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Chapter 1: Unspoken Memories

It was a warm, Sunday evening. The Science Club sat inside the lounge area deciding on what activity to do before curfew.

" I know what we should do" said Lucas in a loud, excited voice. "We should watch the new Creatures of the Night movie. I heard it's really scary."

Everyone looked over at Lucas in a blank, bored stare.

"So that's your idea of fun? Just sitting around watching a scary movie when we could have went down the street to the movie theater? I don't think that's fun Lucas." Marshall quipped in an irritated tone.

"Well you guys aren't coming up with any great ideas yourselves." Lucas sneered as he eyed Marshall.

"I know what Corrine and I could do, if you know what I mean." Marshall replied with a big cheesy smile as he winked at Corrine. She looked at him with a surprised, embarrassed look.

Everyone looked over at Marshall and then at Corrine, and erupted into laughter.

"Marshall you are such a perv." Josie replied, shaking her head.

After all of the laughter and name calling towards Marshall was over, there was a long, silent pause. Everyone was either looking at the floor or at the ceiling, wasting away from boredom. Marshall kept trying to make eye contact with Corrine to try to convince her that his so-called "suggestion" was much more fun.

" I know what we can do." Began Josie, breaking the deafening silence. "We could continue to investigate the real reason as to why I was trapped in the condemned Blake Holsey."

Everyone looked at each other and then at Josie in disbelief.

"Don't you remember Josie? You took the Chi-quong ball from my father and that's why you were trapped in that alternate timeline." Vaughn retorted with slight sternness in his voice as he eyed Josie.

Josie rolled her eyes at Vaughn and continued on with her protest. "But we don't know the real reason as to why I was gone for a long time and who really wanted me gone...and for good!" Josie yelledin anguish.

"Josie you can't be serious! What if we go investigating and we won't be back in time for curfew! We could get into some real big trouble!" Corrine replied furiously.

"All you worry about is following the rules and not taking risks! This is about my safety and my life! Who knows if there is someone or something lurking out there trying to get me…or even kill me!" Josie yelled back with tears welling up in her eyes.

"And how do you know that it will happen again Josie? That's why we can't go off on the spur of the moment trying to take matters into our own hands when we don't know the facts! Didn't you learn from last time!" Corrine cried out angrily with tears also welling up in her eyes.

"Okay okay enough!" Marshall said as he stood up with his arms stretched out between Josie and Corrine. "It's obvious that everyone is still very upset over Josie's disappearance and the hell we went through to find her and bring her back. Now everyone please just calm down so that we can have a nice relaxing evening together before classes start tomorrow okay?"

"It's just that I have to know! I'm terrified!" Josie sobbed.

Vaughn walked over and sat next to Josie and placed his arm around her and held her close to his chest. He then placed his head on top of hers.

"Listen Josie, we all want to know who's the bastard that's behind all of the crazy things here at school, and who tried to keep you away from us, away from me." Vaughn said softly to Josie.

He lifted her head so that her eyes could meet his. He gazed into her deep brown eyes and wiped away the tears on her face. " I can't lose you again." He said softly, making sure only she heard him. Josie stared into his eyes and saw something she'd never seen before. A look of worry, sadness, and… could it also be love?

"Uh I hate to ruin this moment of passion, but we still haven't decided on what to do and curfew is coming up in a few hours." Lucas said as he stood up, eyeing Josie and Vaughn uncomfortably

"We could watch your stupid movie Lucas."Marshall retorted playfully.

Everyone left the lounge and walked over to the television room. When Vaughn was halfway out of the room, Josie gently grabbed his arm and told the others that they would be over in a minute and not to start the movie.

"Vaughn, can I talk to you for a moment?" Josie asked quietly. "Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on. I guess I haven't let all of my emotions out since I've been back." She smiled weakly.

"No problem, I'm always here for you." Vaughn answered as he cupped her face in his hands.

"Are you sure everything is fine with you? It seems like you were pretty upset when everyone was talking about my disappearance." Josie asked as she held Vaughn's hands.

"I'm fine, I just hate remembering what happened and I had an eerie feeling about everything. Don't worry, I'm fine." Vaughn said las he looked at the floor, trying to hold back tears.

"Guys we can't wait any longer!" Lucas shouted impatiently from the hallway.

"I guess we'd better go and watch some zombies before Lucas turns us into one." Josie laughed.

They both walked slowly out of the lounge, trying to fight back the feeling to hold each other's hand.

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