Hello. This is my first non-humor story. I thought I'd give it a whirl.

This takes place near the temple while they're going to make a pact

with Shadow.

Disclaimer: I own crap.

"Hm... Shadow didn't look that easy..." a man walked down a path.

He had auburn hair and wore a white outfit, although his preferance was

purple. Anyhow... he had just come from the darkness temple. In order to

keep the others from making the pacts, he proceded to split Shadow into

five parts, delaying their quest. After all, he couldn't let them complete their

little task until he knew what would happen... He looked around the area. It

was a plateau type place, with sharp cliffs on the sides. But he wasn't worried

about those, he had wings. Then, his angelic ears caught something. People.

People were talking and... he was certain one was familiar. The angel halted in

his tracks and looked to his left.

It was them. They were walking toward the temple, as he thought they

would. They were at least a mile away, but he could see their faces.

"..." he watched them walk by.

The angelic senses he possesed allowed him to see and hear them, and he

could identify the words they said.

"I can't BELIEVE the rheairds broke!" a boy griped.

"Shut up Lloyd. Raine will have them fixed soon."

Kratos sighed. Lloyd... he wanted so desperately to talk to him again, but...

"I'm beat...can we rest for a bit?" Zelos moaned.

"Why not? I'm tired too..." Sheena sighed.

Kratos watched them all sit down and such, Raine had her nose in a

book, and Zelos was attempting to get a better view of Sheena's cleavage.

They were all settling down and looked quite peaceful. Kratos sighed. He

wished so much that he could join them... to be able to be with his son. The

others as well, Kratos had found that he had actually grown quite fond of

them. Raine reminded him of Martel, always reading, Colette was sweet, if

not a bit ...breezy. Genis was a remarkably intelligent young man and Kratos

found he enjoyed teaching him the angelic language, and Sheena had the kind

of attitude that you just had to like. But he still missed Lloyd most of all...


The angel flinched, a few feet away, his son stood. Lloyd had whispered his

name, a look of shock on his face. Kratos stared back at his son. Wanting so

desperately to talk to him as he had in the past. Lloyd started to take a step

forward and then stopped, hesitant.


"...Kratos?" Lloyd whispered again.

The angel wrenched himself away, turning the other direction to avoid his

son and he started to walk away.

"...Kratos..." Lloyd whispered.

Then, his father heard the teen let out a yelp.

Kratos turned his head around and saw the problem. There were

monsters. The angel had half a mind to leap in but he was suprised when he

saw that his son was actually pulling it off.

"Hah hah! Take tha- WHOAH!"

The creature he was attacking charged at the teen, knocking him off one of

the cliffs, his companions were too far away to get to him in time. He was


"No!" Kratos cried.

There was no time for him to take out his wings, he ran toward the ledge and

leapt off. He fell through the air and caught his son as he fell next to him. The

angel drew his wings, but too late. They were going to hit.

Kratos managed to twist himself in the air so that he was under Lloyd,

shielding him from the impact the ground would have. WHAM! They hit, if

Kratos hadn't been an angel, it would've killed him, and he WAS in pain. So

much pain, that he barely heard Lloyd gasp.

"K-kratos? Yo-you! You-u!"

The angel sat up, his arms still around his son.


"You saved me?" Lloyd gaped at him.


YOURSELF! YOU ALMOST DIED!" Kratos shouted, his parental insticts

overpowering his nature.

"W-why do you care?" Lloyd stuttered.

"What?" Kratos blinked.

"Why do you care if I die or not?"

"...Why were you wandering off in the first place? Don't you know enough to

stay with your group?" Kratos changed the subject.

"I...I...was thinking..." Lloyd looked away.

Kratos tried to calm down. Lloyd was safe. Everything was all right. You're

in pain but you'll live. He took a deep breath and sighed.

"Uh...Kratos...why are you hugging me?"

The angel flushed. He released his son and then distanced himself.

"..." he looked away.

Lloyd's face was pink as well. "...What..., what are you doing out here?"

"...Nothing that you need to concern yourself with." Kratos said, finally

restablishing his cool demeanor.

"What were you doing?" Lloyd asked again.

"Humph. I was out slaughtering people who angered Lord Yggdrasill. There,

is that what you wanted to hear?" Kratos huffed.

"Did you just make a joke?" his son blinked

"..." Kratos frowned.

"You did! You just made a joke!" Lloyd grinned.

"...Fine. I did. And since I'm in a sarcastic mood, I'll make another.

You have no respect if you directly disobey my order, 'Don't die'."

Lloyd laughed softly. "...Kratos...if you're with Cruxis, how come you didn't

let me die?"

"...You think I don't like you?" Kratos whispered, feeling the stinging, icy

pain sink into his heart.

"I...I mean... you have beat us up and..." Lloyd sighed. "Why are you

working for Yggdrasill? Why are you helping ...them?"

"...I have my reasons." his father stated.

"...Wait...so...you don't hate me...do you?"

"...No. I don't. To tell the truth I...I am actually quite fond of you."

Lloyd stared at the angel. None of this made sense. Why would-? ...


Kratos looked at his son. What-? Had he figured it out? Had he?

"You're not gay, are you?"

That was the first time for centuries Kratos remembered laughing. The angel

clutched his gut and almost passed out. After he calmed down he turned to


"No. I am not gay. I assure you." he chuckled.

"Wow...You...laughed..." his son stared.

"...So? I was human once." Kratos stated.

"...Well...if you're not gay, is Yggdrasill? Come on! Sheena thought he

was a girl when we saw him!"

Kratos laughed again, but managed to quiet in a second. "Actually..."

"What?" Lloyd blinked.

"I'm not certain myself..." the angel smirked.

They stared at each other for a few seconds before they both burst out

laughing. Lloyd laughed so hard that he had to lean on Kratos, who had his

hand on his auburn head, for support. For that one moment, everything was

fine. Nothing was wrong with the world at all. They were just father and son,

friends, to Lloyd, joining in one big laughfest.

After a minute or so, they calmed down.

"Whew...that...was...funny..." Lloyd wiped his brow, a grin on his face.

"Honestly, I haven't laughed that hard since Yuan shaved Yggdrasill's head."

Lloyd laughed again. "Wow! I would've LOVED to see that!"

"I believe I have a picture...maybe one day I'll show you."

"That'd be awesome." Lloyd smiled.



"Lloyd Irving, where are you?"

"Yo! Bumpkin! Where'd you go?"

"...That would be your friends..." Kratos whispered.

"...Yeah..." Lloyd frowned.

"...I'll fly you back up." Kratos grabbed his arm.

The angel flew to the top of the cliff and placed his son on the ground. He

slowly turned from his son and started to fly away.

"Hey. Kratos." Lloyd stopped him.

"Yes Lloyd?" Kratos turned toward him.

"Take care of yourself bro." he smiled.

"Heh... I'm not your brother." Kratos gave a small smile.

"Well, you're more than a friend, and I am NOT gay, so what are you?"

Kratos just smiled and flew away, if only he knew...

...A few month's later, after Lloyd had sent Kratos to Derris-Kharlan,

he visited the place where his father had saved his life. ...He never got the

chance to tell him he loved him. Lloyd felt like a heel for that. A son who had

never once told his father how much he meant to him. The teen sighed and

sat down on the ground. He remembered the conversation held there, and

smiled sadly. That's when the wind blew something into his face.

"AH! What the- Huh?"

It was an envelope. He opened it to find a photo of a bald kid chasing an

older teen around, on the back were words.

I apologize that I couldn't find it sooner. I managed to get it to you

though, if you're reading this, obviously. I miss you very much and... I'm

sorry I never said it before. ...I love you...my son...

Lloyd gaped at the letter and then realized there was one more thing in the

envelope. A feather, a single blue feather. Lloyd put it in his pocket and then

realized something. The bald kid was Mithos, but the teen didn't look like

Yuan... The he noticed words on the bottom of the letter.

P.S. ...Actually, I was the one who shaved his head.

P.S.S. Don't ever tell anyone. Ever.

Wow! That came out great! In my opinion anyway... I'm probably

wrong though. Oh, and in case any of you are wondering, there is a

skit in the game before Kratos betrays you, that says Kratos and

Colette are going to teach Genis the angelic language, so ...I didn't

screw up on that. ...Please review.