Okay, first of all this is a ONESHOT...meaning it will only be one chapter long. this is the first time I've done a Mars story, and it's been a while since I read the series, so I'm sorry if the characters are a bit off. And the whole Draw-er thing...any artist would react like that so don't think it's just cus I changed her...you also have to think how comfortable she is with him...this is after the story is over...I hope this goes over well...cus I liked it a lot. Enjoy!

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Rei sat on his bed watching his girlfriend sitting on the floor staring intently between her sketchbook and the picture on the floor before her.

She was such an impressive woman, but so easily overlooked. It had taken him years to notice her, and they'd often been in the same class.

Now he couldn't immagine a life without her. Her little quirks, her talents, her unconditional love. even after finding out he was a murderer she had loved him and helped him see passed the surface to what was true.

She was such a good artist and he loved to watch her work. When they had first started seeing eachother and she had used him as a model he'd watched her slender little hands work furiously over the paper. Her eyes sweeping over him in a type of caress.

It had been an extremely sensual experience but in the end he'd ended up sleeping. Rei knew it irritated Kira, but he couldn't help it. The longer he sat under her arousing gaze the more he'd wanted to just take her in his arms and kiss her senceless.

so he slept through it, knowing she wouldn't be too thrilled with him forcing himself on her. Now he was glad he had had the control, what with everything she had gone through.

As much as he enjoyed watching her, he loved being close to her even more. Finally impatient with watching from afar Rei unwound from the bed and went to crouch beside her.

The picture she was drawing was of the two of them sitting on his moter bike kissing, on of her friends had taken it and he remembered her pretty little blush after the picture was taken. He'd laughed and kissed her nose affectionately.

Her hand, slim and beautiful, was flicking gracefully across the page. The picture was almost complete and he was once again awed by her talents.

"You're such a good draw-er, Kira." he said, staring at the picture.

Kira's hand froze and she looked up at him incredulously, "what?" She asked in disbeleif.

"I said you're a good draw-er." He answered, suddenly uncomfortable under his beautiful girlfriends stare.

"I'm not a drawer, honey." She told him as if speaking to a child.

If Rei had been a cartoon character his jaw would have hit the floor, "I didn't say you were!" He defended himself, "I said you were a good draw-er."

"Draw-er is not a word, Rei." She explained, still slightly offended, "I'm an artist, not a drawer."

"Sorry." Rei mumbled, slightly confused. Kira had never reacted like that before.

"It's alright, just don't do it again." He nodded and Kira grinned and kissed him quickly on the lips, "Good boy."

It was official, Kira had him wrapped around her little finger. And despite feeling like a dog who had just been repremanded for chewing on his masters new shoes, he felt he had avoided a major catastrouphy.

Sorry it was so short, but it could have been a whole lot shorter. I hope you enjoyed it...now: