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Good Bye

I guess what hurt the most, was when I opened my eyes and you weren't there. Also, the thought that you may never be again. That thought... made me sick. And knowing that I couldn't bring you back. The most important things in the world to me: our rivalry, our friendship...you- suddenly vanishing.

Everyone who went on your rescue mission, coming back with not only aching bodies but also aching hearts. Even those who weren't as close to you as I am, they- no, we- everyone in Konoha- still lost a commrad. A great one. A perfect one. I've lost everything now; my family, freinds, and the worst thing that could possibly be taken. You.

The first time I opened my eyes after I last saw you, I was flying though the air with Kakashi. But I didn't want to be. My body throbed with excrusiating pain, but it hurt worse inside. When I got to the hospital, I didn't want to be treated. I didn't want to heal. I would've rather died, because I didn't want to heal if it meant you weren't there to spar with after a full recovery.

Ever since I was young, you were my main goal- the level I wanted to reach. If I could be acknowledged by you, maybe there was hope the whole village could accept me. Now what do I do? My goal is gone, my will power is gone... YOU are gone. At first, I tried really hard to give myself hope- I told myself I would get you back... but it's been years since you left. I have no more hope. You're not coming home. Even the rest of Konoha has given up on thier precious Uchiha.

I remember when I was younger, just the sight of you made me happy. Not that I was happy that you looked sad, but happy at the secret smiles we BOTH had, thinking that we weren't all alone. It was unspoken, but we understood each other. We understod loneliness together, but from afar. So similar, yet so different.

You being alone, but paised by everyone and being good at everything.

Me being alone, and hated by everyone and being good at nothing.

I admired you for what you were and loved for what you weren't. The admiration from all those years gradually blossomed into love. Love, that I never realized until you clug to me, and 'died' in my arms, both our bodies pieced with needles. Love, the emotion never directed toward me. Love, the word that sums up everything I feel for you.

But you're gone. Love is dead. And I fear if things continue as they are, I could be, too. So I'm leaving.

It's been eating away at me. Eroding what sanity I still have. Soon there will be nothing left.

These memories are sufficating. The acadamy where we first met. The training grounds where we would spar. The bridge where team seven would meet. The ramen shop where we would eat out every once in a while. Everywhere. There, where you passed me on the street and I thought I saw a smile. There, where I made a joke and you replied 'Dobe'.

There... There... And There...

You're not here, but you won't leave. So I will. I'm leaving tonight. Since you won't come back, I'm not going back either. Maybe one day I'll find you, but I won't go looking for you, no matter how much it hurts. You don't want to be found. So neither do I. If you come back while I'm gone, then I'm sorry I can't see you. I can't go back ever now. I love you. Good bye, Sasuke.


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