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Chapter 13

Zoey led the way towards Butler Hall, determined to find Dana there. Chase was just following Zoey. Logan was almost more preoccupied with wondering why Dana hadn't been at their clearing than where she really was. If she had gone somewhere else, then she really was really mad at him.

Logan sighed and looked off to his right. Something caught his eye. He stopped walking, although Zoey and Chase didn't notice right away. Chase just happened to glance behind him a few seconds later and noticed Logan had stopped walking and was looking curiously off to the side. He nudged Zoey and pointed to behind them. She glanced back and saw Logan stopped so she stopped as well and slowly began to walk back towards where he was. Chase followed.

As Logan looked at what had caught his attention, he realized there was a person, lying on the ground. It could've been anyone, but his immediate thought was, Dana! Maybe it was because he had just been thinking about her or because they were looking for her. Maybe it was because he was in love with her. Or maybe it was a gut feeling. An instinct. Or some sort of connection. Maybe he somehow just knew. There's no way to be sure why he thought it was Dana, all that was certain was that he did indeed think it was Dana.

Before Zoey and Chase could reach him, he took off towards the person. Zoey and Chase immediately followed both wondering the same thing, Did he see Dana? Logan reached the person first. He felt his heart jump up into his throat when he saw Dana lying there. Her eyes were shut and his first thought filled him with panic. She's dead!

He dropped down to his knees next to her and felt for her pulse. Logan Reese had never taken any sort of lifesaving course in his life. He'd never had anything to do with dead or dying people. How he knew to check for her pulse and where to check for it was a mystery to him. She had a pulse and she was breathing, so that relaxed him slightly. She wasn't dead. Just unconscious. He was worried as to why though. Logan just thought that being unconscious was a very un-Dana-like thing to do.

"Dana! Dana!" he began to exclaim, shaking her gently.

Zoey and Chase had now managed to reach them. Zoey gasped when she saw Dana lying there. "Is she okay?" she shouted.

Logan ignored her. "Dana! Dana, can you hear me? Dana, please wake up!" he continued. Dana's eyes remained closed. "Dana, it's Logan! Please! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to yell at you and say those things to you! Dana! Dana!"

Dana's eyes snapped open and she bolted up. "Dana!"

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard her name. She whirled around to see Logan there, kneeling next to her, a relieved look on his face. "What's going on?" she asked. "What happened?"

"You tell us!" Zoey told her. "We found you lying on the ground!"

"You were unconscious," Logan added.

"You think?" Dana snapped. Logan looked, and was, hurt, although he tried to hide it. He failed, and Dana immediately felt guilty. Shooting him an apologetic look, she offered feebly, "Sorry. I was in a bad mood when I passed out and that stupid dream didn't really help."

"Why were you in a bad mood? Why did you pass out? What was your dream? What happened? Are you ok?" Zoey questioned her.

"Jeez, can I have a second to breathe?" Dana exclaimed.

Logan put his arm around her. "You want to tell us what happened?" he inquired. Dana shrugged. "C'mon Dana. You had us so worried! When I saw you laying there on the ground, I thought you were dead!"

Dana smiled weakly. "I'm not dead," she assured him, although it was hardly necessary.

Zoey's cell phone suddenly went off. "Sorry, one second," she apologized, taking it out and looking at it. It was a reply from Richie.


Zoey quickly wrote a reply.

i'm next to the building where mr. henson's room is w/dana, chase+ logan. wanna talk now?

She sent it, then turned her attention back to Dana. "Sorry about that. So, what happened?" she repeated.

Dana sighed. "Well," she began, "I stormed out of the classroom, down the hall, out of the building, down this way then" – Dana paused, her anger resurfacing – "then, I ran into–"

Richie was wandering aimlessly around the campus when he received Zoey's text message.

i'm next to the building where mr. henson's room is w/dana, chase+ logan. wanna talk now?

"Shit!" he muttered before taking off to where Zoey had said she was. If she was with Dana, then Dana was definitely going to want to tell her about everything. He had to get there before she had a chance to say anything!

Nicole had packed up everything but her textbook so she could get out of there as soon as the bell rang but, until then, keep the illusion that she was actually paying attention. Of course, the illusion was for nothing since she was staring at the clock the whole time. Luckily for her, Mrs. Reedman didn't turn around and see her. Everything was fine for the moment.

Richie hurried around the corner. "Zoey!" he called, interrupting Dana's explanation.

Zoey smiled, her grin about a mile wide. Chase's eyes burned with jealousy. Dana's eyes were filled with fire. Logan noticed the fire in Dana's eyes, and looked at the person – whom he had no idea who the hell they were – confused.

"Hey Richie!" Zoey exclaimed, hurrying over to him.

"Hey – can I talk to you for a second?" he asked. Zoey hesitated, glancing back at Dana. "It'll be really quick! Please! It's important!" he pleaded.

Zoey smiled. "Sure," she agreed. "I'll be right back guys."

Chase and Dana glared at the retreating Richie while Logan watched, completely confused. Once Zoey and Richie were out of ear shot, he questioned, "What the hell is going on?"

"He stole Zoey!" Chase shouted.

"He's a bastard!" Dana raged.

Chase shot Dana a look. "Why do you hate him? You haven't even met him yet," he pointed out.

Dana gave a small, somewhat evil sounding laugh. "I haven't met him," she repeated. Chase didn't like the tone in her voice at all. He took a step back.

"I take it you have met him?" Logan prompted.

"Oh, I've met him alright," Dana replied, the anger become more prominent in her voice. "Like I was saying before the jackass came and interrupted me, was that it was him I ran into."

Zoey and Richie walked away from the others. "What did you need to talk to me about?" Zoey asked once they'd turned the corner.

"I know Dana was pretty mad so I wanted to talk to you before she did because I knew she'd say some pretty awful things," Richie told her.

Zoey was confused. "What? And how do you know Dana?" she questioned.

"We dated before she left for PCA. I broke up with her, and now she hates me. I ran into her earlier and she got pretty pissed off at me. She was so mad when I told her that you were my date and my friend was Nicole," Richie explained, laughing slightly. "She can't stand me, so I knew she was going to try to turn you and Nicole against me. So listen, whatever she says, it's probably not true. If you want, just ask me if what something she said was true or not. I promise I won't lie to you. I'd hate to lose you and Nicole because Dana's jealous and bitter. Promise me that you'll at least hear my side of the things she says?"

Zoey was shocked. She took a minute to absorb it all before nodding her head. "Ok. I promise," she agreed.

Richie smiled at her. "Great. Thanks Zoey," he replied, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Zoey felt like the luckiest girl alive. She stood there for a moment, then regained her senses. "Oh! I should probably get back to Dana!" she realized.

"Yeah, ok. I'll walk you back, but then I'd better get going," he declared.

Zoey nodded and the two began to head back to the others.

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