Disclaimer: Butch Hartman, not me, join in on the chorus people. This poem is rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America. As part of my ongoing project to represent the Danny Phantom cast in various poetry forms, I present to you a haiku. Haiku are the most famous type of Japanese poetry, combining a minimalist form with an imagist sense of beauty. In traditional haiku, there is an image involving nature and/or a season, related obliquely to some type of comment about life. Haiku are composed of three lines, with the syllable counts 5-7-5. Haiku are associated with Zen, spareness of form concealing a weath of deep image, and a curious sense of stillness and peace. So you can probably guess who I think the haiku form suits...

Now and Zen

Time's eternal pool:
Frogs and ripples come and go.
Only water stays

Ghost Zone

Here one season reigns,
A desert unchanging, yet
There, a falling star

The Hard Way

A newborn foal stands;
It falls down at its first step.
Learning from the fall.