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Author's note: This one begins with a single nitpicky question: "If the future is always in motion, how could there have been a prophesy about a chosen one who would return balance to the Force?" Seems like a contradiction, but not if you were to throw true magic into the mix. The prophesy was not made through the Force.

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A Power the Dark Lord Knows Not

Chapter 0

Stone Henge, England, April 16, 1227...

Had the druids come anywhere near their sacred calendar that day, they would have been frightened litteraly to death by the sight they would have seen, but none came. The beings in the vessel made certain that no one was near before decending, knowing that the people of this world were primitive and easily frightened by things they did not understand.

The ship was beautiful, the hull constructed with a new method that made it look as if it were a single solid piece of polished metal. It set down on the grass around the ancient megalithic structure and stayed still for a moment. Then the door of the ship opened, allowing two hooded figures to exit to the ramp and then to the grass. One was tall, and as he threw his hood back and took a deep breath of the damp morning air, revealed to be dark haired, with a full red beard and sharp blue eyes. The other was short, only two and a half feet tall, and he had green skin, huge pointed ears and dark green hair that was starting to silver around the edges. The little one said, "Sad I am to see you leave our order, Master Garik. Missed you will be by the Jedi Council."

The human grinned. "I wouldn't be certain of that, Master Yoda. I'm certain there are quite a few on the Council who will be glad to see the back of me."

But Yoda didn't smile. Sorrow clung to him. "Missed you will be, my Padawan."

Garik's smile disappeared. "I know. And I'll miss you, as well. But I can't stay when I know what will happen if I do. Darkness will return too quickly if it has something more to be jealous of, and the Chosen one will come too late."

"Certain you are of this prophesy?"

"Yes, Master. But I'll need you to remember something and be prepared for it. The prophesy will be misinterpreted, by many people. Before the dawn must come the darkness: it cannot be any other way."

Yoda frowned. "Defeated the dark side always can be, eventually."

Garik nodded. "Yes, it can. But it must first exist. And if I stay, it will exist sooner than the light, and no balance will come. I'm sorry if I'm being criptic. The images fly at me with such speed, it's hard to catch them some times." He sighed. "I'm needed here. The future of this world is at stake, as well."

"Know this I do, but knowing does not help."

Garik knealt to look his teacher in the eye. "I will miss you. You've been like a father to me, even if I thought I was beyond the need for a father. I love you." They embraced, and the emotion outshined the incongruity of their sizes. As they separated, there were tears in both their eyes. "You should go before we both break down."

His voice rough with emotion, Yoda nodded and said, "Fairwell, young Gryffindor."

"Fairwell, my Master."

And then Yoda turned around and got back into his ship. Garik Gryffindor backed away before the ship lifted off, then watched it fly through and beyond the atmosphere. When he could no longer see it, he sighed shakily and got down to business. He took out his magic wand and what looked like a toy broom. "Finite incantatum." The broom returned to its original size, and Garik mounted it and flew into the distance, headed for Scotland and his brother's castle, Hogwarts. He knew that it had been made into a school, and he hoped that the staff would welcome his presence among them. He would need a place in this world, and teaching came naturally to him. And the school would keep his prophesies until they were ready to go to their recipients. He had plenty of time. The worst darkness on Earth wouldn't come for another seven hundred and fifty years, even in disguise. Those who would stop the darkness were both his decendants. One seed was already planted, but he had to make sure the other was around to do the work they were intended to do.

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