So here we are! And I have to thank Hollywood, because Cedric's unforgettable line that inspired this whole fic was in the movie, but not in the book (not the same wording). "You know the Prefects' bathroom on the fifth floor? It's not a bad place for a bath." I'll be it's not, Cedric, I'll bet it's not...

I don't own any of the characters, of course, and if you're not a fan of intimate guy-on-guy action, I think here is where we part. Oh well.

I don't own any of the characters, of course, and if you're not a fan of intimate guy-on-guy action, I think here is where we part. Too bad for you.

Damn it, where is he?

He felt chilled to the bone as he paced a few steps, then leaned against the wall again, anxiously fingering the corner of his sleeve. The heavy black robe might as well have been gossamer in the stone corridor. He could see his breath rising in frustrated snorts as he looked up and down again. Class would be over in minutes. This would be his last chance to see him today. Where the hell-


It was barely more than a whisper, but his ears had been straining to hear it for the last twenty minutes. All his fears about incurring Snape's wrath for missing Potions evaporated.

"Where are you?" He took a few tentative steps to his left, where the sound had come from, and froze suspiciously.

"Right here!" If Harry Potter hadn't been a teen boy full of youthful vitality, he'd have dropped dead of a heart attack when he was suddenly enveloped in very warm arms and pulled beneath a cloak much heavier than his own.

"Cedric, what are you doing?" His first instinct was to pull away, looking wildly around for anyone watching their blatant public display of affection. But Cedric turned his head so that they were looking into each other eyes and just laughed at him. He had gorgeous grey eyes, the color of storms but as bright as the sun.

"After all the times you've been under this thing, you don't recognize it?"

But he did. It was his invisibility cloak.

"When did you-"

"Last night. How else do you think I got in last night?" It hadn't even occurred to him when Cedric showed up at the foot of his bed the night before how he'd managed it. Usually they only had these fleeting hallway rendezvous when they could both get away. He hadn't noticed the cloak was missing from his bag all afternoon. It was kind of shameful.

Not that he was complaining.

Cedric turned him around so they were facing each other and backed him into the wall, letting his books and Harry's tumble to the floor. They were getting so reckless. It felt good.

"So, how was Potions, Harry?" Cedric asked, sliding his hands under Harry's robe and nipping his lip.

Harry was hard pressed to answer instead of crushing his mouth against Cedric's when he was being such a tease. But one of the older boy's deepest pleasures was games. So he played along, getting in a quick lick to Cedric's neck in the process.

"Fascinating. What about Advanced Transfiguration?"

"Very educational." Even Cedric seemed more inclined to actions rather than words. Both knew they had little time, and they weren't so irresponsible as to go for a quickie when the hall would be flooded any minute, even if they were under the invisibility cloak.

But they could get in some pretty intense making out in three minutes. Harry was flushed and panting when he heard the first students at the far ends of the corridor. Cedric's tongue was reluctant to leave the new home it had found inside Harry's mouth, but he knew better than to take more than one more good taste, and a quick grope, before pulling away breathless.

They looked at each other again and laughed. It was so unlikely. Cedric brushed a little of Harry's unruly hair across his forehead, covering the scar he'd heard so much about before meeting Harry.

It was absolutely wild to think about Harry's past and then the situation they were in now. Cedric's father thought he was bound for wizarding greatness, but he didn't think dad would consider sleeping with the legendary Harry Potter to be great. He could bug off, because Cedric could certainly attest that it was. Harry made him feel real, challenged, and even a little dangerous, because of everything he'd been through, and oh yeah, because they were both guys. But it was such a rush.

And Cedric made Harry feel safe, and happy, and normal. He knew what Harry'd been through, but they didn't spend all their time talking about it, or about conspiracies and death.

"So, is Gryffindor practicing tonight?" Cedric, nuzzled his head into Harry's shoulder.

"Nope. Hufflepuff?" He pushed him away, grabbing another quick kiss as his head rolled up.



Cedric leaned his head back and laughed quietly. Students were only a few feet away now, so Harry lower his voice to a low whisper.


"It is perfect." He looked around quickly and pressed his mouth to Harry's ear. "You know the Prefects' bathroom on the fifth floor?" Harry nodded. "It- it's not a bad place for a bath." He smirked at Harry, who returned the grin.

Cedric hugged close to Harry and went down on one knee to remain under the cloak while he got his books. "Too bad we don't have a few more minutes," he sighed regretfully. "I'm already in position."

"I'll see you later," Harry laughed, swinging the cloak off of him and leaving him crouched on the ground.

Almost immediately, he was swallowed up by the crowd.

"Hey Ced, where were you, man?"

Cedric looked a few feet away to where Harry was still standing invisibly, and winked.

"I had some things to take care of. What did I miss?"

Harry turned and walked to his next class, unable to shake the smile from his face. He couldn't wait until later.

Meant to have it as a single chapter fling, but it turns out I wasn't motivated to write the second half of this, so whenever I get around to it, it'll be here. HP is a new area for me, let me know what you thought! Is there a reason why I don't see too many H&C fics?