I won't?"

"You're God," Ed said flatly," The Universe."

The figure rocked back and forth on Its heels, grinning widely," Ah, good, you have not forgotten. You are right – I am capable of giving you what you want. Again you prove yourself to be a well of knowledge. But remember Edward Elric, knowledge is not always the answer. Knowledge will not always bring you happiness. You have learned that many times before."

"Would you stop bringing up the past?" Ed roared, hot blood and searing guilt boiling through each vein," What is done is done, I'm ready to forget the memories!"

He buried his face in his hands, emotions overcoming him. He wanted this, needed this, to return Alphonse. Nothing else mattered. He couldn't fight the surge of feelings – regret, anger, desire, guilt. So much guilt.

"I'm ready to forget," he whispered through his fingers," I'm ready to live again. I'm ready for Al to live again."

"Good. This will make things much easier."

Edward looked up, confused at It's sudden change in tone.

"You must give me something more. When you do, I will bring Alphonse Elric to his body beyond the gate."

Edward stood straight and clenched both fists, golden eyes burning with the unquenchable sun. Whatever he had to give up, he would do it for Al.

"What do I have to give you?"

It grinned again, and suddenly Ed wondered if he had made the choice. But no, it didn't matter now. Whatever I do, I will do for Al. He replayed the mantra over and over in his head, as he had for the past eight years.

"Alchemy," It said quietly," Consists of three components, a painful fact which very few alchemists, even the skilled ones, come to realize. You, Edward Elric, do know the rules. Alchemy follows two simple laws: Equivalent Exchange, and the balance of the body, soul, and mind."

It's grin widened, a soft glow began to surround both Edward and the figure. Startled, Edward took a step back, but found himself unable to leave the confines of the alchemic array upon which he stood.

"I already have plenty of souls, and thanks to alchemists like you, I have more than enough bodies."

Edward grit his teeth, then noticed that the glow surrounding him had intensified. It spread It's arms wide.

"I'm giving up one body to one soul. What's left, Edward Elric?"

The light now blinded Edward, all he could see was It's mocking, greedy grin. His golden eyes widened.

"The Mind," he whispered.

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