Story : Visiting Akamaru, Loving Kiba
Author : Hinata and Kiba 4ever
Rating : K+
Genre : Romance/General
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Description : Sigh...Hinata loves seeing her teammate, Akamaru, and goes to Kiba's house often to play with him. But is there another reason for her frequent visits? (Yay! Last time I'll have to type that!)
Chapter : 6, The Support of Friends (Hmm...Friends is a pretty decent show. the fic!)

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Chapter 6 : The Support of Friends

A giant blue banner gently rose up, covering the wall behind it. In large purple lettering, it read 'Happy Birthday Hinata!'.

"Okay…good! Nail the banner there…wait…why is the ladder wobbling? Choji! Your supposed to be holding the l…" Sakura screamed before being crushed by a falling Naruto, the ladder falling close by. Choji, the ladder holder, had been distracted by a delicious platter of food Tenten had carried by at that moment.

Ino and Shikamaru could be found a ways away from that accident by a stereo, picking out music. Shikamaru watched in horror as Ino's pile of slow and romantic music began growing at an alarming rate. 'Man…the food better not be as much of a drag as the music's going to be…' he thought.

Neji and Shino were working together on setting up the tables, dance floor, and lights. Not much conversation was exchanged between these two silent ninja, yet they still managed to work together incredibly well.

"Gai-sensei! I created a poem for the lovely Hinata! Look!" Rock Lee shouted to his sensei.

Gai quickly read it over, his eyes shining at the end. "Oh Lee! This is fabulous! I'm so proud of you!"

"Oh thank you Gai-sensei! I learn from the best!" Lee said, now hugging his sensei and crying.

Inner Sakura : 'Gah! Who told them about the party? They'll ruin everything!'

"Sakura my love! I've missed you!" Lee shouted, hearts in is eyes while running to her.

"Eeek! Sasuke! Help!" Sakura squealed, running away. Sasuke merely stayed in his hiding spot, under the cover of a tree, though now wearing a smirk. 'Good…maybe Lee can take her off my back…' he thought gleefully.

Sasuke had no interest in being there for the party, as he had never been on good terms with social gatherings. He came anyways, worried for Hinata's safety. Hinata was the one person Sasuke felt like he could talk to, seeing as how she could understand his pain, feeling it herself. Hiashi could come looking for Hinata, and he would probably be more than upset if he found her partying when he expected her to be miserable and begging to come back. Sasuke would be ready to defend her if he tried anything. Besides…he had nothing better to do.

Ino walked up to Shino after rechecking the pile of music to see if she had missed any good CDs. "Hey Shino! Where's Kurenai-sensei? Asuma, Kakashi, and Gai have come, so surely she would too."

Shino looked up from his work on the lighting, pondering her question before answering. "She will be a bit late due to…official business…" Shino stated calmly.

"Like what?" Ino continued to poke her nose further into Kurenai's business. Shino merely sighed before continuing his work. "Fine…be that way, you gross bug user!" Ino insulted before stalking off back to Shikamaru, much to his dread, as he was attempting to hide her music.


"Hinata! Come on…you have to get dressed!" Kiba shouted into his room, where Hinata could be found still resting on her bed.

It had been a week since that dreadful day, as well as the first kiss. After the first night with Kiba, Ino had offered Hinata a place at her house instead, thinking she was too young to be living with another guy already. Hinata politely declined, and giggled at the thought of what Ino would have said instead if she only knew. No one knew yet of Kiba's and Hinata's new relationship, both deciding to just keep it a secret for now.

Hinata let out an audible groan escape her lips as she pushed herself up. She felt something warm and moist going across her right cheek. She opened her eyes to see Akamaru licking her face. She giggled before pulling him off her lap so she could stand up.

Hinata looked to her left to see Kiba sitting on his own bed, staring at her with that dreamy smile of his. She blushed slightly under his stare before looking away.

"I…is something wrong Kiba?" She asked silently. Kiba snickered before walking over to her.

"Nah…I just can't believe how cute you look when you sleep. It's hard enough to resist you when your awake, let alone when your sleeping with that innocent look on your face. I'm regretting I didn't wake you up this way instead…" Kiba answered, before pressing his lips against hers. A small groan escaped Hinata's mouth as Kiba wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. As usual, she burned up at his touch, suddenly feeling incredibly hot.

It was a while before they broke apart, though Kiba kept his face close by, his black slits staring into her pure orbs. "I know we promised Kurenai and Shino we'd train with them today, but…I don't want to have to let go. I want you to stay here, wrapped in my arms…"

"Bark Bark!" Akamaru's voice came from the doorway, a look of disgust on his face.

"Way to kill a mood Akamaru…" Kiba said in a slightly irritated voice. Hinata giggled before walking over to pick Akamaru up, and giving him a hug. She than put him back down, and turned to Kiba.

"Umm…well…I'll get dressed…now…" Hinata said shyly. Kiba finally got the point after the last word she said, and left the room so she could dress.


A bee flew through the air, looking for it's master. It had to dodge a couple of quick strikes from Tenten's hand, before it finally found Shino pushing some chairs in.

"Mmm…?" Shino grunted, turning around to see his small comrade flying to him. He listened for a while before turning to the others. "Hinata and Kiba are coming…"

Everyone turned to him, eyes wide open. It took a second for them to digest the info, before chaos broke loose.

"Everyone hide!" Ino shouted before running behind a bush.

Choji ran for a tree, once again leaving the ladder unattended, Naruto falling on top of Sakura, and one side of the happy birthday banner falling to the ground. "You know…maybe fate's trying to tell us something." Naruto told her with a hopeful grin on his face. Sakura merely pushed him off to look for a hiding spot herself.

Shino sent a few destruction bugs to lift the banner back up. Neji than ran from behind him, jumped, and chucked a kunai at the metal ring, finally pinning the banner down.

"Silent people these days…it's like they have some sort of psychic connection." Ino whispered from her hiding spot, Tenten nodding her head in agreement.


"Kiba…where exactly are we going? We passed the training grounds a few minutes ago…" Hinata asked curiously, being led by her arm.

"Just be patient. Trust me…you'll love it!" Kiba assured her, walking to the park area where the others were.

It was about five minutes later when they finally reached it, and Hinata stared at all the decorations all over the place. 'Is there some kind of festival going on?' she thought to herself.

Suddenly, a pink haired ninja jumped out from behind a bush, running towards the lake, while a black haired one with familiar eyebrows chased her. "EEE! Get away from me!" Sakura screamed at her chaser.

Kiba started growling at the two, causing Hinata to look at him. 'Why is he so upset?' she quizzed herself.

"Surprise!" came about 12 different voice. Hinata ran behind Kiba, apparently afraid for her life. Kiba just turned and laughed his head off at her reaction. It wasn't until she looked around to see all of her friends that she realized what was going on. A warm smile lit up her face.

"You…you guys are throwing a party…for me?" Hinata asked shyly, still slightly behind Kiba.

"Well of course girl! What…you think we would just ignore your special day?" Ino asked sarcastically.

"Wow…um…you guys really didn't have to…" Hinata said with much blushing, now taking her usual role of staring at the ground.

"Oh come on! Of course we did! Besides…your birthday's not the only thing we should be celebrating about right now." Tenten said with a wink.

"It's just too bad forehead girl over there had to ruin the big surprise!" Ino shouted over to Sakura, who did not hear her insult, still trying to escape her pursuer.

"All right than…let's get this party started!" Naruto shouted, putting his fist in the air. Shikamaru took that as his queue, and started up some music. Most of the partiers went over to the dance floor, though most were a bit too shy to start. After a while, Tenten and Naruto gave up on the others, and started to dance their own styles to the rock music playing. Others joined soon afterwards.

Hinata couldn't help but laugh. The disbelief that this party was for her still had not worn off, and just looked around at everything. Kiba had gone to get a drink for Hinata, which left Ino with her.

"So how has the birthday girl been doing with Kiba lately? And don't lie…I've figured it out!" Ino smirked, a grin she only used when she was blackmailing someone with a juicy piece of gossip. "You've been seeing him lately, haven't you?"

Hinata just blushed furiously, nodding her head. It took about a minute for Ino to stop laughing long enough to reply. "Aww! I knew it would happen for you two. It was so obvious, though I must say it took long enough. No wonder you didn't want to hang out a my awesome house!"

"Oh…I'm sorry if you were offended by that…" Hinata said with a pang of guilt.

"Oh please, I don't get offended by little things like that." Ino said with a wave of her hand. Hinata disagreed, remembering when Neji had told her how furious Ino had gotten when he rejected her during the chunin exams.

"So anyways," Ino began, "Shikamaru's over there handling the music, though knowing him, he probably wont choose any of the good songs. So I'll be checking on him regularly." Again, Hinata saw through her lie, knowing Ino had developed a crush on Shikamaru a while ago. "After a bit of dancing and some food, I thought we could open your presents! Oh yeah…Sasuke asked me to wish you a happy birthday from him."

"Sasuke? Where is he?" Hinata asked curiously. Ino's answer was a mere point towards the forest. Hinata scanned the trees before seeing a shoe hanging from one of the branches. "Is…is he spying?"

"Oh no! He's actually here to watch out for any danger that comes this way. He's such a weirdo! He should be down here partying with us! Anyways…there's one rule at this party, okay? That rule is…no frowning from you! It ruins you good looks!" Ino exclaimed before pushing Hinata towards the dance floor, motioning towards Sasuke to pull his foot up.

They were interrupted by Sakura and Lee, who cut through them at top speeds, Sakura now throwing rocks behind her.

"Umm…maybe someone should help her…" Hinata said in worry.

"Nah, she'll be fine!" Ino said in glee, apparently enjoying Sakura's torture. Hinata slowly backed away…


Everybody was now sitting around a large table, wrapping thrown all over the place. Hinata was surrounded by presents, laughing at a joke Tenten was telling her. Sakura was breathing heavily in her chair, still sore from running from Lee. Lee had finally decided to back off when the stones Sakura had been throwing were replaced by kunai. Sasuke was still amazingly sitting in the exact same spot he had been from the beginning, eyes still sharp on the lookout.

Ino stood up and walked over to the stereo. 'Oh no! Here it comes…sigh. I hope she isn't planning on asking me to dance with her…' Shikamaru thought in dread.

"Okay everyone! It's time to dance to some…" Ino began to announce, but was interrupted by a sharp voice.

"Hinata! What are you doing here!"

Everyone turned in surprise to see Hiashi standing there, a stern look on his face. Hinata immediately stood up, and began to apologize, but was stopped by Kiba, who pulled her back down and stood up instead.

"Father…I…" Hinata mumbled from behind Kiba's back.

"You will explain later. Come…we are going home." Hiashi ordered.

"Not with you she isn't! Aren't you the one who kicked her out of the compound? She doesn't have to listen to you anymore!" Kiba growled at him, holding his arms out.

"Foolish mutt. She is my daughter, and therefore she will do as I ask her to. I said come Hinata!" Hiashi stated before walking over to her.

He was halted by a shuriken that struck the ground directly in front of him. A ninja fell from the sky, and landed neatly in between Hiashi and Hinata. Sasuke's sharingan was activated, his eyes now fierce looking.

"Out of the way Uchiha! She is my responsibility!" Hiashi said in anger, his voice rising.

"Not anymore Hiashi! I have decided to take Hinata in, and let her stay at my residence." Tsume (Kiba's mom) told him, now joining Kiba and Sasuke in standing up.

Hinata gasped. 'Kiba's mom is…letting me stay? For good?'

"You have no right to do that. She is my daughter, and therefore I am in charge of her affairs. You can not take her away." Hiashi held his ground.

"Actually Hiashi, she can." Everyone looked around to see another guest coming towards them. Kurenai was holding a scroll with some kind of official looking seal on it. "By the order of the fifth Hokage, the ninja Hinata Hyuga is hereby taken out of the care of Hiashi Hyuga, and will be brought under my care until a proper residence has been established for her. And in all honesty, I see nothing wrong with Tsume's household."

Hiashi glared at the newly appeared jounin before replying, "How did you get that? I bet it's fake."

Kurenai smiled as he snatched the scroll from her. "I exposed your mistreating of Hinata to the Hokage, and had witnesses to the abuse there to support my claim. I think you'll find it's quite real, with her signature and seal. But if you still don't believe me, ask her for yourself."

Hinata looked over to Neji, who merely smiled at her. 'So that's what he's been so busy with lately…' Hinata thought shyly to herself.

Hiashi finished reading the scroll with daggers in his eyes before thrusting it back at Kurenai. "Fine, keep her if you want. Maybe you'll finally realize what a failure she is. Besides, now I can let Hanabi become heir." He stated before stalking off.

Hinata looked sadly at the ground, hating herself for how she had disgraced her family.

"Hey!" Ino's loud voice called out, startling Hinata. "What did I say was to one rule to this party?"

Hinata thought about it for a second, before realizing what she meant. She looked up and gave Ino the biggest smile she could muster.

"That's better! Now everyone, it's time for some dance for all you lovers out there!" Ino said with a wink, before putting on some romantic music. 'Oh god!' Shikamaru thought in desperation. Ino ran over to him and grabbed his arm, pulling him to the dance floor. He didn't put up much of a struggle, though admittedly, he kind of wanted this.

Kakashi soon offered Kurenai a dance, who graciously accepted, both stepping over to where Ino and Shikamaru were. After much convincing, Naruto finally got Sakura to come with him as well.

Tenten continuously glanced over at Neji, praying he would ask her. After a ways into the song, she gave up all hope, sighing and dropping her head. She soon lifted it back up after feeling a tap on her shoulder. Neji stood in front of her, his face incredibly red. He merely offered his hand, far to shy to actually ask for a dance. Tenten accepted it, and gave a small smile, though that was nothing compared to the party that was going on in her heart at that moment.

Kiba glanced next to him at Hinata, who was under the affect of her old habit, pushing her fingers together, blushing. She had been the only one besides Shino who had not danced so far that night, though Kiba had not expected her to, knowing she would probably faint from the embarrassment of it. Kiba laughed at this thought. Her shyness was one of the many things that made her so irresistible to him.

"Hey Hinata…if your okay with it, would you like to…you know, dance with me?" Kiba said, admittedly a bit nervous himself.

Hinata looked up at him, before thinking of the question asked. She soon answered, "Umm…I…I would…like that…" Hinata told him, getting more nervous by the second.

Kiba grinned and took her hand, lifting her up. "Don't worry, it'll be fine. You'll do great!" Kiba encouraged her before leading her to the dance floor.

Hinata had not needed those words of encouragement though. She knew it would be fine…she was with Kiba after all. Everything would always be great as long as he was there with her.

As she swung back and forth in his arms, swaying to the gentle music, she thought of the days events. The more she thought of it, the harder it became to get rid of the huge smile now plastered on her face. So she had failed to please her family…it didn't matter anymore to her. She had always tried her best, but it had never been good enough. But here…it was different. She was with her friends…people who respected her for who she was, and didn't expect her to be the best at everything. She no longer cared about being kicked out of the Hyuga clan. She had all she needed right here.

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