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Chapter One

Tsukino Usagi was lying on her bed, staring out the window, listlessly petting a sleeping Luna who was curled up next to her. The radio is on but she wasn't really listening to it. It was a quiet day in Jūban Town…..it's mid-spring and the sun was shinning and the flowers were in full bloom. Five years have past sing the battle with Sailor Galaxia and a lot has happened since then. The girls were able to finish high school without further incident.

Hino Rei was still a priestess at the Hikawa Shine, but she is also now a well known song writer and Seiyuu. Mizuno Ami was accepted into the most prominent medical school in Japan. She was top of her class (of course) and graduated a year early. She now has her own little family practice on the outskirts of town. Kino Makoto went to culinary school (like she needed it) and now has her own little restaurant in Tōkyō called Jupita no Shizuku. It's well known throughout the city and Makoto is getting ready to open up a second location. Aino Minako went and did what she had always dreamed of doing since she was a child. She is known throughout the country as a famous singer. Rei writes some of her songs.

As for Usagi, well things have changed a lot for her shortly after graduation. Mamoru had proposed and Usagi of course accepted since she knew it was her destiny to do so even though she had mixed feelings in her heart. Shortly after she had moved into his apartment and they started their life together. But as fate would have it, Mamoru was in a horrible car accident three weeks before their wedding and was killed instantly. That was over four years ago. Usagi moved back in with her parents and went to college and ended up studying art. She found she had a natural talent for it and was now known throughout Japan for her work. But her favorite piece no one has seen but a few of her friends and her family. It was Seiya. Done from memory. She looked at the painting now as an old, familiar song came on the radio. Tears came to her eyes as she listened.

Kimi ha itsumo kagayai te da

Egao hitotsu chiisana hoshi

Taisetsu ni shite ta yo (eien no Starlight)

Ano hiboku ha mamore nakute

Kuyashi namida kora e ta dake

Ita mi ga noku ru yo (wasurenai Sweetheart)

"Where are you Seiya? Are you happy where you are? I miss you!" Usagi whispered through her tears, staring out the window.

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Hundred of thousands of miles away, on a planet very much like Earth, Seiya Kou was sitting on the couch in his room, idly plucking at the stings of his guitar while staring out the window. Out that window there was a pair of sapphire eyes that he longed to look into again. A knock at the door rouses him from his daydream.

"Hai! Dōzō ohairi kudasai!" he said, turning his head towards the door. It opens and there stands his Princess, Kakyuu with Taiki and Yaten standing behind her. Seiya immediately stands up and rushes to her.

"What's wrong Kakyuu-hime?" he asks.

"Nothing, Seiya." He gives her a questioning look as she turns around at Taiki and Yaten. "I wish to speak to him alone, kudasai."

"Hai," Taiki says as he and Yaten leave the hallway. Kakyuu walks inside the room and gently closes the door.

"Daijōbu, Seiya-kun?" she asked softly. "I haven't seen you out of this room in weeks and I haven't seen you smile in years."

"Iie, Kakyuu-hime. Gomen nasai."

"Tell me what is on your heart, Seiya."



"Hai. Tsukino Usagi."

"Ahhhh….. so desu ne."

"I love her! I never thought I could love someone so much! I miss her so much it hurts! I've never known such pain in my entire life! Pain I've received in battle is nothing compared to this exquisite pain that I've been suffering these past five years! What do I do Kakyuu-hime! I would give anything to be able to see her again!" He cried out.

"And what good would that do, Seiya Kou?" Kakyuu asked quietly. "You've told me yourself that she has Mamoru-san. It's been over five years since you've seen her last. Her and Mamoru are probably married and have children by now. Why do you wish to torture yourself by seeing her again when you cannot have her?"

"I am already tortured, Kakyuu-hime!"

"I see…." Kakyuu said as she stands and starts to leave. "Onegai, think upon what I have said, Seiya-kun."

"Arigatō, Kakyuu-hime," he whispers.

"Do itashimashite, watashi no Seiya," she said as she waked out the door closing it gently behind her. Seiya hung his head in his hands and silently cried.

A couple of minutes later Seiya wiped the tears away from his midnight blue eyes and ran his fingers through his long, raven black hair that he normally wore tied back in a low ponytail, but was loose around his shoulders this day. "Shimatta!"

He picks up his guitar from its resting place and played the melody to a song that the had no words for yet.

"Odango……. what are you doing right now? Do you even remember me? Are you happy with your Mamoru? Why could you now be happy with me? Am I not good enough?" Seiya whispered to himself, staring out the window.

'Seiya no ore ga, kanjiru, fushigi na kimochi……

Faitaa no ore ga, kanjiru, shimekan to wa chigatta

Kitto ginga ichi mibun chigai na kataomoi da ne!'

Seiya thought about the words that just popped into his head. Then he happened to remember something that Usagi said to him a long time ago.


They were in his dressing room before the final Three Lights concert. He had just tried to kiss her and she had pulled away. Even though they both knew that she didn't want to.

"Ano….Seiya," she said, "there is something you need to know."

"Nani, Odango?"

"You remember the pictures in my room? The ones with the pink haired little girl?"


"Well…..she's not my cousin. Her name is Chibiusa….. short for Chibi Usagi….she's my……..daughter." She looked down at the ground.

"NANI?" Seiya exclaimed, shocked. 'How? When?' he thought to himself. His mind was reeling. 'In those pictures she had to be about fourteen! Chibiusa had to be at least eight!'

"She's from the future," Usagi started to explain. "She came here to find the Silver Crystal to save her mother and father. Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. When asked, Setsuna-san showed me the future. My destiny. Mamo-chan and I are Kin Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity. It's my destiny and there's nothing I can do to stop it! Not even for you, Seiya." Her large sapphire eyes were so sad when he looked into them. Tears were running down her face.

"The future is not set in stone, Odango. It changes with every action you do and every breath you take!" Midnight blue eyes held sapphire ones.

"Seiya……….I……….I……." Usagi turned and ran from the room.


End Flashback

'Destiny,' he thought. 'She looked like her heart was being crushed by it!'

And with that, Seiya put down his guitar, got up off the couch and walked over to his desk and started writing frantically. His song had words and it was taking flight.