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Kill or Be Killed

By: chocolate rules


Part 2

A Duo for the Ages

John awoke to the very well known noise of his sons cooking. Cooking up a storm, he thought. He willed himself off his bed and into the kitchen.

Dean stood in front of the stove. He had eggs, bacon, and pancakes heaped into plates and more coming on the stove. Sammy sat at the island covered in a blanket that Dean had no doubt told him to keep on.

"…and then, dum dum dum dummmmmm! She turned around and her head was all spinning in circles. Her eyes were black and then she stopped the spinning and stared at him. It was totally creepy!" Dean flipped a few pancakes and continued, not looking up from his work. Sam was eating some of the already prepared food and laughing at his brother's stupid comments.

"She started talking in like five different languages - totally cursing him out. I think that whoever wrote the movie wasn't trying to be serious. All she did was call him a faggot bunny or something." And Sam was laughing again. John loved observing his sons peaceful activities, but he was getting worried about where this story might end.

"And which movie was this?" John said standing beside Sam. Dean turned around slowly and gave a soft smile to his father.

"Hey Dad. Breakfast?" John shrugged an okay, and Dean handed him one of the filled plates besides him.

"Dean made too much batter." Sammy explains through a mouthful. "But they're super good!" Dean smiled tossing his father the maple syrup bottle. He had to keep it away from Sam because the boy didn't know when to stop with that thing.

"How you doing kiddo?" John asked his youngest. He ruffled his hair and took the seat to Sam's left.

"I'm okay," Sam says quick and quiet like. He really wants to avoid the subject of last night at all cost.

"You know, we have to talk about it, right?" Sam groaned, but it was Dean who spoke.

"Not over 'Dean's Absolutely Awesome Chocolate Chip Pancakes' you won't", Dean said. He turned off all the ranges and took his own heaped plate to the table sitting in front of Sam.

"You named them?" Sam asked, all too happy to change the subject. He received a not at all scary glare from his brother and laughed.

John enjoyed the very well prepared meal and watched the boy's interaction. Once they were done, Dean took all the dishes, and yes they all had extras, to the sink. He then proceeded to push Sammy towards the sink, signaling that it would be him to do up the dishes. Sam moaned, but his happily filled tummy told him to shut his cakehole and wash them.

Dean smiled at John and headed into the living room. John smiled at himself, the boy knew him too well. Or rather, he was worried about what would happen with Sam. Too much like a parent himself.

John entered to find Dean sitting on the coffee table leaning towards the couch, which is wear John sat. Positions now reversed, John waited for Dean to start on whatever it was he was thinking. He didn't have to wait long.

"We're not causing him anymore pain." Dean said, looking down to the hands he was playing with.

"We won't" was all that John said. Dean nodded.

"And he's not doing any more 'special' training because of this either." That surprised John, but once again he agreed.

"Alright then, he won't." Again Dean nodded.

"This wasn't anything rebellious. So, it has to be treated…carefully." And Dean looked up. "Sam's motives for doing things aren't what anyone else's would be. He's different Dad. I don't know how, but he is. And it's not just because he's my little brother and I think he's the best damn kid in the world. Sam is different. He's not like us. And he's not like anyone else either. He's…like, one of a kind." And Dean was at a lose of any more words. The worry was growing in his eyes and tears were starting to flood them. But, John observed, he hadn't seemed to notice. Dean was making himself completely vulnerable now. For Sammy's sake.

They're two of a kind, my boys. A rare kind. John thought. "Listen, son. I don't want to hurt Sammy. I just need him to understand. I need to know why he did this."

"That's just it Dad. I don't think that Sammy knows why he did this. Sammy, he just does things. Just because. Things like, call to him or something."

Things call out to him?

"No Dad. I mean…well, I don't know what I mean. But he's special and so, no punishment, okay?"

"How about this sport, since you have tossed away most of my only methods of punishment, why don't you think something up?" Dean looked at him skeptically. "Seriously, Dean. Whatever it is you think that you brother deserves. It's your call. You know him better and he'll listen to you. Besides, let's face it. You're the one who's going to have to execute it. It might as well start coming from you."

"Okay," Dean said with a slight nod. HE still looked skeptical but he stood up and headed towards the kitchen. "Well, let's get this over with."

John followed him into the kitchen. Sam was just finishing up the dishes and was putting them away into the cabinets he could reach.

"Hey Sam, sit." Dean said pointing to the chair he had been sitting in. Sam turned around to face them and must have understood what was going on because he didn't argue it. Dean continued.

"Okay, Dad wants to know why you did what you did." Sam looked at his father and softly shrugged. "That's not an answer, Sam." Dean said. John was surprised to hear a firm and authoritive voice coming out of the boy. Especially towards his brother. But, somehow Sammy's eye roll response made him feel like it was not the first time that Sam had heard it. Apparently, he wasn't one to test it.

"Well, I started talking with these kids and things escalated. I don't really know why. I just, did." Dean now rolled his eyes.

"You know better than to trust people like that Sam."

"Yeah, but once it was actually happening, I didn't realize that that was what was happening. It was all to, normal to be weird. You know?"

"You didn't expect something like that to happen to you." Sam nodded. It was like John wasn't even there and Dean was scolding Sam for taking an extra cookie or something.

All three of their worries had been pointless.

"Well, that's why your being trained Sam. To expect the unexpected. What if…" but Dean couldn't even say it. What if he hadn't made it there on time? Then what would have happened with Sam? Would it of been to late?

"I'm sorry, Dean." Sam said looking down. Then he started to shudder and John was pretty sure he was crying. He didn't even know what to do. He would have to take Dean's lead, and Dean was ignoring it for the time being.

"Well, sorry might not keep you alive next time, kiddo. You get me?" Sam nodded and Dean, who was staring at him, saw it. "Words Sam."

"Yes. I understand." Sam said. His voice came out all shaky and strained. He was obviously holding back the tears.

"Good. So, Dad thinks you deserve a punishment." Sam looked up horrified towards his father, then Dean, than back to his father. "I agree. And you agreed too last night."

Two pair of eyes rested on Dean while he contemplated what he was going to let Sammy in for.

"And so, I've decided that…you're doing absolutely all my chores. For a month. And all yours chores too, cause you never do them."

"What!" Sam's whiney voice surfaced. He looked pleadingly towards his father, but all he got was a soft smile. Tears were coming down his cheeks, but he was no longer on the brinks of hysteria.

"Yeah, you heard me right. This is a totally selfish punishment on my behalf and I don't care. I could use up all the free time and go on that date with Sarah."

"Morgan?" Sam said through a partly parted grin. Dean's eyes gleamed a little. Here Dean was, punishing Sam, and they were playing jokes off each other. If John had been administering the punishment, Sam would have reached hysteria already.

"Yeah, Morgan." Dean said slightly blushing. "And there's a Sarah somewhere out there waiting for me. " And he winked at Sam. Sam let out a small chuckle and shook his head in disbelief towards his brother.

"So, all the house chores for a month. Not to mention you're totally grounded for two weeks and you already know how that goes. Now, there are some dishes with your name over there, get to them." And Sam scrunched up his face but he slid off the chair none the less. Dean winked at John over Sam's head.

Sam walked past Dean towards the dishes; Dean pulled him into a one armed hug and talked him quickly through the last tears.

"Dude, you cry over everything. You cry on command, man."

"Well, you taught me," Sam said quietly and Dean laughed. He looked over at John and he too began to laugh.

"Whatever, dude. Just promise us one thing…"

"I won't ever do anything like that again. I promise." And he said this looking straight to John and gripping Dean's shielding arm. John nodded and smiled at the boy.

"That's all I need to hear. "He said.

"Same." Dean agreed. And briefly, but noticeably by both of the other parties, Dean placed a hasty kiss on the top of Sam's moppy hair. He then released Sam and for the second time that morning pushed him towards the dishes.

"And we should start with the packing, Dean." John said. Dean nodded and no response came from Sam.

Leaving town, John had gone ahead and arranged them an apartment already in Granville. Dean had taken Sam to say bye to Toby and he thanked Tom and their mom for their help.

Then, the boys made their way to the Impala and settled into the familiar seats. Soon, Sam was asleep and Dean knew he would have a nightmare soon, because that was Sammy for ya. He was okay with it though. It was something he could help, just holding the kid. Helping him thorough it. Masking the real terrors.

It was a rough world they lived in. Kill or Be Killed. Live or Die Trying. Live and Learn. Sam and Dean. A duo for the ages.