Author Note: Hey guys, don't mind me, I'm just jotting down a silly little idea that popped into my head the other day. It's a completely pointless, but hopefully humourous fic about the 10th Doctor and Rose.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who (obviously) coz if I did...well actually I wouldn't change a thing, but thats not the point! I don't own the song mentioned either, but I won't say what it is coz that would spoil the pointless story!

"Doctor? Doctor, who you talkin' to?" Rose called out as she wandered from her bedroom towards the control room. He was definately talking to someone - she could hear him speaking. But when she found him leaning over one of the control stations, she found that he was quite alone.


"There's so many things I like about you, I just don't know where to begin."

"Excuse me?" Rose exclaimed, stepping back in surprise. Since when had the Doctor ever been so forward - so DOMESTIC - about his feelings?

"Ok, well...I like the way you look at me with those beautiful eyes."

"Huh?" Should she be flattered or worried at his strange behaviour?

"I like the way you act so surprised."

How the hell could he tell that when he hadn't even turned to look at her?

"I like the way you sing along."

"Sing along to what? I'm not singing!"

"I like the way you always get it wrong."

"I don't! Not always!" She said, sounding very offended at that last insult.

"I like the way you clap your hands."

"Doctor, you're not making sense!" Rose was getting seriously worried now.

"I like the way you love to dance."

"I - well ok, I can't deny that," she agreed, momentarily forgetting what she was worried about. But then the Doctor reminded her again.

"I like the way you put your hands up in the air. I like the way you shake your hair. I like the way you like to touch - "

"Erm no, thats you with your buttons!" Rose corrected, but the Doctor just chose to ignore her again and continue.

"I like the way you stare so much."

"I don't!" If Rose had been a child, she'd have been throwing a real tantrum now, stamping her feet and everything in utter defiance.

"But most of all - "

"Doctor, are you even listening to me?" she demanded at last.


"Good. Shut up!"

"Most of all - " If anything, he only increased in volume.

"Cut it out!" Rose was marching over to him now, all ready to slap him for being so insulting.

"I like the way you moooove!"

"Moooove? What are you on about?" Rose paused, mid-stride, one foot still hanging in the air.

"I like the way you moooove!"

"Doctor, mooooooove isn't a word. What's wrong with - oh!" Finally, from her new position much closer to him, Rose had seen the thin white wire feeding from his ears, down his side to his trouser pocket.

And peeking out of that trouser pocket was a pink I-Pod...HER pink I-Pod!

The Doctor hadn't been talking to her at all! He'd been singing!

Rose could have kicked herself for not realising sooner. She was all set to confiscate her music player and slap him for confusing her when the Doctor apparently got bored of that song and fiddled with the player until he found one he liked.

"Now I'm the King of the Swingers. Oh, the Jungle VIP. I've reached the top, and had to stop, and that's what's bothering me!"

Rose paused for a moment and listened in amusement before she was overcome with hysterical giggles that finally caught the Doctor's attention.

He spun on the spot and his face glowed red with embarrasement as he jerked the ear pieces out and tried to hide them behind his back.

"One question," Rose gasped at last. "How the hell did a Disney song get on MY I-Pod?"

"What? I like Disney!" The Doctor pouted.