Story : Visiting Akamaru, Loving Kiba
Author : Hinata and Kiba 4ever
Genre : Romance/Action
Rating : K+
Disclaimer : I do not own the anime Naruto...and we all know what a shame that is!
Summary : Hinata loves to be around her teammate, Akamaru, and goes to Kiba's house often to play with him. But could there be another reason for her visits?
Chapter : 1, Nightmares

Visiting Akamaru, Loving Kiba

Chapter 1 : Nightmares

Hinata was slowly making her way to the training grounds, spinning her arms around to loosen her still tired muscles. She hadn't had the greatest night of sleep, having two nightmares in a row. The first had been about her father. The second had been about none other than her two teammates, Shino and Kiba. She knew they were just a couple of dumb dreams, neither actually meaning anything, but she had always bee frightened easily, and the nightmares had been enough to keep her up most of the night. All she could do now is train in hopes of getting rid of those horrible memories with a bit of fresh air.

Though, as usual, she was disappointed, as the nightmares were still fresh in her mind. With these thoughts in her head combined with the harshness of her training, she quickly wore out, and fell to the ground, hands around her knees and her head down, shaking violently. The images kept coming back, only causing tears to start pouring down her cheeks.

The first nightmare had not been that bad to her, having experienced it before. It was one of those random occurrences, a dream she would have about her father on some of the more miserable days in her life. A dream where her father would tell her the usual stuff, like how he was disgusted by her, and how Hanabi mad a better heir. And yesterday had been practically unbearable for Hinata.


Naruto's and her team had just gotten back from a joint mission. They had traveled to the land of the rain to recover a sacred relic that some thieves had stolen. The thieves obviously were not prepared to just hand it back over after all the trouble they went through to get it, so naturally, there were a few rain ninja waiting for the 6 now chunin. The fight went on for a while, though Hinata and Sakura had not done much so far, as naturally the boys asked them to stick behind, not wanting them to get hurt. Hinata gasped in fear as she saw one of the assassins send 4 kunai at Naruto, who unfortunately was hit by every single one. The rain ninja then turned his attention to Hinata, and he performed his raining needles technique. The umbrella went above Hinata's head, and began to pour out needles.

"Hinata! Run!" Naruto shouted, but Hinata just stood there, paralyzed by fear. "Hinata! Run damn't!" After Naruto finally accepted the fact that she was not going anywhere soon, he used his little strength remaining to charge at her, and tackled her out of the way, but in turn taking even more hits himself.

Kiba decided this was getting to dangerous, and finally stopped playing around. He jumped into the air with Akamaru, and performed his double headed wolf jutsu. The battle didn't last long after that, Kiba and Akamaru ripping through the three rain ninja, Sakura and Sasuke watching with wide eyes.

On their way back to Konoha, Hinata felt nothing but guilt. She had done even less than Sakura had, who had healed Naruto's wounds. Naruto now refused to talk to Hinata, and kept his distance from her. She couldn't blame him though, he had almost died because she could not even sidestep in the previous battle. Once she got back to her damp, dark room, she laid down and cried herself to sleep.


But the worse was not the mission or the first nightmare, it was the second that was absorbing all of her energy at the time.


She was trapped in a water prison jutsu, a waterfall ninja holding the prison in place. For what reason she was there, she couldn't think of, but it all seemed so real. When she looked to her right, she found Shino standing outside of the barrier separating them. Hope came to her eyes.

She reached out her hand, saying "Shino…please help me…"

Shino merely stared at her for a while, but soon replied in his mysterious voice, "I guess when we return to Konoha…Kiba and I will be partnered up with someone new. I sincerely hope they are stronger…" He than began to walk away.

It took a while before Hinata realized what he meant, her eyes widening when she did. "Shino…please…" She asked in desperation. Shino wouldn't leave her…would he?

But he never turned around. A barking caused Hinata to snap out of her fear enticed trance, and she turned once again, this time seeing Kiba and his canine friend. Kiba's face was full of anger, and Akamaru seemed to share this expression.

"Come on Hinata…you seriously can't break out of that? How can you be so weak?" He asked, before walking off, the same direction Shino had.

Hinata fell to her knees, and began to cry. "I…I'm sorry…I…I want to become strong. Really…I try my best. I…I know I'm weak…but p…please…he…help me…" She managed to say through sobs. She lifted her head when she heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed. She turned to see the assassin lifting his sword, and eventually swinging it back down. Hinata woke up with a small scream…


Hinata cursed herself and all of her weaknesses. Her lack of physical strength, her timid ness, her constant depression, her stuttering, everything. Why…why couldn't she be strong. Like Naruto…like Shino…like…Kiba.

Hinata smiled as she thought of him. He was a true friend. On the way back from their journey, Kiba had been the one person who actually still talked to her, and tried to make her feel better. It had not worked, but it was nice to know there were still some who did not completely hate her guts right now.

The sound of footsteps came from behind her, which caused her to quickly jump up, and run to her training log, not wanting to be seen crying once again by whomever was coming. She smiled as a certain barking gave away who it was, and indeed, when she turned around, she spotted all three of her teammates headed her way, including their unofficial member, Akamaru.

"Hey Hinata! It's really surprising to see you here so early. Father giving you trouble again? Cause if he is, I really wouldn't mind going over there to kick that f…" Kiba started.

Thankfully, Hinata cut him short before he could start his usual list of vulgar words that he commonly used to describe her father. "NO! I mean…really…I just felt like…getting in some practice right now. Um…thank you for your worry though…"

"You see Kiba…Hinata actually trains night and day in hopes of becoming stronger. She's not some lazy person like you, who relies on natural talent in battle." Shino stated calmly.

Kiba started growling, holding in most of his anger, than turning on Shino, "Who asked you bug freak!"

Hinata sighed. 'Please not another argument…' She thought to herself.

"Anyways…ignoring Kiba for a while, we should get started. Kiba…you should probably work on your accuracy with your piercing fang technique, Hinata, your taijutsus, and I will work with my speed." Shino informed them.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing, ordering us around? Who made you leader?" Kiba shouted at him.

"All right than…what did you have in mind?" Shino asked.

"Err…let's go with that plan." Kiba said after a moment of thought.

Shino sighed before starting to run towards the forest. Hinata giggled, happy of the team she was in. She always felt comfortable around them. They were the only people she felt she could trust anymore…

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