Okay, this was something that has been in my head for a while, but I never had the guts to do until now. I don't know if I'll even continue it, but I just had to. House of 1000 Corpses characters and concepts belong to Sir Rob Zombie. And Ranma belongs to whatever her name is (I forgot).


Genma Saotome was never considered a genius. In fact, he was usually considered a moron. However, right now, at this moment of his life he realized just how stupid he was. He had taken his son to America after the disaster known only as neko-ken. His son was never the same after that training. Unlike what the book said, his son didn't go into a berserk rage. No, his manly and strong son now never spoke. Genma had decided that his son needed a break, so why not go to America?

So here he was. October 31, 1967, in a place called Ruggsville. Seeing a sign for some chicken, he decided to check out this Captain Spalding place. The captain was a very strange man, but Genma's son had shown an interest in the stuff this clown had. And Genma couldn't help but ask for directions to Dr. Satan's hanging tree when his son started to smile on the tour. God was that ever a mistake.

"Where's the rabbit?" he suddenly hears only a few yards away. Genma shivers in fright. Otis…20 year old Otis was hunting him still. Genma takes off like a bat out of hell. He hears Otis running after him. He continues to run and hears a noise off to his side. He turns and then see black.

As Genma slept, he remembers. They had found a cute blonde haired girl standing on the road. Ranma was as usual staring off into space. Genma offered to take the girl home and she gladly accepted, finding interested in his offspring. Genma liked this idea. Free meal ticket!

"You poor little thing," Mother McFly had said as she held 10 year old Ranma against her bosom.

"Why don't he talk?" asked 8 year old Baby, looking towards Genma. After telling a tale about the horrors Genma faced in getting the boy back from a cult that dealt with the neko-ken, Genma heard a noise behind him. There stood Otis.

"Neko-ken eh?" he had rumbled out. Genma simply nodded. The man was fairly tall and looked almost like a skeleton with his small frame. The pure white hair on top of his head made for a strange and scary visage. It also didn't help that his jeans were stained with what looked like blood. "I have a way to fix the trauma done. Grampa told me he fought some jap bastards that had training in that back in WW 2."

"How?" Genma had immediately asked.

"Kill the one who tortured ya of course. Fer some reason that seems to work. You know where this cult is now?"

"No…I…I don't," Genma remarks, trying hard to hide his sudden fear.

"Bah, well there is no hope fer the little guy then. It's a shame really," Otis says, staring Genma in the eye.

"Oh now, come on Otis. Surely there is another way?" Mother says holding a shivering Ranma closer. All this talk of neko-ken had scared the poor little guy. Otis seems to think for a long while and then smiles.

"Ya know momma. I bet there is a way. We could just let the boy kill the one who really did it," he says in a laugh. Genma had bolted right then and there. He ran as hard as he could out the door and decided to hide in a shed out back for a moment. That idea was quickly tossed out upon seeing all the bodies.

Genma slowly opened his eyes and glanced around blearily. He was in a simple room, tied up to the wall. He quickly tested to see if he could escape. Shit! Otis was good at this! Genma's leverage was all wrong. He couldn't get out! That was when the door opened and in walked Otis, followed by little Ranma. Otis was dressed in dirty jeans and an open plaid shirt. Ranma was just in some coveralls. And his hair was out of the pigtail.

"Your pretty quick for a pig fatty," Otis barks out in laughter. He then looks to Ranma. "You ready cuz?" Otis asks.

"Cuz?" Genma asks in a stupor.

"Oh you didn't know? Your wife is Nodaka right? Was Nodaka Fujimosha?" he asks. Genma nods slowly. "Well us McFlys get along real well with the Fujimoshas. In fact, Nodaka came here and learned how to wield a blade. She was real good to. A true artist."

"What do you mean?"

"Nodaka has talent stupid ass. Did you see the alligator boy at Spalding's?" he asks. Genma nods again. "That was her work. Now I ask again…you ready cuz?" Otis looks down to the boy. Ranma nods, a sick smile coming to his face. Otis smiles back and slowly offers Ranma the knife he was holding. Ranma takes the knife into his small hands and advances upon his torturer. His father.

"Ranma…don't…" Genma whispers weakly. Ranma just smiled wider and brought the blade up towards Genma's face.

Nodaka sighs a little as she retrieves the mail. Bills, bills, newspaper, letter from Otis, bills…wait…letter from Otis? She quickly drops the rest of her mail and opens the letter.


How you doin shit fer brains? I was just mailing you to let you know that we found your wayward husband and son. When we found them however, Ranma had been tortured by your loving husband.

Now you know McFly family honor. You never torture without intent to kill. And you never torture your family. So, we gave Ranma what he needed most. Let me tell you sister, he puts your work to shame. Check out the pictures and come for a visit. We're training Ranma in the true family art as you read this.

With Love from the leader of the rebellion,


Nodaka glances to the pictures and can't help but smile. Her son was good. You couldn't tell where the pig ended and Genma began. A true artist. How manly!

Remember this is a one shot. Tell me if you even want me to attempt to continue this. See ya! Hope you enjoyed Chapter 10 of Wolf Lust or Love? as well.