Teams in Trouble:

Book 1: An Ohtohj Rocket

By Silvain Star

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Chapter 1

Sweet-Scented Promotions

"James, I can't believe it! Why didn't we think of this before!" Jessie said. "This is great!"

"I know, Jessie! I can't believe I got a new Bellsprout, too. And it knew Sweet Scent!" James said. He called out his Bellsprout. "Bel, you got us promoted! You're the best Bellsprout ever!" he hugged his Bellsprout, who was affectionately dubbed Bel the Flower (or Bel for short).

"This says we're headed to the Ohtohj region for an elite mission!" Jessie said, looking at the report for their next assignment.

"What is it?" James asked, curious.

"To find out how Teams Shadow and Shine changed Pokemon's natures and abilities to suit their needs," Jessie replied.

"Jess… That really is elite. Team Shadow and Team Shine are much older than Team Rocket, and more dangerous, too. Their Pokemon are Shade and Shimmer types, respectively; and they're some of the most dangerous Pokemon ever. And they can make any Pokemon their team's type if they capture it. They have Shade Ho-oh, Jess. Ho-oh! And Team Shine has Shimmer Lugia. They're dangerous. Shimmer Pokemon are practically regarded as gods in some of the small towns across the region, simply because they're so strong. But they're dangerous, too, when they need to be. We're in too deep this time, Jess. We can't handle this," James said.

"We just need to find out how they made them that way," Jessie explained.

"And if they catch us?" James argued.

"Then we run."

"Hey, you two. What's our next mission?" Meowth said, walking up with a bag of basic supplies.

"Finding out what Team Shine and Team Shadow have been up to. They've altered the traits of tons of Pokemon, making them much more Powerful," Jessie said.

"You mean their Shimmer and Shade types, right?" Meowth asked.

"Yes…" James said, sounding like he'd much rather blast off a million times than take this mission.

"What's up with him, Jess?" Meowth asked, pointing toward James.

"My guess? He's scared. He was ranting about the danger before you got here," Jessie replied.

"I'm not scared. I don't' want to take a mission that puts you- er, us in danger, because I, um, don't want my best friends to get hurt," James said. By the time he'd finished, he was about as red as a tomato.

"Uh-huh. Whatever the reason, it won't stop us from going," Jessie said. "This is a big mission, and if we get this right, we'll be rich. Get over it. We take the next ferry from Vermillion."

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