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Uzumaki Naruto looked around the room. At first glance everything inside it seemed normal enough, but upon careful inspection, the old man with the long white beard and the shiny plum coloured cloak was obviously out of place among the ninjas. Haruno Sakura was sitting in an armchair by the fireplace in Tsunade's office, while Uchiha Sasuke was perched on the windowsill. Kakashi had yet to arrive, and they were all waiting rather impatiently for him, except for the old man who had contented himself with eating some small yellow candies. Tsunade burst into the room, her face red with anger. Kakashi walked in lazily behind her, as if nothing were amiss, and the three teens would have never realized that anything was, had they not seen the giant bruise forming underneath his one good eye. Naruto snickered at his sensei and the ever-proper Sakura shot him a warning glare. Her mentor, Tsunade, was easily angered and wouldn't think twice about pummeling the poor guy.

After Tsunade had settled herself behind her desk and taken a few moments to compose herself, and Kakashi had found a seat next to Naruto, the old man looked up. "Well Tsunade-san," he said in Japanese, "I believe it is time that the final round of introductions take place."

"It's alright my dear friend. They have all learned to speak English, it is not as important as Japanese in this land, but important enough to be learned," Tsunade replied in the man's native tongue.

The man visibly eased and spoke to the whole party in English, "My name is Albus Dumbledore. I am the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."


"Sakura Haruno," Sakura stated remembering that last names were said after the first name in most English speaking regions.

"Sasuke Uchiha," Sasuke stated following Sakura's example.

"Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto said, mirroring the other two.

"Tsunade," Tsunade said shortly.

"Now that the formalities are out of the way, why don't I simply skip to the details of the mission," the man named Albus Dumbledore said.

"Wait, so that's why we're here! What a relief, I thought I was going to get in trouble for drawing all over Tsunade's face on the monument," Naruto laughed, clearly relieved.

"Baka," Sasuke muttered. Sakura simply stared at Naruto with horror on her face. Tsunade reached wordlessly for a bottle under her desk and took a very long swig of the liquid inside, then began massaging her temples.

"No, Naruto. Like I informed the three of you yesterday, you will be participating in a mission that will take up nearly a year. Many of the other teams from Konoha will be accompanying you as well as the three siblings from the Sand," Kakashi said.

"I don't need all those people to accomplish any mission. I'm the best of the best and I'm going to be Hokage one day. A future Hokage doesn't need that much help!" Naruto exclaimed.

"It's a very important mission, and since the teams that we can spare consist solely of children, it was decided that more of you would go," Tsunade said, and as Naruto opened his mouth to protest again Tsunade concluded with, "and that's final!"

Naruto reluctantly closed his mouth and listened somewhat quietly as the old man spoke of a boy name Harry Potter, who the ninjas were supposed to protect, and a man named Voldemort who was after the boy and who was causing destruction for the whole wizarding world. At this mention of the word wizard, Sakura's interest peaked and she asked the question that had been on the tip of her tongue since the man had introduced himself.

"Wizarding," she said, "what do you mean by the "wizarding world", and how are you the headmaster of a school for witchcraft and wizardry when witches and wizards are fictional characters.

"You're quite bright my dear," Albus Dumbledore said while smiling to himself, she reminded him of a certain bushy haired girl back at school, "however," he continued, "wizards and witches are as real as you or me. We have kept ourselves hidden from the non-magical folk, whom we call muggles, for centuries."

"I'm sorry, I still find it hard to believe that such wizards exist. None of the five lands have ever boasted of possessing someone as powerful as a wizard," Sakura said.

"Well that's because they do not live within the borders of your territory. Your land has been protected for thousands of years from the prying eyes of the rest of the world by magic barriers placed along the borders by the first shinobi. As far as my world knows, you do not exist. And as far as you know, we do not exist."

"That's impossible," Sakura said. "How could thousands, no, millions of people not know of the existence of each other."

"It's true that the whole concept is quite farfetched, and the rest of your friends had trouble believing as well, but I am a wizard, and there is another world full of people that possess powers like my own as well as others who do not."

"Prove it!" Naruto screamed. "Just prove to me your one of them wibard things!"

"If you insist." Dumbledore replied to Naruto's outburst. And with that he pulled a little wooden stick out of his pocket, pointed it at an empty vase of flowers, muttered a word under his breath, and to the amazement of everyone in the room, the vase filled with the most beautiful roses that they had ever seen.

"Your friends found it easier to believe what I had said after I did," Dumbledore said.

"Hn," Sasuke muttered while staring at the once empty vase.

"That was...that was...a-a-amazing," Sakura stuttered. Naruto was silent and even Kakshi was impressed.

"Now that everyone seems to believe my friend Dumbledore, may he continue without further interruption. We've been at this all day with the other teams," Tsunade stated. When no one objected she motioned to Dumbledore to continue.

"Well it seems that perhaps a man named Orochimaru managed to contact this Voldemort before he," Dumbledore cleared his throat, "died. We don't know how he could have possibly found him through the barrier set up, maybe he was attracted to the malicious intent. However they arranged a spell so that one's powers would be transferred to another upon their death. It seems that our greatest foe is now gifted with some extremely disturbing techniques and he must be stopped before he destroys both our world and yours. Do you comply to help protect this boy from this horrible man as well as attempt to gain information about him and perhaps partake in a...for lack of a better word, war? If so, you will be enlisted in my school as students and will be able to gather your information and protect the boy as well through this manner. It is a mission that could take even longer than a year. If you accept, I will inform you more on the situation in the future, but what I have already told you should be more than enough to help you decide whether you will accept and to help you get started."

The three ninjas looked at each other, and a simultaneous response rang in each of their minds. Orochimaru was bad news, if this guy seriously had Orochimaru's power along with his own, there would be trouble for all in the near future.

"I still don't completely believe you, but I accept," Sakura was the first to speak.

"I accept," Sasuke replied with as few words as humanly possible.

"I'm going to kick this Voldeform's butt and defeat Orochimaru's evil spirit once and for all," Naruto answered.

"And you Kakashi, what is your place in this matter?" Tsunade asked. The three teens glanced at their sensei. "Will you take the teaching position, or will you simply pose as an honoured guest like the other team leaders?"

"Yes, I will take the teaching position, but things will be done my way," Kakashi answered, "I'm not going to follow the Ministry's guidelines."

"I wouldn't expect anything else from you, Kakashi," Dumbledore said. "Now that all is settled, I will meet you tomorrow, here in this office, so we can depart. Farewell." And the old man vanished.

Naruto looked at his team members. "Well if the others agreed, I guess this might not just be a fairy tale..," he thought.

And the three departed, with Sakura pulling both boys by the hands exclaiming at how much packing they had to do, while both boys tried desperately to escape her tightening grasp. Kakashi and Tsunade watched their favourite team depart.

The next morning, the fifteen teens, the four team leaders, Tsunade, and Dumbledore were gathered in Tsunade's office. Tsunade clapped her hands twice causing the chatter of the group to die down. "Good, now that I have your attention listen up! Everyone is going to have to touch this old thing with a finger so that you can get out of here. You will all listen to the instructions your team leaders and Dumbledore give you. Remember the success of this mission is imperative. Also, under no circumstances should you reveal that you are known as shinobi or that you are from a different world. If anyone asks, you come from the School of Magic and Chakra, which is located in the country of Japan. Got that?" she yelled, making sure that everyone understood.

"I still don't believe any of this is real," Sakura whispered to TenTen who stood next to her, one finger on the immense object like everyone else.

"Neither do I," TenTen whispered back, "it seems so impossible."

"Troublesome," said Shikamaru from TenTen's other side. "That's what this whole thing is. Troublesome. Too troublesome to think about."

"Isn't he cute?" said Temari from Sakura's other side. She waved at Shikamaru, who groaned. The three girls laughed at the lazy guy then turned their heads to Dumbledore who had started speaking.

"In a few moments, we will all be seemingly lifted up into the air and transported to a local pub near the alley where your school supplies need to be purchased. There we will meet an associate of mine who will guide you from that point on. Make sure to have at least a finger touching this thing alright." Dumbledore said, and with that he started to count backwards from ten. Everyone, no one doubting the man's truthfulness, reached out to make sure their hold on the object was secure and braced themselves. When he reached one. The teens looked at each other as nothing had happened, but no sooner had they thought that before they all felt a jolt behind their navels and saw a blur of colours all around them.

Seconds later they crashed in what seemed to be a dingy room. Only Dumbledore, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Shino had managed to keep their balance upon impact. Everyone else had fallen over, forming a massive heap of bodies and a giant dust cloud. Gaara and Neji were especially angered, because they had somehow managed to get stuck in the middle of all of it.

"Whoa," they heard a voice say from somewhere just outside their line of vision, which was severely hindered due to all the dust. "I think they're foreign.

Earlier that day Harry had woken up expecting a normal day, but when he had left the safe house, with the Weasleys and Hermione, to go buy his school supplies in Diagon Alley he knew he could expect no such thing. They arrived at the Leaky Cauldron to find a giant dust cloud preventing them from seeing anything. As the dust started to settle, Harry could make out a pretty large group of people.

"Whoa," he heard Ron say, "I think they're foreign." Harry looked back at the giant dust cloud to see that he could now make out the peoples' features a bit, but one of the only things he could easily make out was a shock of pink hair. And it seemed that the pink hair was heading toward them.

Sakura had recovered from the sudden fall much faster than the rest of her friends and mentors. Even Kakashi, Dumbledore, Shino, and Sasuke, who had all managed to land on their feet were shaking from the sudden...teleportation, though it appeared Dumbledore was shaking more from the laughter he was trying to suppress at the sight of Tsunade trying to untangle herself from Naruto, than from the harsh landing.

She stood up slowly, trying to avoid stepping on Temari's and TenTen's toes, and carefully headed toward the outside of the dust cloud. The first things she saw were a bunch of tables and chairs plus some lanterns, then, as her eyes adjusted to the dingy lighting, she could make out some people standing a good distance back from the commotion. She walked towards them, smoothing out her jeans, red cashmere turtleneck, and pink hair. The group consisted mostly of redheads, but there was one brunette, and one raven haired boy. She approached them slowly speaking in her perfected English.

"Hi," she said, "me and my friends...well...ummm...do you think you could tell me where we are?" She looked over at her friends and noticed that Dumbledore was already gone. The rest of the party had started to stand up and steady themselves, however no one had yet noticed Sakura's disappearance.

The entire Weasley family, Harry, and Hermione looked once again at the foreigners. Then Hermione, remembering the strange girl in front of her, snapped her head back towards the pink haired kunoichi and opened her mouth. "You're inside the Leaky Cauldron. Umm, I'm sorry, can I ask how you guys got here, I mean did you apparate, use a portkey, what?"

Sakura remembered that Dumbledore had told them they would be arriving at a wizarding pub. So these people were also wizards she thought. She remembered the word Dumbledore had used to describe the strange object he had them all touch. Portkey. "By portkey," she uttered to the bushy haired girl becoming aware of the numerous pairs of eyes fixed on her.

"Is that your natural hair colour?" the redheaded girl asked.

"Ginny!" a redheaded woman, who appeared to be the girl's mother, cried in disbelief.

"Yeah, and your eyes ," started one redheaded boy, only to have his sentence finished by his twin, "are so green." Harry looked at her eyes long enough to notice that they were as pure green as his.

"Fred! George!" the woman started again.

"It's alright miss, I don't mind," Sakura started. Even in the ninja world, pink hair was not normal. "People always ask. And yes, it is my natural colour," she finished looking at the young girl and the twins.

By now the dust had completely settled and Sakura could see that her friends and senseis had realized that she was not among them. They were taking head counts! She laughed silently at them, frankly, she didn't care that they didn't know where she was. The strangers were nice enough, she was sure they weren't going to do anything to her. They looked about as confused as she was.

She quickly observed the group of people she was talking with out of the corner of her eye. Two redheaded parents, one redheaded daughter, and six redheaded sons. It appeared that the two dark haired people were simply friends of the youngest son, as they were standing by him, and not actual members of the family. Sakura was intent on scanning over the members of the party a bit more and was caught off guard when a question flew her way.

"Where are you from?" the bushy haired girl asked.

"Konoha,"Sakura said.

"Konoha, where's that?" a guy with ridiculous glasses asked.

Sakura was about to answer before someone cut in.

"Japan." Sakura wheeled around to see that Sasuke had appeared behind her and was gently squeezing her shoulders in a silent reminder to live by the story Tsunade and Dumbledore had created for them. Sakura was so relieved that he had saved her from the horrible slip up, she had been about to answer truthfully. However the relief was short lived as she was attacked by another fit of silent laughter. She could see that their group of comrades had realized that Sasuke had now disappeared. They were truly oblivious. Ha, she thought, they called themselves shinobis, she wasn't even standing more than thirty feet away from them and the lighting wasn't that bad.

"Japan! Bloody hell, that's pretty far," Ron exclaimed, "why are you guys here?"

Sakura knew Sasuke would probably opt not to speak to the strangers again, she knew him pretty well after the years they had spent together. "We're participating in a foreign exchange program. We'll be going to Hogwarts, or something like that. We're buying our school supplies in Diagon Alley."

"Really? That's where my sister, younger brother, and his friends go! What school do you attend normally?" one of the taller redheads asked.

"The Konoha School of Magic and Chakra," Sakura answered. "By the way, my name's Sakura, and my friend's name is Sasuke." Sasuke had yet to remove his hands from her shoulders, and Sakura was beginning to feel a flush coming onto her cheeks.

"Oh, well, I'm Hermione Granger,"the bushy haired girl said.

"Ginny," the little redheaded girl said.

"Fred and George," the twins stated at the same time.

"Percy," stated the older redhead with ridiculous glasses.

"This is Bill, Charlie, my husband Arthur Weasley, and I'm Molly," stated the mother pointing to each named person in turn.

"Ron," the youngest redheaded boy said flatly.

"Harry Potter," said the boy with the messy black hair. Sasuke squeezed Sakura's shoulders again, and Sakura shrugged his hands off in response. They had both recognized the name of the boy they were supposed to protect the moment he said it. He matched professor Dumbledore's description perfectly. Green eyes, glasses, dark messy hair, tall, and he had a lightning shaped scar on his forehead.

Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, the pub suddenly lit up in a blinding flash of white. "Finally," Naruto yelled, "some light!" And with that the entire room illuminated, and it was then that the shinobis finally noticed where Sakura and Sasuke were. Tsunade walked over to where they were standing and talking with the strange people and immediately started to apologize for how they had ruined their afternoon.

"Oh, don't worry about it," Molly said, "worse things have happened, and anyway, we were just passing through, we weren't staying."

"I guess that's a relief," Tsunade sighed. "I hope my students weren't bothering you."

"Oh not at all, they're quite charming. Sakura, and Sasuke was it, were just telling us about how they'll be attending my son's school through an exchange program this year," Molly stated while pulling Ron in front of her. Ron didn't mind one bit, standing in front of his mother he had a good view of the woman's chest area and was busy ogling at her breasts. "Will all of those other kids be attending to?" Molly continued motioning at the group that had made its way closer to them, following Tsunade's lead.

"Yes, they all are, and I'd love to stay and chat, but we're running dreadfully late. We were supposed to meet someone ten minutes ago. Perhaps we'll run into you again soon, tata!"

"Sakura wait," Hermione said taking a small step forward, "what year will you be in?" she asked, she had started to like the girl.

"I'm sorry, what year?" Sakura stated questioningly.

"How old are you?" Hermione said rephrasing her question.

"Oh, I'm 16," she answered.

"Great! Than you might be in the same classes as me, Ron, and Harry. We're all sixteen too. Ginny here's a year younger,"Hermione finished.

"It was nice meeting you," Sakura yelled back at the girl as Tsunade grabbed her and Sasuke by their shoulders and started leading them out of the pub. The other shinobis followed suit, but not before staring at the family they had just seen once more.

"WHY DID YOU DISAPPEAR LIKE THAT! I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK! I THOUGHT YOU GOT LEFT BEHIND," Tsunade yelled at Sakura and Sasuke when they were safely outside.

"Sorry,"Sakura said and stared down at the ground, she was ashamed of her actions now that they had angered Tsunade.

"We met the boy," was what Sasuke stated.

"Huh?" Naruto asked while he and Kakashi joined their teammates up front.

"We met the boy we're supposed to protect," Sakura repeated for Naruto, "he was the guy inside with the dark hair."

"Oh," Tsunade said quietly, slightly embarrassed that she hadn't been more perceptive- she was after all the Hokake of Konoha. "Did everyone hear that?" she questioned. "The boy inside who had the dark hair is the one who we've been hired to watch out for."

Immediately a chatter raced through the teens and their leaders. They all knew who she was talking about. He and that brunette girl stuck out like sore thumbs amongst all the red heads.

"QUIET!" Tsunade cried. "Listen up, we don't have the time to discuss this here and now, a man named Rubeus Hagrid should be arriving any minute to show us into Diagon Alley, considering how late we are, and to give us a means to pay for all your supplies, courtesy of Dumbledore..." and she would have continued if not for the enormous shadow that appeared suddenly over her students. They all turned around to see what she was looking at, and even the most gifted and cold ninjas out of them were frozen with shock. It was actually quite hilarious to look at Shino's, Sasuke's, Neji's, and Gaara's faces. Then the owner of the enormous shadow spoke.

"Well if yer lookin' fer a Rubeus Hagrid, than I guess you be the foreigners Dumbledore was talkin' 'bout."

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