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Summary: What does the word 'left' mean to Dean?

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Just behind Dean's left shoulder that was always Sammy's place when they hunted together. It had never been discussed or decided, it was just where Sammy stood. He'd always understood the slightly behind bit, Dean's way of protecting Sam but they'd never said why it was always on the left. Dean didn't think about that sort of thing often, no point some things just were, but he realised one day when they'd gone in with Dad, the three of them ranged across an open space that Dad's place forward right, Sam's back left. Dean was the pivot in the middle.


'Left it behind! What do you mean left it behind?' Too late for subtlety, the werewolf knew where they were and was stalking them.

'I thought you'd have the gun you were carrying loaded.' It seemed obvious at the time, now the foolishness of it was clear – it didn't matter whether the gun was loaded, a few spare rounds were a precaution worth taking.

The fact that he'd missed killing it four times had to be ignored. Pushing his brother, he screamed 'Run' before turning and facing the werewolf. Two bullets left for the head and the heart.

Now focus!


Left… it had taken a while but reality eventually dawned. Alone… and too stupid to realise what exactly was happening.

When his mum left, he'd understood, well not at the time, but as he grew it made sense, she'd had to save Sammy. He'd understood that responsibility.

When Sam left, he had hated it but part of him understood that too. If there had been a choice he wouldn't have this life but he'd had to look out for his brother and his father. No choice… no leaving.

When his Dad left, he didn't understand. What had he done wrong?