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Story - IMADOKI!

Summary - Everything seems to be delaying Koki for telling Tanpopo how he feels. There are only five members in the planting club, but they need six in order to carry on with it. Can they save the club and will Koki be able to confess?

Chapter - Trouble at School

It was any other day for Tanpopo and her friends at Meio Academy. They were all tending to their garden when the school's vice president, Toshio, of the student council came to speak to them.

"Tanpopo Yamazaki, Koki Kugyo, Tsukiko Saionji, Arisa Uchimura, and Aoi kyogoku," he began. "Your planting club has been summoned to a meeting in the student council's room after school today. There is an important issue that he must be discussed." Before Toshio left the group, he glanced at Tanpopo and smiled.

"What was that?" Aoi asked. "Why did he give you that look Tanpopo?"

"I have no idea," Tanpopo replied.

"That's weird…Who is he?" Arisa asked.

"You don't know who he is!" Tsukiko asked surprised. "He's like one of the gorgeous guys at school! He's magazine model too. He's so wonderful," her eyes glittered.

"Anyways, I hope the meeting isn't that important," said Tanpopo holding her hands together.

"Don't worry," Koki assured her. "I'm sure it'll be alright."

After school that day, they all walked together toward the council's room. When they reached the door, they were greeted by the vice president. As Tanpopo entered the bright, sunny room, she saw Ogata, the president, sitting at the table holding many sheets of paper in his hands.

"Please be seated," Ogata began. "There are many issues I need to discuss with you all. First, you have 5 members in your planting club, correct?"

"Yes," Koki replied.

"There is a new rule in our school saying that you can't have a club unless you have at least 7 members. Therefore, we must cancel the planting club."

"That's not fair!" Aoi yelled as he stood up and knocked over his chair.

"Please sit down, Aoi Kyogoku," said Ogata with a smirk on his face."Second, Tanpopo Yamazaki hasn't paid any contribution to the planting club. She owes 50 000 yen towards the planting club." (50 000 yen is like 500 dollars)

"Yes, I know, it's just that my grandpa is in the hospital, so I don't have money for it yet, but I will get it."

"That's no excuse!" Ogata exclaimed.

"What do you mean 'that's no excuse'," Koki yelled as he slammed his hand on the table. "Are you saying that her family isn't important! That better not be it! Her family matters just like everyone else's! How would you feel if you didn't have enough money to keep your club going because one of your family members was in the hospital! How would you feel? Huh!"

"That still doesn't save your club, Koki Kugyo. You still only have 5 members in your so called 'club'. Unless you find another member, we are canceling your club."

After the meeting, Aoi, Tsukiko, and Arisa all went home while Koki stayed with Tanpopo to walk her home.

"Thanks Koki…for standing up for me…"

"No problem. That's what friends are for, right? It's not your fault about the money for the planting club. We'll work something out," Koki said trying to comfort her.

"I know," She said sniffing.

Koki looked out the window trying to think of what to say next."Hey! I know what we should do this long weekend!"


"My family has a summer home on the beach. Since it is Friday we should go to take your mind off of the planting club for a while. Do you want to?"

"Ummm…I don't know…Oh no!"


"I forgot my bag in the council's room!"

"I'll go back with you."

"No, it's okay, you can go home. I'll talk to you later about going to the beach. Bye."

He had hoped to walk her home. As he watched her run off through the hall, he thought 'Oh well, I'll tell her at the beach if she agrees to go.'

Tanpopo ran through the hallways as fast as she could, hoping the door was still unlocked. She twisted the door knob until it clicked open. She pushed the door open just enough for her to peek her head through the crack into the dark, empty room.

"Hello?" She said as she stepped through the doorway. No one answered. "Hello?" She said again turning on the lights. "I guess everyone went home already," she said looking all over the place for her bag, but it was no where to be found. Suddenly the lights turned off and the door closed shut.

"Looking for this?" I soft voice said holding up a bag like shape.

"Who's there?" Tanpopo asked turning around to see who was behind her, but it was too dark."It's me…"

'Koki?' she thought. 'No, couldn't be. It doesn't sound like him.'

"Here I have your bag," he said stepping into a piece of light.

"Toshio! You scared me," Tanpopo said in relief.

"Sorry, I saw the light on in this room, so I came because I thought it would be you looking for your bag."

"But…I don't understand…why did you turn off the lights?"

"So no one can see or here us. Of course, they've all probably gone home by now, but just to be safe."

"What? What are you doing?" Tanpopo asked confused backing up against the wall.

"You want to save your little planting club, right?" he whispered in her ear. "Well, if you do, you'll go out with me." His body came closer to hers and he leaned in to kiss her. Tanpopo's eyes opened wide.

"NO!" She yelled pushing Toshio away from her. He caught his balance, ran at her and grabbing her arms and pushed her back up against the wall. 'Oh no,' she thought, 'what should I do? I can't move. His grip is too strong.'

"So what's it going to be?" he asked loosening his grip on her.

"NEVER!" she yelled managing to get her hand free and smacking him in the face and kneeing him where it hurts. "AHH! OW! He yelled getting down on his knees.

"How dare you force yourself on me! I will never go out with you!" As she started to run away, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the ground with him. "AHH!" she screamed. "LET GO OF ME!"

"Not until you agree to go out with me." He leaned down to kiss her again. She screamed again. No one is here, my little flower. They've all gone home for the weekend. It's just you and me." He started to kiss her even more now.

'HELP ME! ANYONE! PLEASE!' She screamed in her head, as Toshio pressed his lips against hers.

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