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Summary: Everything seems to be delaying Koki for telling Tanpopo how he feels. There are only five members in the planting club, but they need six in order to carry on with it. Can they save the club and will Koki be able to confess?

Chapter: Trouble At Home

WARNING! There is some language in this chapter. Only used a few times.

It was 7A.M. When Tanpopo awoke from a deep sleep. The sun rays gleamed through the window, bringing a morning glow to the room.

'Today's the day we all head home and I have to figure out something to do for our planting club. I need to pay those fees and find a 6th member.' she thought. She knew she promised Tsukiko that she wouldn't worry about the planting club while they were on this trip, but now that they were returning home that day, it was kind of hard not to. Looking over to her left, she saw that Maya was still sleeping peacefully, so she gingerly lifted herself out of bed and headed downstairs to see if anyone else was awake. She reached the bottom step and heard nothing but the birds chirping outside. 'They must all be still asleep...especially Aoi,' she giggled to herself and walked towards the front porch. She opened the door and stepped outside, breathing in the fresh air that came at her, not realizing that Koki was sitting in one of the porch chairs.

"You're up early," he stated, giving her a friendly smile.

"As are you."

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep. It's kind of hard when you finally remember that your brother is a sleep talker. Did you know that he dreams about ice cream cakes and cream puffs? Apparently, he was fighting for them in a boxing ring," Koki sighed and shook his head, ashamed to call Yoji his brother.

Tanpopo laughed, "Well, I guess that's better than dreaming about zombies or axe murderers. I think I would be worried then."

"That's true," Koki smiled and looked down at his hands that were clasped together. "Oh, I made some tea if you'd like some. It may be a bit cold though..."

"That's fine, I'll wait a bit," She replied, walking towards where Koki was sitting. She sat beside him and placed her hand on his. "Is something troubling you? Would you like to talk about it?"

"Troubling me?" Koki jumped back in surprised and started laughing, "Why would I be troubled?"

"It just seems that way. Of course, I'd totally understand if you don't want to talk about it now."



Koki was interrupted by the door.


It was Yoji. "Hey guys! Isn't it a b-e-a-utiful morning?" He said stretching his arms up in the air. "I had to most terrific sleep last night! I feel so refreshed and happy."

"I think it's because he dreamt about ice cream cakes and cream puffs," Koki mumbled to Tanpopo and she giggled in reply.

"What was that, little brother?"

"Oh, nothing," Koki said, waving both hands in the air.

"Good morning, my man," Maya's voice came up behind Yoji. "Are we heading back to the city today?" She asked why hugging Yoji from behind.

"I believe we are," He wrapped his arms behind him, smiled and then lifted her up suddenly into a piggy back. "Let's dump you into the water!"

"Noooo!" Maya squealed and began to struggle. He was already running when they both fell to the ground and rolled around, wrestling with each other.

"Isn't it a bit too early for that?" Arisa said from the doorway, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Morning Risi!" Tanpopo smiled. "How'd you sleep?"

"Fairly well. No complaints here. I need some coffee," she yawned and made her way to the kitchen, while Yoji and Maya still wrestled on ground.

"Aww! How come it can't be two girls? That would be more epic," Aoi whined. Tsukiko came up behind him and hit the back of his head. "What? What'd I say?"

"Something stupid," She replied.

"That's not very nice," Aoi sniffed and gave her puppy dog eyes.

"Stop. That's NOT going to work on me," She said, looking away and crossing her arms across her chest.

"Oh really?" He rolled his bottom lip and forced fake tears to form in his eyes.

"How manly of you," Arisa came trotting in with her coffee mug.

Aoi charged towards Tsukiko, picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and started walking off the porch and towards where Yoji and Maya were.

"Aoi! Put me down this instant!"

"NEVA!" He began to run towards the water and Tsukiko began tokick and scream as soon as she realized her fate.

"You go dude!" Yoji called out "Show her who is boss!"

"Excuuuuuse me?" Maya sat still for a moment, with her arms now crossed. Yoji just looked at her, smiled and winked.

"I'm glad everyone is having fun," Tanpopo said happily towards Koki. "I just can't help thinking about our club."

"We'll think of something," Koki replied.

The trip back home was full of excitement and before leaving, Koki managed to visit the flower shop that had opened up in the nearby town. He bought seven different types of seeds to plant in their garden and said that each of the plants represented each other. When they arrived back home, they made a quick stop at the school to check on the plants of their club. Most of them needed some water because of the hot weather they were having.

"Isn't this cute!" Maya squealed and leaned down to look at the flowers more closely. "I just love gardening!"

"Yeah, well, it won't be here for long," Aoi began, "The student council is trying to cancel our planting commitee."

"Aoi!" Tsukiko reprimanded. "Don't say such things! You'll upset Tanpopo.

"Awww, but it's true Tsuki," He pouted.

"He's right," Tanpopo's voice came in, "We can't save the club unless I pay a fee with the money I don't have and find a 6th member we can't find."

Everyone stood in silence, looking down at the garden, as if trying to think of a solution.

"I've got it!" Aoi broke the silence, "I have the most brilliant plan ever!"

"Is that so?" Arisa said, with little faith in her tone.

"Of course! I'm so clever!" He winked.

"Uh-huh...and what is this wonderful plan of yours?"

"Okay! So! We go to Ogata, we tell him we have the 6th member he's looking for, give him a post dated cheque and we're home free!"

"Home free?..You MUST be joking," Arisa scoffed, "We can't just tell the student council president that we found a 6th member for the planting club that we can't even produce in front of him. Plus, probably get in trouble with the post dated cheque that is basically useless."

"It was worth a shot," Aoi pouted, and Tsukiko patted him on the back for support.

Later, after unsuccessfully thinking of a plan, they all went their separate ways and agreed that they'd take the night to think about what they should do. Tanpopo entered her apartment, closed and locked the door and checked her machine messages.

BEEP: "Hello Tanpopo, It's Grandma. I'm just calling to let you know that Grandpa was finally released from the hospital today. I'm so overjoyed! He's feeling much better. Backed to his old self! As soon as Grandpa came home he insisted that we write you cheque for your your schooling. It should arrive in the mail in a few days or so. It isn't much, but it should help to contribute. Love you lots! Talk to you soon Dear."

'A cheque?' Tanpopo grabbed her mail key and ran down to her mailbox. Although her body was shaking anxiously, she managed to open the box and found a few envelopes inside. A few bills, but nothing from her grandparents. 'Oh, well, it was worth the try.' She walked slowly back up to her apartment and once she was in, she was greeted by Poplar, who ran to her.


"Nothing from Grandma and Grandpa," she said sadly and closed the door behind her.


"What? It's not my fault. We'll find a way to save the planting club."

"I highly doubt that."

Tanpopo froze at the voice. She recognized it and knew exactly who it was. Looking around the room, her heart leaping in her chest, she managed to breath out, "How did you get in?" She locked eyes with him. Toshio. He had a bandage around his nose where Koki had punched him in the face on Friday. He held a picture frame that held the photo of her friends.

"Cute picture. It's a shame you can't prevent the cancellation. No matter what you do now, you can't stop it. Unless...you agree to go out with me?"

"You're pathetic. What are you? Are you too self-conscious that you can't even find yourself a girlfriend in a proper way instead of forcing yourself on someone? You're such a pig."

"Ouch. That hurt. I'm just giving you an option. If you choose me, I'll convinve Ogata that you should keep your little club. If you don't, you can say bye-bye to it now."

"Get out of my apartment. Now," Tanpopo tried to use a firm in her voice, making sure that there was no chance that he could hear the fear in her voice. If he did manage to hear it, he would use that as an advantage and who knows what. Toshio moved towards her in a slow manner.

"Do I frighten you?"

"No. What do you really want Toshio?"

"What? I told you. I want you to go out with me."

"That's pathetic. No one in their right mind would go through this much just to go out with someone. You must have some sort of mission." Tanpopo moved slowly towards her phone, trying not to allow Toshio to notice. If she kept him occupied with her questions then maybe he wouldn't notice. "How did you get in." One more step closer.

"You left your door unlocked when you went to check your mail, I assume, so naturally, I walked in. Your fox here tried to warn you, but you were too worried about a cheque that won't help you now.

'Almost there,' she thought, but then he noticed her movements to the phone and dashed towards her.

"Why you! How dare you try and call for help! No one can save you!"

Before he knocked her down to the floor, she managed to push the phone off the hook and it landed a few feet in front of her. Toshio was on top of her now, pinning her down, his hands around her wrists. She struggled and struggled until she somehow managed to kick him off for a moment for her to reach behind her and press a few buttons on the phone.

"Bitch! I didn't get hired by Ogata to get this far and you call the police on me."

Tanpopo's eyes widened and stopped struggling for a moment. "Hired? To do what?"

"You'll see," He smirked.


Ring Ring Ring

"Hello, Tanpopo?" Koki answered. "Why are you calling so-"

"Bitch! I didn't get hired by Ogata to get this far and you call the police on me."

"Hired? To do what?"

"You'll see."

"Shit," Koki dropped his phone and raced out the door.


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