Summary: One night, Harry is asleep in his dorm room when a red and black snake attacks him, biting him. Strange thoughts and feelings over come Harry, but he has no recollection of the incident. Will he and his friends be able to protect him from himself?

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Please Shed Some Light On Me

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A Harry Potter Production

The tapping rain that was hitting the glass windows of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry began to fall harder, the once tapping now pounding raindrops bounced of the glass loudly, though not waking anyone. Darkness had swept over the castle, bringing black rain clouds along with it. A lightning bolt lit the 7th year Gryffindor boys' dorm, quickly followed by loud booming thunder.

One of the boys turned over in his sleep and let out a loud snore before snuggling deeper into his blankets for warmth, his red hair a mess. Next to him, in the neighboring bed, slept a messy raven black haired boy who unlike most nights was sleeping soundly without any major disturbances. A thing red lightning bolt scar could be seen through the mop of hair, revealing his identity. Harry Potter yawned in his sleep and turned over so he was facing his best friend Ron Weasly.

A gentle hiss filled the room as a slender blood red and midnight snake moved swiftly through the door which was slightly ajar. It lifted it's head above the ground as it's thin tongue slid out of its mouth and tasted the air. 'Where isss he?' the snake whispered to its self as he searched for the correct scent. Once again a long tongue slipped in and out of its mouth, moving in between its poison filled fangs. Its bright glowing red eyes darted across the room, finally resting on the farthest bed. It lowered its head once again and slithered across the floor, maneuvering around the various articles of clothing, stray quills and numerous books. It raised it's head right near the sleeping human and tasted the air once again. The snakes thin mouth seemed to crease into a wicked smile as it thought 'Thiss iss the one…'

The snake slowly coiled around the bed post and moved up onto the matress and blankets. It watched carefully as the boy slept on, his chest falling and rising repeatedly. The snake moved closer to the boy's bare arm where the blanket didn't cover and pulled it's head back, opening his mouth to reviel razor sharp fangs. He quickly jolted forward and sank his long slim fangs into the boy's arm, puncturing the skin. The snake quickly brought his head away from the boy and watched as the cuts quickly healed over as they were supposed to. Though the cuts were gone, the pain would still be there, and the poison moving through his veins.

The slender reptile dropped to the gound and left the room, slithering down the staircase and into the main room. He waited a few moments before the fireplace burst to life, filling with emerald flames which the snake quickly dove into.

'My work iss done here…'


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