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It was four months later and everything was going great for Troy and Gabriella. Gabi moved in with Troy, and was making loads of money from her book. It was under NewYorkTime's best sellers list. They were in love. It was just like highschool.

Gabi woke up at 7 with Troy. She began to cook him breakfast. He wrapped his arms around her waste and leaned over her shoulder, "Smells good." Troy said as he inhaled the aroma of the pancakes. She kissed him on the cheek. She flipped them as Troy started to tickle her. She hit him on the arm with the spatula, "Troy Alexander Bolton, you stop..." she began to laugh uncontrollably, "right now." The tickling came to hault and Gabi finnished cooking. She set the plate infront of him and grabbed her plate. "Thank you." Troy said as he smiled at Gabriella. They finnished eating and Troy went on his way. "Don't get into trouble. And keep the doors locked." Troy said as he kissed her on the lips and wrapped his arms around her. "Yes mother." Gabriella laughed as she kissed him back. "I love you." "Love you too." With that, Troy left.

Gabriella gathered clothes from their room. She looked around at Troy's mess. She laughed as she threw his blazer and a pair of jeans in her arms. She headed to the laundry room. There waabis something rattling around in Troy's pocket of his blazer. She reached her hand in and pulled it out. Her heart stopped as she looked at it. Tears started falling from her eyes. There it was, a ring box. She opened it, revealing a beautiful ring. She hunched over on the floor crying. She reached up and grabbed her cellphone. "Tay. Get over here asap." And with that she hung up. She crawled to her couch and sat down, admiring the ring. Taylor barged in, using the key that Troy gave Chad for 'emergencies'.

"Gabi! What's wrong." Taylor said, running over to Gabi. "T-Troy.. He." Taylor growled fiercly, "Troy what? Oh he better watch out." Gabriella cried, "No. Tay look." She exposed the diamond ring, "I found it in his blazer." Taylors jaw dropped, "What's the big deal then?" "TAY! He doens't know I found it." Taylor nodded, "Well you have two options. One, don't let him know you saw it. or Two, start wearing it." That caused Gabi to laugh. "Just put it back in the coat and set it back where you found it." Gabi nodded. "But first." Gabi started as she slipped the ring on, "Look." Gabi and Taylor both cocked their heads to the side, admiring the ring. She slipped it off, put it back in the box, put the box in the blazer and set it back on the bed. Taylor hugged Gabi, "If you need anything call me." Gabi nodded, "Thanks." "Anytime!" Taylor smiled as she left the room.

She took a cold shower, still in complete shock of what happened. She couldn't believe it. "I am going to be Mrs. Troy Bolton." Gabriella said as she smiled. She quickly washed up and got out. She got changed and did her hair. She put on makeup. She sat around all day, deep in thought.

Hours later Troy came home. He was happy, no, he was estatic. He had a pep in his step. He grinned as he wrapped his arms around a sleeping Gabriella. She soon woke up and curled up to him. "Have a good day?" Gabi grinned, "You could say that." Troy grabbed her hand, helping her stand up, "Let me go get dressed." Troy said as he walked to the room. He threw on blue jeans and a dress shirt. He came back and grabbed Gabi's hand and led her out. "Where are we going?" Troy sighed, "Taylor didn't tell you? We're having a gettogether over their house." Gabi sat there, "I just talked to her today and she said nothing about it." Troy shrugged as he began to drive.

They arrived at Chad's place. Sharpay, Ryan, Kelsie, Jason, Zeke were already sitting there. They all gathered over food and drinks. "Gabs. You know I love you right?" Troy asked as he wrapped his arm around Gabi. She nodded as she set down her glass of wine. He kissed her gently on the lips, "And you know there's nothing I would ever do to hurt you." Gabi once again nodded. He sunk down to his knee's. "And that I want you to marry me, and spend the rest of our lives growing old together?" Warm tears started to roll down Gabi's cheeks. Troy grinned as she started nodding her head, "Oh my god. Of course!" She said as she slipped on the ring. She felt horrible, she ruined the suprise. She felt outrageously happy, she was now engaged to the love of her life.

Everyone started to clap as Troy stood up and pulled Gabi into a tight hug and began to kiss her. The pulled away and smiled at eachother, both of them smiling. "Told you it's never too late to marry your highschool sweetheart." Taylor said, brushing Gabi's shoulder. "YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS!" Yelled Gabi. Taylor nodded, "Sorry Gabi..." Gabi laughed, "I'm not mad. I'm shocked that you could keep a secret." Everyone started to laugh. Gabi wrapped her arms around Troy once again. "One more suprise." Troy said as he led Gabi out of Chad and Taylor's place. They drove for 10 minutes. Troy finally put the car in park. He led Gabriella out. She looked around, amazed to find her old house. She stared at the for sale sign. She always wanted to move in here. There were so many memories, but she couldn't buy it after her mom died. "I-It's sold." Gabriella said as she looked down, dissapointed. Troy pulled out keys and led her to the house and opened the door, "Suprise!" Gabi started to scream. Everyone from the party followed them, amazed at what happened. None of them knew about this part. She threw her arms around Troy as she stood in the same spot where they were first labeled 'boyfriend and girlfriend'. She stood on her toes and kissed him passionatly on the lips, "I think I am the luckiest person in the world." Gabi said. Troy grinned, "Nah. That'd be me."

She looked around. It was a perfect night. Everyone she loved was there. The sun was setting over their new house as the couple held eachother. She cried tears of happiness into Troy's shirt. He laughed under the few tears that rolled down her eyes. She looked around again as flashbacks of memories clustered her thoughts. She smiled as she leaned against Troy. This house was where they were first boyfriend and girlfriend, where they had their first fight, where they made up from the fights, and the house they began to love. She only had one wish, and that was for her mother to be there. She felt a hand touch her shoulder. She looked around to find herself alone and Troy over taking a picture of the house. Gabriella smiled, "I love you mom." She whispered. She knew that there was so many great memories to come. Marriage, and perhaps even children. She smiled as she rushed over to Troy and jumped on him. "I love you." She said as she kissed his cheek.

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