Troy is a psychiatrist. What happens when his old classmate comes in with a problem, like abusive relationships. Can he help them, or just make things worse?

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Troy walked into an office. "Bolton. Get over here." His boss called over. He sighed as he walked out of his office and to his boss who was sitting in a chair at his desk. "We had to let Johnson go." 'Doesn't suprise me, Johnson is horrible' Troy thought but he just nodded, afraid of what the news was next. "We need you to take one of his clients." "Yes sir." He said as he was handed a clipboard. He put it under his arm and walked back to his office. He set it down and looked at the clock, only fifteen minutes until this client comes in.

Troy was a psychiatrist. He had a great job and it was something he enjoyed. He was depressed though. He looked around at all of his coworkers, who were married and had kids. Sure he was only 26, but he still didn't even have a girlfriend. Ever since college there has been a gap in his heart.

He stared at the clipboard. "Shit." He said outloud, causing the office across the hall from him to look over at him through the open door. "Sorry." Troy mumbled under his breath. He took another look at the clipboard to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

Name: Gabriella Montez

He read on a little further. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder? This couldn't be right. He sat there and stared at the clipboard for another five minutes. He hid his hands in his face and leaned against his desk. He heard the door open, it was Gabriella. 'She's early. That's Gabriella alright' Troy thought to himself, almost afraid to look up. There she stood, dressed in black pants and a pink dress top, carrying a tote bag under her right arm. He looked up. "T-Troy?" Gabriella asked, fully unaware that Johnson had been fired. Troy gave a faint smile, "H-Hey Gabriella." She sat there, eyes wide open. 'Shit' They both thought in their heads. "I-I've got to go." Gabriella said as she walked out. Troy got up and ran to the door. He grabbed Gabriella's arm, causing her to jump. "Don't leave." She nodded and sat down in a chair. Troy sat in a chair and grabbed his clipboard.

"Wow. This is kind of embarassing." Gabriella said as she was turning red. She never thought that the next time she'd see her old highschool love was in a meeting with her psychiatrist. She sat in front of her old boyfriend. "Pretend it's not even me." Troy said throwing his arms out a little and smiling. 'Same old Troy.' Gabi thought as she smiled.

Troy looked down at the clipboard. No notes. No wonder why Johnson was fired. The only thing that Troy knew was PSTD. 'It could be anything' Troy thought as he flipped through many papers. "Well, Gabriella. Why are you here?" He said as he flipped through the papers again. "Isn't it all right there?" Gabriella asked, pointing to the clipboard. Troy shook his head and laughed, "No notes. Doesn't suprise me he was fired." Gabriella laughed a little bit. She sat there and played with the ring that was on her finger. Troy recognized that ring. It was the ring he gave her for their two year anniversary. He smiled a bit. "Well." She began, covering the ring once she noticed Troy spotted it, "Every relationship I had been in was... abusive." Troy sat there. He raised his eyebrows, "Every relationship?" He asked. "Shut up Troy. You know what I mean." She said, trying to avoid the fact that this was Troy. Troy was writing all of this down, "And how many relationships had that been?" She held up three fingers. He nodded as he wrote it down. "What kind of abuse?" Troy asked, looking up at Gabriella. "I could kill Johnson for not writing all of this down. Uhm. Two physical abuse and one sexual." She said, turning red. Troy just sat there and stared at his exgirlfriend.

He stared at he long brown hair and her deep brown eyes. 'How can anyone hurt her?' Troy said, feeling guilty for them breaking up. But she was the one who broke up with him. He sighed. "Uhm. Are you on any medications?" She nodded, "Zoloft." He nodded as he looked back down at the paper. "When was your last good sleep." Gabriella laughed, "Highschool?" Troy raised his eyebrows and looked up at her. Gabriella wasn't kidding. He wrote that down. "Nightmares or just insomnia?" Troy asked, not looking up at her. "Both, I guess." Gabriella said, sitting there, still fiddling with the ring. "Uhm. Troy, it's time for me to leave." She said looking at the clock. Troy smiled and stood up. "I'll see you next week then?" Gabriella asked as she stood up from her chair. Troy nodded, "If you need anything, then call me." He said grabbing the business card from his desk. 'Or if you just want to hangout' Troy added in his mind. Gabriella smiled, "Thanks Troy." And she walked out.

Troy sat back in his chair. "What in the Hell just happened?" He muttered to himself.


At home he picked up his cellphone and dialed Chad's number. "Hey man!" Troy said as he threw his bags down and flopped down on the black couch. "Hey Troy! What's up with you lately?" Troy sat there, still shocked about earlier that day, "Nothing. Hey is Taylor around?" Chad laughed, "We haven't talked for 2 weeks and you're trying to pick up my wife?" "Chad, this is serious. I have to talk to her." "Yeah, Yeah." Chad said as he pulled the phone away from his head, "Taylor!" Troy laughed as he heard a 'I'm right here Chad, you don't have to fucking scream'.

"Hello?" Taylor asked. "Hey. Have you kept in touch with Gabriella?" He asked, hoping for some answers. "Uh oh, here we go. Yes I have." Troy sat there and looked at the ceiling. "Would you happen to know about her past relationships." Taylor laughed, "Troy, I'm not telling you all of this. You should hear it from her yourself." Troy took a deep breath in, "I did." Taylor practically screamed, "You mean you guys actually talked?" Troy let out a slight 'mhm'. "What happened?" Taylor said. "Oh it was so romantic." Troy said sarcastically, "She was my client." Taylor let out a slight gasp, "UhOh." She said, "So you know about... it." "Kinda. She didn't really say anything about it, even though that's the whole reason why she's there. Care to talk?" Troy asked. "Why don't you come over. You and Chad have to catch up anyways." Troy looked at the clock, 7:04. "Sure. I'll be right over."

Troy grabbed his keys and slipped his shoes back on. He climbed in his Ford Escape and drove 20 minute to Chad and Taylors apartment. He knocked on the door and waited there. Chad opened the door, "Hey!" Chad said pulling him into a hug. Troy nodded his head, "Hey." Taylor rushed up to Troy and hugged him, "It's good to see you." Troy let out a slight smile, "It's like a reunion." He laughed. "If you want a reunion, go down the stairs. Kelsie is down there." Troy raised his eyebrows, "No way." They nodded. "Coffee anyone?" Taylor asked as she headed to the kitchen. Chad and Troy both took up the offer and headed to the living room. They waited until Taylor came back to the living room to begin talking.

"So, what all did she tell you." Taylor asked, stirring in cream and sugar into her coffee. "Just that she had 3 abusive relationships. That's about it." Taylor nodded, "Abusive? Is that what she calls it?" Troy looked confused, "The third guy just about tried to kill her?" Troy's heart stopped. "Are you serious?" Taylor nodded, "Afraid so. The guy went nuts when she left town. That's why she's back here." Chad just nodded and drank he coffee. "I can't believe this. I feel so bad." Troy said, staring at the ground. "Well, it's not your fault." Troy shrugged.

Troy went home an hour later and grabbed his old scrapbook. He flipped the pages. There were pages filled with basketball, and pages full of the gang, and then there were 6 pages of picture of just him and Gabriella. He smiled. He flipped to the back of the book where everyone had signed a page.

Troy - You are an amazing person. Don't ever change! Sharpay

Bolton- You're a cool kid. Don't stop playing basketball. Good luck with everything, and keep in touch. -Jason

His heart froze as he came upon a long paragraph. The handwriting became foreign to him over the past couple of years. No letters from her, no sweet notes left on his desk when she'd leave in the mornings. He sat there and read it.

Troy Alexander Bolton,
You are amazing. I don't know what'd I do without you. I wish
you the best of luck with your life, and I only hope I am right there
beside you for whatever you expirience. Yale will be full of new
memories awaiting to happen. I love you with all of my heart,
and I always will.
Yours Always, Gabriella Montez

He sat there. He regretted not trying harder in school. Maybe he would have gotten in to Yale. Maybe he would still be there with Gabriella. Maybe he wouldn't have to waste his nights laying there in dissapointment and thinking about her. There wasn't one night where she didn't cross his mind. He knew it was impossible though. It could never be.

He sighed as he flipped the page and continued to read what Taylor, Chad and Ryan wrote. He closed the book and set it on the table next to his bed. He rolled over on his side and reached to turn off the light. 'Yours Always' Troy repeated in his head. "Yeah Right." He said out loud.

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