The BAD meaning of love.. I dare you read it! BWAHAHAHA! 8)

Listen.. listen..
My fellow youngsters,
To my opinions,
About love and lovers..

Love is a way,
Where true self are shown,
And it also may,
Make us feel not alone.

Sometimes you can see,
Love is giving the power,
For the weak to proceed,
In many things they desire.

But sometimes you see,
Love can be bad,
Either you'll be happy,
Or it can make you sad.

The word love,
Has it own meanings,
It can be rough,
And devastating.

When love turns to greed,
Everything cannot be share,
So lust came to greet,
And makes you aware.

When love turns to envy,
Wrath will be there,
It'll make you go crazy,
And no human to spare.

No one can take her,
No one can simply touch,
Coz you have murder,
The person you love so much.

Then you'll feel sorry,
For the things you've done,
But you shouldn't worry,
Coz your love is gone!

Thus love can make good,
Become to an evil,
And so you really should,
Beware with the devil.

If love is not treat,
With the right way,
It will make you plead,
No more! I should say..

So not all love,
Shall make you feel glee,
Instead, it's tough,
And shall end up in misery.

Now do you understand,
The meaning itself,
Fill with tragic ends,
Engulfing youself..

That is all I can say,
About the bad side of love,
Let not these words be a day,
For people in LOVE.